Turn bak the hands of time

A buzzy skincare ingredient to know about, a new furniture brand to liven up your space and a record-breaking café opening in Chicago.

Turn bak the hands of time

A buzzy skincare ingredient to know about, a new furniture brand to liven up your space and a record-breaking café opening in Chicago.

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✨  Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, September 14, 2019, and our underwear drawer is about to get a whole lot sexier.


For years, anti-aging hero retinol has been regarded by dermatologists and skin care chemists as the gold-standard ingredient for warding off wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin texture. The problem: the vitamin A derivative is so potent, it’s known to cause irritation in many users. But there’s a new ingredient on the block that’s rivalling retinol’s effectiveness without the irritation. Touted as the “natural alternative” to retinol, bakuchiol is “an oil extracted from the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, which grows mostly throughout India and is more commonly known as babchi.” ELLE

• What Else You Need to Know

Long used in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicines, bakuchiol has only recently caught the attention of major beauty companies, and that attention is well-deserved (and long overdue). The ingredient is said to accelerate skin cell turnover in much the same way as retinol, bringing fresh cells to the surface faster and in turn making skin appear brighter and feel smoother, and improving firmness and elasticity. Babchi seeds are also rich in antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties — all things that contribute to healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Another pro on bakuchiol’s list: Along with being gentler and significantly less likely to cause irritation (although as with any plant-based ingredient, allergies are always possible), it also skips out on another of retinol’s cons — bakuchiol is not photo-sensitizing, meaning you can use it anytime of day without worrying about increasing your risk of sun damage. (But you should definitely still wear sunscreen; prevention is always better than cure.)



• Coming of Age

Break out the birthday cake! Ecommerce pioneer Shopbop is celebrating its 20th anniversary. (Yes, this makes us feel old, too.) To mark the milestone, it’s gifting shoppers with an exclusive 20-piece capsule collection of “plucked-from-the-runway” garments and accessories, created by 20 top designers curated by Fashion Director Caroline Maguire. (It’s appropriately called The Twenty.) Standouts among the standouts are a fringed turtleneck sweater by Prabal Gurung (who just celebrated a milestone of his own with his brand’s 10th anniversary show at NYFW), a balloon-sleeved mini dress by print-queen Ulla Johnson, and shearling-trimmed booties by cool girl Isabel Marant. Shopbop is using the opportunity to champion lesser-known designers, too, like footwear designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh (showcasing her patent croc-embossed boots) and up-and-coming New Yorker Sandy Liang (with a statement-making leopard fleece bomber jacket with neon mesh lining). Move fast — launched this week, pieces are already selling out. The Cut

Image Credit: Shopbop


• Skin Food

Shifts in the weather can wreak havoc on your skin, so we’d consider the launch timing of this new product quite serendipitous. Korres has just released its new HydraBiome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask ($68), describing it as a “stressed-skin saviour.” The formula centres on Greek yoghurt’s abundance of pre- and probiotics, proven in clinical trials to “rebalance” skin’s protective micro-biome, relieving signs of stress like irritation, blotchiness and dryness. The addition of ginger root extract and bisabolol (an extract of chamomile) complements the yoghurt’s soothing properties, and hyaluronic acid, shea butter and aloe vera moisturize and nourish skin. The mask can be used as a quick, 10–15 minute pick-me-up a couple of times a week, or applied overnight as a sleeping facial. For even more soothing power, store it in the fridge for a cooling effect. Vogue Greece

Image Credit: Korres


• Extra Caffeinated

It’s time to plan a Pumpkin Spice pilgrimage! If Chicago’s mega-Lululemon wasn’t enough to get us to book our basic selves a weekend trip to the Windy City, maybe this news will be: The world’s biggest Starbucks is set to open there this fall. The 43,000-square-foot Chicago Reserve Roastery is scheduled to open Nov. 15, serving up specialty Reserve coffee, tea and “mixology beverages” exclusive to the location. Starbucks has tapped local chefs to create specialty cocktails inspired by Chicago. The Venti-sized café will also be home to an outpost of Princi, a Starbucks-backed Italian bakery concept. (PSL biscotti, anyone?) Travel + Leisure


Alternating between hot and cold creates a pumping effect of the vessels, stimulating fluid metabolism.

– The benefits of hydrotheraphy as explained by licensed acupuncturist Tina Tsan, which also include “relieving sore achy muscles, relaxing for stress relief, and its overall cleansing ability to detoxify.” To give yourself an at-home session, switch the water in your shower from hot to cold every one to two minutes over a span of 20 minutes. Well + Good


• In a Pickle

Is Caesar season ever really over? Not for us — and not for Matt & Steve’s, the brand (and former bartending buddies) behind the Extreme Bean. After getting creative with their hot and spicy pickled green beans, pickled asparagus and bean-spiked olives, the pair are going back to basics with their newest product: pickled pickles cucumbers. Now on shelves at Longos in the GTA and rolling out to Loblaws, Zhers, Provigo, and Atlantic Superstores over the next couple months, the new Extreme Spears (also available for order online) come in the brand’s signature Hot & Spicy flavour and in a more traditional Garlic & Dill variety. The crunchy, quartered pickles hold true to Matt & Steve’s “clean label” approach, with all natural, non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours. Instagram

Image Credit: Matt & Steve’s


• Decor Nouveau

Interior designer Arren Williams has been obsessed with collecting antique and vintage home goods since the tender age of 12, so it’s not surprising his first furniture collection is inspired by iconic designs from decades past. For the launch of Arcade, available now at Hudson’s Bay, Williams sought to create a collection that would truly feel “collected,” with pieces in contrasting but complementary styles, and a hefty shot of colour to boot. From richly coloured velvet sofas and chairs in curvaceous silhouettes to an angular bookcase that “looks as good empty as it does full” and a show-stopping black arched bed frame, each piece is designed to stand on its own and bring that special something to a room.

Image Credit: Hudson’s Bay


• The spring/summer 2020 edition of New York Fashion Week wraps today. Here are the top 10 shows you need to see and the street style outfits you need to copy.

• Costco’s buzzy K-beauty kit is finally available at Canadian stores (and online at costco.ca, no membership required). For $160, The Case Full of Seoul contains eight products from top Korean skincare brands.

• After being grounded by bankruptcy this past spring, Icelandic discount carrier Wow Airlines is making a comeback with just two planes travelling between Washington, D.C. and Reykjavik, for now. 

• Innovative luggage brand Away recently invented a whole new size of suitcase with its adorable — and practical — Daily Carry-On.

• From Sept. 12–18 (i.e., right now!) treasure hunting shopping at HomeSense is even better than usual, thanks to the retailer’s European Event. From French copper cookware to handmade Portuguese dishes and gourmet Italian treats, stores across the country are stocked with extra goods from across the pond.

• Meditating at home just got easier: the next generation of Apple’s HomePod adds an Ambient Sound relaxation feature to fill your home with “the soothing sounds of ocean waves, forest birds, rainstorms, and more.”


• (T)wink (T)wink, Nudge, Nudge

How could they even joke about something so distasteful?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to curate a playlist for tonight (and every night really — who are we kidding?)

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