The search is over

Police find the missing B.C. murder suspects, Trump gets the cold shoulder from Dayton and El Paso, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal is coming to TV.

The search is over

Police find the missing B.C. murder suspects, Trump gets the cold shoulder from Dayton and El Paso, and the Monica Lewinsky scandal is coming to TV.

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✨  Good morning! Today is Thursday, August 8, 2019 and it looks like Lil Nas X isn’t the only one making the big bucks on his top-spot hit.


• The Background

After an exhaustive, three-week-long, nationwide manhunt, the bodies of British Columbia murder suspects, Bryer Schmegelsky, 19, and Kam McLeod, 18, have been found in northern Manitoba. Police located the bodies in an area about a kilometre from where a few items directly linked to the two suspects had been found on Tuesday, and approximately eight kilometres from where a burned-out SUV connected to the case had been found three weeks ago. CTV News

• What Else You Need to Know

The two suspects were childhood friends who grew up in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. They were identified as responsible for the deaths of Lucas Fowler and his girlfriend Chynna Deese in northern B.C. last month, and a 64-year-old man named Leonard Dyck, who was also found dead a few days later, just southwest of where the couple was murdered by gunshot. 

• What’s Next?

Autopsy results are expected in the coming days, which will confirm the identities and the cause of death. 


• U.S.: An Unwanted Visitor

President Trump received a chilly reception from locals when visiting Dayton and El Paso, two cities still reeling from deadly, back-to-back mass shootings last weekend. He met with victims and first responders while hundreds of protestors in both cities hollered “do something” (we concur), and pointed fingers at POTUS for inspiring the attacks with his racist rhetoric. The double massacres have reignited the national debate over gun control, and prodded Amnesty International to issue a travel advisory for the U.S., urging Americans to use caution. CBC News

• World: Revolving Door

Yet again, Puerto Rico has a new governor. Wanda Vazquez, the island’s Justice Secretary, was sworn in yesterday by the Supreme Court, just after it overturned Pedro R. Pierluisi as the new governor, citing he was sworn in under unconstitutional grounds. Pierluisi was appointed secretary of state (which is next in line for the governor’s seat), but since he wasn’t confirmed in the position as required by both chambers of the Legislative Assembly, the court has decided he has no right to take on the job after the previous governor resigned. Vazquez, who previously said she didn’t want this position, is Puerto Rico’s third governor in only five days. ABC News 


• Pot Across the Pond

Is Luxembourg following our lead? The country is set to be the first in Europe to legalize cannabis and is encouraging other EU members to do the same. Planned legislation (which is still a few years out) will allow residents over 18 to purchase pot for recreational use and possess up to 30 grams. Those between 12 and 17 will not be charged for 5 grams or less. The Guardian 


“Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”

Gangster Johnny, from “Home Alone”. The 1990s classic Christmas movie is now being remade for Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, which will cost $12.99 a month (and includes ESPN+ and Hulu), starting November 12. (Kevin!!) CNN


• Highway Handover

Part of Ontario’s Highway 407 toll road is now the property of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), after a court ruling that allowed the purchase from SNC-Lavalin. The struggling engineering company sold CPPIB its 10% share in the highway. The move comes after SNC-Lavalin lost two-thirds of its market value over the last year alone, thanks to a major Canadian political scandal (need a refresher?). Shares shot up 6% to $17.35 in morning trading yesterday. The Globe and Mail 


• Out Of This World

Samsung made a few big announcements at its annual summer event, where it traditionally unveils its big-screen Galaxy Note line of phones. Meet the Galaxy Note 10: it comes in two different sizes with no headphone jack, featuring gesture controls, robust specs, a 3D physical scanner, a new stylus pen, and unparalleled photography powers, all for the low, low price of $1,300 USD. The dazzling new device also lets users transfer files, reply to messages and run mobile apps on their computers. Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Book S, an ultra-thin, Qualcomm-based laptop for $999. The Verge


• Beyond the Blue Dress

Perhaps the most iconic presidential sex scandal of all time is that of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and word has it, the story is being brought to the small screen. The next instalment of American Crime Story will cover the 1999 Clinton impeachment hearings, and Monica Lewinsky herself will serve as a producer on the show, adding her own personal insight and edge. “People have been co-opting and telling my part in this story for decades,” Lewinsky said. Now’s her chance to change that. The series is set to air in September 2020. (We’ll be blue-dressed and ready.) BBC News 


• Read

New Yorker writer, Jia Tolentino, tackles how to live ethically in the internet age and a world of scammers in her new book, Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion.

• Watch

A favourite novel is now hitting the big screen. The Art of Racing In the Rain, a tearjerker, talking-animal flick, will be released in Canadian theatres starting tomorrow. 

• Listen

Ariana Grande is back with a brand new single featuring Social House, and the song clearly has a deeper meaning


• Seedy Customer

We all know the slogan, “the customer is always right.” Well, in this case, not so much. A U.K. shopper made a complaint to her local grocery store about the quality of their bread, venting that her seed loaf (we repeat, the bread is supposed to have seeds) had too many seeds in it. The disgruntled shopper left a note stating that the “quantity of seeds has increased over the last 2 months.” The makers of the Jackson’s Seeded Bloomer bread have since weighed in, confirming that they’ve made no changes to the amount of seeds added to the bread. (But who’s counting? No, really, who is counting?) Metro


• Hello, Pussycat

Though we’re mostly dog people here at The Bullet, we appreciate all pets. Today is International Cat Day, the purrfect time to celebrate your favourite feline friend.


• ICE raids in Mississippi swept up 680 undocumented immigrants in what is believed to be the largest single-state, one-day ICE operation in U.S. history.

• An accidental 911 call in southwestern Nova Scotia led the RCMP to 100 unsecured guns (the irony is painful). 

• The Federal Government has committed to invest $500,000 in Ontario’s beekeeping sector.  

• Uber could be coming to public transit near you. The ride-hailing company has partnered up with cities and transit agencies in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. to provide tickets to public transportation. 

• Amazon is now Fed-Ex’s ex-bestie after the shipping company decided to sever ties with the e-commerce giant. 

• Meet Green Shirt Guy, the dude who laughed his way into the most trending hashtag on Twitter yesterday.


• Summer Romance

Whoever figured this out has a McDirty mind.

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