We're All Winners

How to plan the punniest Oscars party menu, makeup to tide us over ‘til summer and a classic runner gets a high-performance makeover.

We're All Winners

How to plan the punniest Oscars party menu, makeup to tide us over ‘til summer and a classic runner gets a high-performance makeover.

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✨ Happy Weekend! Today is Saturday, February 23, 2019 and there really are no good awards shows any more. 😢



We’ll admit it. It feels like each year, we get less and less excited for the Oscars. The winners are predictable (and often not the ones we’d choose), the red carpet is mostly fashion-risk-free and save for a few viral highlights, the speeches are generally boring. But, there’s one part of the festivities that never fails to disappoint, and that’s planning a viewing party. (Because everything’s better with friends, right?) And more specifically, menu planning. No, we’re not talking about attempting to recreate Wolfgang Puck’s eleborate 30-plus dish menu of Miyazaki wagyu beef, pea agnolotti and chicken pot pies with black truffles. (Actual Puck quote: “This year, the most interesting thing we did at the tasting was a Nashville-style hot fried quail on a red velvet waffle. I just thought it would be fun.” Casual.) Likewise, leave serving “caviar by the gallon” to Jay-Z.

• What Else You Need to Know

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re never ones to shy away from a pun — and the Oscars are the perfect opportunity to devise some puntastic dishescelebrating the biggest films of the past year. From the obvious roasted Romatomatoes, Chinese bao buns (for best animated short contender Bao), and ’T’Challah’ bread (for Black Panther), to playful ‘Bohemian Wrapsody’ wraps (made with naan for a nod to Freddie Mercury’s Indian heritage) and ‘A Star Is Corn Risotto’ the delicious wordplay options are endless. Prefer to go a little more subtle with the theme? Check out this movie-inspired list. Oh, and don’t forget the cocktails!


Plan Your Menu




• Gone Wild

It may still be a few weeks until it’s socially acceptable to wear head-to-toe neons on the outside (25 days till spring!), but there’s no time like the present to liven up your lingerie drawer. California-born brand Stance is now doing for underwear what it did for socks with its recently launched intimates collection. While men’s boxers and briefs have been part of the line for a while, women’s intimates were only available in the U.S. — until now. As of this month, Canadians are finally being let in on the fun. Bralettes, panties and bodysuits are done up in bright colours and wild prints and made with soft, breathable fabrics built for comfort and support. Stance

Image Credit: Stance



• Hi, Light!

Speaking of getting a jump on the seasons, nothing is a surer sign summer’s on its way than the first time your skin gets that sun-kissed glow. Aussie brand Nude By Nature is bringing our complexions out of the darkness of winter early with its newly released Endless Summer highlight collection. (We could use a change to our current winter white.) The clutch of illuminating products includes a pressed bronzer ($30), a new holographic Opal shade of its Touch of Glow Highlight Stick ($28) and a trio of Beach Glow Liquid Highlighters ($21 each) packed with light-reflecting pigments. Each formula is infused with active natural ingredients like antioxidant kakadu plum, avocado oil and vitamin E to make your skin all the more radiant. Nude By Nature

Image Credit: Nude By Nature


To curate a bookshelf or coffee table, start with a study or genre that interests you, and buy one that catches your attention! From there, usually it’s a trickle effect.

Nathan Romano, co-founder of NYC swimwear brand Onia, shares his advice for styling decor vignettes that are both personal and eye-catching. See inside his very enviable home hereCoveteur



• Extra Fresh

Calling all clean freaks and hypochondriacs: We’ve found your dream vacay spot. Book a stay at Copenhagen’s just-opened Hotel Ottilia, or the nearby five-star Hotel Herman K, and you can rest easy knowing you won’t be exposed to the disturbing amounts of bacteria breeding in most hotel rooms. Brochner Hotels, which owns both properties, has outfitted guest rooms with a miracle self-disinfecting technology, no calls to housekeeping required. Every surface in the rooms has been treated with ACT CleanCoat, a titanium dioxide-based spray that creates an invisible, odourless coating. When exposed to light, it activates a photocatalytic reaction that disinfects everything it covers, decomposing microbes like bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores (yuck) and purifies the air, removing contaminants and odours. (It’s basically Teflon for germs.) The cleaning products and processes in both luxury hotels are also chemical-free, eliminating exposure to allergens and fumes for both staff and guests. (Want to bring that same clean feeling home? IKEA will be introducing a set of curtains treated with a similar air-purifying substance next year.) BNN Bloomberg


• Sunny Days Ahead

Continuing with our theme of longing for warmer days, we’re excited Pottery Barn and Lilly Pulitzer have announced they’re pairing up for the second spring in a row. Launching next month, the decor collaboration will no doubt be infused with the Palm Springs vibes the print studio and resort wear brand is known for — even more so since the release coincides with Lilly Pulitzer’s 60th anniversary. Vibrant colours and patterns will again find their way onto bedding, outdoor decor, poolside accessories (naturally), and nursery items. New this season will be a lineup of cheery bathroom pieces, with shower curtains, embroidered bath towels and more getting a bright dose of happiness. Domino

Image Credit: Pottery Barn


• Holos in One

There was a time when an on-the-go breakfast meant you had to sacrifice nutrition. (We love a McDonalds breakfast as much as the rest of the world.) But the issue has been laid to rest, thanks to new Canadian(!) breakfast brand Holos. The team behind the innovative start-up has taken the concept of overnight oats and made it convenient AF, pre-measuring and pre-mixing, so all you need to do is add your preferred plant-based milk into a jar and let the mixture sit overnight. Come morning, you’ll have an organic, vegan, gluten-free and nutrient-rich (each pouch contains 20g of plant-based protein, 12g of fibre, 15 vitamins and minerals, 2g of omega-3 and one billion probiotic CFUs) breakfast to kickstart your day. Holos Super Breakfast pouches are available in four flavours (vanilla, maple + peanuts, cocoa, and chai), cost between $4 and $6 depending on quantity ordered, and ship direct to consumer from liveholos.comFood In Canada

Image Credit: Holos


• Mood Boost 

Runners (bless your souls) are getting a serious speed boost from Adidas. This week, the athletic wear company released its brand-new Ultraboost 19 running shoe ($250), the brand’s “most responsive, energy-charged version to date.”  Working with runners around the world, the shoe was totally stripped and rebuilt, moving from 17 pieces to just four “cutting-edge components,” including a midsole with 20% more “boost,” to improve each step; a new Torsion spring, to help propel runners forward; a new 3D heel frame to reduce impact and increase support and stability; and a new lightweight one-piece upper, called Primeknit 360. The shoe’s available in five colours, with three additional limited-edition colourways (Dark Pixel, Refract and Bat Orchid) available at exclusive retailers. (Now if it could just get us out of bed in the morning.) Gear Patrol

Image Credit: Adidas


• Puffed Up

Hopefully the weather won’t have us dreaming of donning one of these for much longer.


Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re so excited for this trip we’re packing our bags NOW.


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