We’ve Struck Oil! 😘

What you should be putting on your lips, a surprise move from Tim Hortons, and a vacation tour you might not remember.

We’ve Struck Oil! 😘

What you should be putting on your lips, a surprise move from Tim Hortons, and a vacation tour you might not remember.

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✨  Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, July 27, 2019, and the launch of this cool gadget can’t come soon enough.


Remember way back in January when we predicted that lip gloss would be all the rage in 2019? Well, turns out we were only half right. While glossy lips are definitely in, your standard glosses have gotten a makeover. The hottest take: tinted lip oils. These makeup bag heroes add a shot of moisturizing nourishment to the mix by using an oil base, delivering shine without the sticky, 3D texture of a gloss. Rather than sitting on the surface of the skin and coating the lips the way a gloss or balm would, oils sink right in. Tinted versions will give more of a stained effect for a low-maintenance look that’s v. in right now. The pigment in this format is also more buildable than a gloss, giving room to play so you can boost your lip colour with an added swipe of the wand. In other words? We can’t believe we didn’t make the switch sooner. Byrdie


Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturising Tinted Lip Oil in Caramel Cloud, $13 at Shoppers Drug Mart.
Tarte Sugar Rush Lip Sip Vegan Lip Oil in Cherry Slush, $19.
Nars Oil-Infused Lip Tint in Disco Infernal, $26.
Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry, $28 at Sephora.


β€’ Worth the Wait

Soon, even more Canadians will be able to join designer Hilary MacMillan’s feminist fashion revolution. The Toronto-based designer’s label will officially expand its full sizing range to include sizes up to 4X and dress size 22, starting with its spring-summer 2020 collection. MacMillan says expanding her size range has been a goal from the start, explaining that “as an independent fashion brand, the timing had to be right and the consumer demand had to be there for it to be successful.” Preorders for next spring’s retro-tastic collection (we’re picturing Missy Elliott rocking all these outfits) will begin mid-August, to be in-stores and online next March. (Remember: Patience is a virtue.) Elle Canada

Image Credit: Hilary MacMillan/Ted Belton Photography


β€’ Blackout Dates

If you, like us, completely flaked on giving National Tequila Day the recognition it deserves (it was Wednesday, ICYMI), don’t fret β€” travel booking site CheapCaribbean.com has a way to make up for it. The newly introduced “Te Amo Tequila” tour offers an immersive exploration of the iconic Mexican spirit. The itinerary takes guests through Puerto Vallarta and the town of Tequila, Mexico, with visits to agave farms, local distilleries, and tasting rooms to learn about the production process from plant to shot glass. Leading the tours is “renowned agave expert” (yep, that’s a job) Jay Schroeder, who’s curated such highlights as an overnight stay sleeping inside giant tequila barrels at the Matices Hotel de Barricas, touring agave fields on horseback, and a taco and cocktail crawl through downtown Puerto Vallarta. If this sounds like your kind of binge vacation, act fast β€” Bookings are open now through Sept. 20 for travel this December. TravelPulse


I love using paper for planning and scheduling because I’ve found that as soon as I go on my phone, I’m likely to get distracted and head over to Instagram for 20 minutes, thus losing any benefit I might have gained.

– How time management expert and author Laura Vanderkam stays productive. (What a coincidence β€” we feel the same way.) Domino


β€’ Freshly Hatched

Tim Hortons is full of surprises these days. In the same week it opened a fancy-pants concept store β€” sorry, cafΓ© β€” in Toronto to, um, mixed reviews, and just weeks after it rolled out its Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and burgers(!) nationwide, the coffee chain introduced another unexpected launch. Now vegans, as opposed to just lacto-ovo vegetarians, can enjoy Timmie’s protein-packed breakfast sandwiches, too. At select locations, it’s testing patties made from JUST Eggs liquid egg replacer as an option to swap for the real egg omelette that typically tops its English muffins and biscuits. Along with being 100% plant-based, San Francisco startup JUST’s egg substitute, which is made primarily from mung beans, has the added bonus of being cholesterol-free. Meanwhile, the chain formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts is playing catch-up stateside, and Beyond Meat is already looking, well, beyond to plant-based bacon. (Praise be!) Live Kindly


β€’ Augmented Audio

Leave it to the innovation experts at Ikea and Sonos to get people really, really excited about a home audio speaker β€” and judging from early reviews, the results of the collaboration are indeed worth getting excited about. Launching Aug. 1, the Symfonisk collection includes two clever products: a bookshelf speaker ($149) β€” so-called for both its ability to tuck neatly onto a bookshelf and hide between your books, or to be mounted horizontally on a wall and become a bookshelf itself β€” and a table lamp-speaker hybrid ($249) that looks sort of like if a mid-century mushroom lamp and a Google Home had a baby (in a good way!). Each WiFi-connected device is available in two colour options to match your decor and delivers uncompromised Sonos-quality sound, complete with full integration with the Sonos app. Multiple speakers can even be connected to work as a unit for house-wide surround sound. (We like the sound of that.) TechCrunch

Image Credit: Ikea


β€’ Where Does My Heart Beat Now?

Tracking your heart health outside the doctor’s office is getting easier for Canadians, now that Apple Watch finally supports the ECG app here in Canada. Approved by the FDA and launched in the U.S. last year, the electrocardiogram feature takes the heart rate tracking insights measured by the device a step further, providing data that can be used to diagnose or monitor heart rhythm disorders. The Canadian introduction arrives just weeks before Apple is expected to release WatchOS 6 and the Apple Watch Series 5, which will add at least two more in-demand health-focused features: sleep tracking and period tracking. (Hopefully, Apple won’t leave us Canucks hanging on those features, too.) Best Health


β€’ The streets of Oakville, Ont., are about to get a whole lot preppier β€” L.L. Bean has picked a location for its first Canadian store.

β€’ The world’s first guitar-shaped hotel is accepting bookings, and we bet you only need one guess to tell us what chain it’s managed by.

β€’ Krispy Kreme is giving itself a makeover, and it involves doughnut-infused ice cream, milkshakes and custom toppings.

β€’ Victoria Beckham and Reebok are back in the ring for round two of their fitness wear collab. The summer Reebok x VB collection dropped this week, and it’s making us want to take up both ballet and boxing.


β€’ Canadian Sneaker Head

If this was an episode of MTV Cribsthese kicks would deserve their own spotlight on a glass-covered pedestal in this collector’s closet sneaker room.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a 1000-page long run-on sentence to read.

Illustrations by the lovely and talented Monica Smiley.

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