We’re feeling very civilized

In honour of the long weekend, we've rounded up this week's top feel-good news stories to send you into the weekend with a smile.

We’re feeling very civilized

In honour of the long weekend, we've rounded up this week's top feel-good news stories to send you into the weekend with a smile.

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Good morning! Today is Friday, August 2, 2019, and if this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will. 


In case you didn’t know, it’s a long weekend in some parts of Canada. (We’re really sorry Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Yukon.) 

It’s generally referred to as the “Civic Holiday,” but the name varies depending on the province. In B.C., it’s known as British Columbia Day, in Nova Scotia, it’s known as Natal Day and in Manitoba, it’s known as Terry Fox Day (in honour of the Manitoba-born athlete). The holiday always falls on the first Monday in August.

Whether you have Monday off or not, we’re sending you into the weekend with good vibes only. Today’s newsletter features feel-good news stories to kick off your weekend right (and hopefully restore your faith in humanity). Since we plan on celebrating the Civic Holiday ourselves, we’ll be off duty on Monday. 

See you Tuesday, friends!


• Neighbourhood Watch

If you’ve been reading the Daily Bullet, you’re all caught up on the massive, nationwide manhunt for two suspects in a chilling British Columbia murder mystery. Though the search is still ongoing, a group of Manitoba volunteers have been critical in the mission. They’re known as the Bear Clan Patrol, a group of volunteer activists in Winnipeg working to make the streets safer for Indigenous people. The group consists of 1,500 volunteers, with 35 other Canadian communities taking on a similar model. The group has been searching for the two fugitives alongside police, investigating remote parts of Manitoba and putting their own lives at risk to keep the community safe. (Bear hugs all around.) CTV News


• Border Up and Down

Two American artists have installed hot-pink seesaws along the U.S.-Mexico border to bring children and adults on either side together in play. Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, came up with the idea of a “Teeter-Totter Wall” back in 2009 as a demonstration of the ways that Americans and Mexicans on either side of the border are connected, and that actions on one side directly impact the other. (Damn, that’s deep.) The seesaws are installed along a steel fence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and Sunland Park, New Mexico where, earlier this year, a militia detained migrants and where a private group raised millions of dollars to construct its own section of the border wall. It was a place of happiness and play on Monday, however, when groups on both sides came together to enjoy the new seesaws. CNN


• True North

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the creation of a new marine protected area in Nunavut. The PM says the region near Arctic Bay will now be known as the Tuvaijuittuq Marine Protected Area as part of Canada’s protection measures for 14% of the country’s marine and coastal areas. Trudeau visited the Far North yesterday to witness firsthand the dramatic ramifications of climate change on important local species, including sea birds, narwhals and bowhead whales. CTV News


“I am honoured to join a company that puts these non-negotiable values at the forefront of their business model, not as a ‘nice to have’ but as a key component of its business strategy.”

– Renée Tirado, Gucci’s brand new global head of diversity, equity and inclusion. Tirado’s hiring comes after public outcry over the Italian fashion house’s selling of a racist sweater. CNN


• Lookin’ Good in Green

Sobeys Inc. is going as green as its logo by pledging to remove plastic bags from all 255 of its Canadian locations by 2020, which would take roughly 225 million plastic bags out of circulation every year. As part of the initiative, Sobeys has promised that any costs of removing the bags will not affect grocery prices and that paper bags will be made available, but customers will be encouraged to utilize reusable bags as much as possible. The announcement comes on the heels of P.E.I.’s plastic bags ban and the expectation that more provinces will follow in its footsteps. CBC News


• Delivering the Future

German automaker Daimler is thinking outside the box to make everybody happy (boomers and millennials included). The owner of Mercedes Benz is building electric Actros trucks to meet the modern-day demands of delivering goods to online shoppers without polluting the air with dangerous CO2 emissions from standard delivery trucks. eActros trucks are anticipated to hit the roads by 2021, producing zero CO2 emissions and even touting zero energy consumption if the batteries are in the green (meaning they’re fully charged). The news is huge for European customers, where many cities have already banned large trucks from their centres. (Here’s hoping Canada follows suit!) CNN


• Baseball: Lucky Charm

Ready your tissues — Red Sox champ Mookie Betts promised 10-year-old Nico Sapienza he’d hit a home run as part of Sapienza’s wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation, but Betts went above and beyond to hit not one, not two, but three homers in his game against the Yankees earlier this week. Sapienza suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, which means he likely won’t ever get to play baseball himself. “He was our good luck charm,” Betts said of Sapienza, who also got a tour of the Fenway Park stadium as part of his Make-a-Wish package. Good News Network



• Feel-Good Fest

The 2019 Global Citizens festival is going to be a star-studded affair. Hosted once again by longtime celebrity couple Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, Taraji P. Henson, Rami Malek, and Bill Nye are joining forces with Queen, Adam Lambert, Pharrell Williams and other music mavens, in the annual movement to end poverty. The free festival will be held at the Great Lawn in Central Park on Sept. 28; hopeful attendees need to download the Global Citizen app for a chance to be selected for seats, but the festival is also being live-streamed by a variety of media outlets so everyone can take part. Global Citizen CEO, Hugh Evans, said in a statement that there are just 10 years left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so peeps better get crackin’. Bustle


Just because we’re in long-weekend mode, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is…

• Despite the attempted progress toward tackling climate change, the World Meteorological Organization announced that July was the world’s hottest month on record. 

• Speaking of wild weather, a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of central Chile. 

• Amid an escalating trade war, President Trump announced fresh tariffs of 10% on $300-billion worth of Chinese products, starting Sept. 1.

• Canada Border Services Agency busted a man carrying 33 bags of meth in the largest seizure of illegal drugs they’ve ever had in southern Alberta. 

• Facebook took down a campaign with ties to the Saudi government, after finding evidence the country has been running covert campaigns to garner support for the kingdom and attack its enemies.

• Lowe’s is laying off thousands of workers and outsourcing certain positions to third-party companies.


• Cheers to This

It’s International Beer Day, and what better way to kick off a long weekend than with a cold pint? The holiday has grown enormously in popularity since its inception in 2008, and is being celebrated worldwide in 207 cities, 80 countries and six continents.


• For the Record

We should all follow Ethiopia’s example.

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