Your Average Jo

Confession: I’m a hypocrite. I’ve spent the better part of my career preaching the power of content, building brands that tell stories and supporting businesses in their communication endeavours, but when it comes to sharing my own ideas I’ve come up blank. (Like, literally. I’ve been staring at this Word doc for about two weeks and…nada.)

So here I am. Consider this my pledge to you, but more importantly to me (and my team) to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) once a week to share my musings and insights on entrepreneurship, media, female empowerment and life in general.

For those of you that have followed me (thank you), you know there’ve been stops and starts with my blog (you can see my previous, albeit sparse, contributions here.) What’s caused this inconsistency? Admittedly, fear, procrastination, insecurity. Yes, I’m guilty just like the rest of you. (If you’re not guilty, who are you? I need to know your secrets).

So now I’ve decided to bite the bullet (see what I did there?). What has me recommitted now is the acceptance that it doesn’t matter if people read this, or like it, for that matter. Of course that would be nice, but I’ve realized that it’s not why I’m doing this. Here’s the Why:

  1. I want to practice what I preach – I don’t want to continually espouse the benefits of building out content without practicing it myself. This way I’ll truly understand the work and rewards involved which will ultimately make me better at what I do.
  2. It’s exercise for my mind – just when I thought the gym was a daunting task, then I sat down to my computer! But just like my Circuit 60 class, I feel so good when I’m done and I know it’s good for me.
  3. It’s a much healthier (and productive) pursuit than social media surfing – lately I’ve observed (and been ashamed of) the amount of time I’ve spent looking at other people’s lives. It’s a time suck that doesn’t pay back (unlike Netflix which provides copious amounts of joy).

So now I’ll pass the buck to you. Are there any stories, or insights you want me to share? If so, please drop me a line at It will be one more good reason to get typing. Oh, and your tips on how to #bitethebullet and get sh*t done are always welcome. You may even win a Bullet water bottle just for sharing. I’d say that’s worth a shot!