This one’s for the ladies

Two former Liberal MPs are running as Independents, Israel's parliament votes to dissolve itself and Asus reveals a new fancy laptop.

This one’s for the ladies

Two former Liberal MPs are running as Independents, Israel's parliament votes to dissolve itself and Asus reveals a new fancy laptop.

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Good morning! Today is Tuesday, May 28, 2019, and Hawaii just got knocked down a few pegs on the must-visit list.


• The Background

Just when you thought the SNC-Lavalin saga was finally behind us, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott announced that they will both seek re-election as Independent candidates in this fall’s federal election. After weeks of discussion, the two were also asked to join Elizabeth May’s Green Party but apparently rejected the offer. According to Wilson-Raybould, the decision to stay in politics came down to her constituents: “With your support, I am confident that running as an Independent is the best way to go about it at this time, and the best way to transform our political culture.” Philpott echoed her sentiments, adding that the country “need[s] political will and who better to build political will than independent voices who aren’t afraid of anybody?” Despite their choice to run as Independents, the two will support many of May’s environmental initiatives — and support the Green Party’s commitment to fighting climate change. CBC News

• What Else You Need to Know

Wilson-Raybould and Philpott made their announcements separately at back-to-back news conferences in their respective ridings. ICYMI, the former cabinet ministers were kicked out of the Liberal caucus two months ago by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who claimed the trust between the three of them was “irreparably broken” due to the SNC-Lavalin scandal. (Need a refresher on what went down? We’ve got you covered.)

• What’s Next?

The politicians are now Independent MPs, taking a non-partisan approach to politics. Especially given the drama that unfolded over the last year, the women face a tough fight ahead.


• This Land Is My Land

A violent, 8.0-magnitude earthquake pummelled an isolated Amazonian jungle in Peru early yesterday morning. The quake struck at approximately 2:41am, and left a scene of chaos and destruction in its path. Homes and buildings collapsed into rubble, power lines were knocked down and at least one person died as a result of the powerful tremor. Images flooded social media, showing Peruvians in several parts of the country in fear and panic as the quake vibrated beneath them. “It was a really long quake,” said one resident. “It could’ve been worse, and luckily it’s over.” Associated Press


• Knife Fight

At least two people have been killed and another 16 injured in Kawasaki, Japan, after a deadly bus stop attack. Armed with two knives, a man in his 50s started slashing the group (which included a large number of children waiting for their school bus) before stabbing himself in the neck. Japanese police later confirmed that the suspect died in hospital. No word yet on motive or if the attack was terrorism-related. Japan Today


• Canada: (Almost) Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The long-awaited new NAFTA (otherwise known as CUSMA — Canada-United States- Mexico Agreement) is just days away from being ratified in Canada. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland presented a bill to the House of Commons yesterday, outlining plans for the new legislation regarding the trade deal. If all goes as planned, it could be tabled as soon as tomorrow. However, major challenges still loom for the Canadian government, since nobody has any idea when, how and if the U.S. and Mexico will follow in Canada’s footsteps with their own ratification. Until they do, the existing terms remain in effect. Global News

• World: Ousted in Austria

In a not-so-subtle reminder that we’re all likely being watched (and you almost always get caught), Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his government came crashing down after Kurz lost a no-confidence vote in parliament. Spurred from a secretly filmed video (which shows the vice chancellor offering state contracts to a woman falsely claiming to be the niece of a Russian oligarch), the scandal is the biggest crisis the country’s government has faced since coming to power in 2017. Kurz will now be dismissed and President Alexander Van der Bellen will appoint a new caretaker government until elections are held in September. (Not to excuse Kurz’s actions, but he’s only 32.) CNN


“Put the good of the nation above every other interest.”

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urges his political partners to come together after parliament passed a motion to dissolve itself, which would force Israel to hold new elections — just six weeks after Netanyahu won his fourth consecutive term. NBC NewsP


• Lavish Laptops

Taiwan-based tech company Asus is celebrating its 30th birthday with two very exciting launches. First, a special-edition laptop, featuring a white leather lid and an 18-karat rose gold logo. (Oh, you fancy, huh?) And of course, to accompany the glamorous new device, Asus is supplying special accessories, including a pearl white mouse (yes, you read that right) and leather sleeve. The company also unveiled the ZenBook Pro Duo, an over-the-top laptop complete with three displays (yes, three), two of which are touch screens, along with a less expensive version of the laptop, featuring a smaller secondary screen and less powerful processor. The Verge


• Hockey: In (B)ruins

The Boston Bruins are one step closer to bringing home the Stanley Cup. Despite trailing by two goals for most of the game, the Bruins managed to claw their way back to beat the St. Louis Blues last night 4–2 in the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Sean Kuraly scored to break a third-period tie and then Brad Marchand scored an empty netter to seal the victory. On the Blues side, Brayden Schenn and Vladimir Tarasenko scored the team’s two goals. Game two is tomorrow night at 8pm ET. Sportsnet


• Constant Cravings

Netflix may be investing in Canadian content (and Arabic content), but so is Crave. The Bell-owned streaming service announced two new shows yesterday, featuring two of the most recognizable faces in Canadian TV. First up, the Queen of Gossip, Elaine “Lainey” Lui (who also serves as co-host of eTalk and The Social) is getting her own show (creatively called The Untitled Elaine “Lainey” Lui Series) which will feature her one-of-a-kind commentary on Crave’s zeitgeist-busting shows with the help of some fascinating guests.” And she’s not the only one — Chloe Wilde is using the inspiration behind her Healthy is Hot site to develop a show for the streaming service, where she’ll share tips on how to make healthier choices and prioritize self-care, along with bringing in some special guests to talk all things health. The Loop


• Poop Problems

Constipation is an unpleasantry that most of us try to forget. But for a woman in Hong Kong, the run-of-the-mill symptoms quite literally caused her to forget almost everything. The woman claims she temporarily lost 10 years’ worth of memories from straining too hard in the bathroom after two weeks of constipation. Her son told reporters his mother showed signs of amnesia and was unable to recall anything about her life from the last 10 years. Luckily, though it was a hard situation (pun intended), all was not lost: the woman reportedly regained her memory after eight hours. Believe it or not, this phenomenon has a name (no, it’s not sh*t-for-brains): transient global amnesia, and in this particular case, the trigger was the increased abdominal and intra-cerebral pressure that caused a lack of oxygen to flow to the brain. (Excuse us while we go chug some prune juice.) NZ Herald


• Fire Up the Grill

Today’s the day to hit up your favourite burger joint: it’s International Hamburger Day! Prefer a backyard barbecue over a busy drive-thru? No problem — try one of these chef-approved burger recipes.


• The Ford government still has a laser focus on booze. Finance Minister Vic Fedeli just tabled legislation to end the province’s contract with The Beer Store, which would open beer sales up to corner stores. 

• B.C. just became the first Canadian region to change the type of drugsfunded by the provincial health care system. It’s moving from biologic (the pricey ones) to biosimilar (the less expensive ones). 

• The Israeli Air Force destroyed a Syrian missile launcher yesterday after it tried to hit an Israeli airplane.

• Apple Maps is finally getting a much-needed upgrade in Canada. The company announced yesterday that it’s starting to send sensor-equipped cars around the country. 


• Deja Vu

Seriously? This sh*t again?

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