This is one deadly twist…

More twisters hit America's Midwest, Ottawa wants to change the citizenship oath, and 'Sports Illustrated' finds a new home.

This is one deadly twist…

More twisters hit America's Midwest, Ottawa wants to change the citizenship oath, and 'Sports Illustrated' finds a new home.

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Good morning! Today is Wednesday, May 29, 2019, and it looks like we’re going to have to sell an organ to go to Thursday night’s game.


• The Background

The American Midwest is being battered by tornadoes. A deadly tornado touched down in Ohio on Monday, killing an 81-year-old man, injuring seven others and “pulverizing” buildings in the region. (About 40 homes in Celina, OH., were seriously damaged or destroyed.) The fatal twister was just one of several that touched down this week, adding to the more than 200 tornadoes that have ravaged the U.S. Midwest in the last 11 days. According to the Enhanced Fujita Scale, Monday’s twister was at least an EF3, which means wind speeds of 219 to 266 kilometres per hour. Reuters

• What Else You Need to Know

This was just one of three EF3 tornadoes that hit Ohio on Monday, which a Celina resident described as a “freight train.” Late last night, a mile-wide tornado touched down in Kansas City, forcing the National Weather Service to make an emergency announcement, telling residents to “take shelter now!” It’s believed the KC storm brought “ping pong-sized hail,” 112 kilometre-per-hour winds, and falling debris. The National Weather Service also warned of subsequent thunderstorms and flash flooding.

• What’s Next?

Some Midwest states, along with the mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and southern New York, are still at risk of more tornadoes (a warning was issued for Staten Island and Newark late last night).


• Canada: Oath Overhaul

Canada’s citizenship oath is about to get a major overhaul. The federal government is planning on rewording the oath, adding a reference to Indigenous rights. The goal is to raise awareness among new Canadians, urging them to make a strong commitment to respecting Indigenous and treaty rights for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen explained the need for change: “Reconciliation is not only an Indigenous issue. It is a Canadian imperative and will take partners at all levels to advance this important journey.” Since there is only a brief period of time left before parliament closes its doors, the bill will require co-operation from all parties in the House of Commons and Senate in order for it to pass in the near future. CBC News

• U.S.: A Semi Supreme Ruling

In what seems like an endless struggle for abortion advocates these past few weeks, the Supreme Court may have just delivered something that resembles good news. The Supreme Court said yesterday that it’ll allow Indiana to require clinics to bury or cremate fetal remains, however, the Court also decided that the state should not be able to ban certain abortions based solely on sex, race, or disability. (How progressive. 🙄) The split decision (which is considered a slight win) means SCOTUS plans to keep its hands off this hotly debated issue for a little bit longer and is not looking to overturn Roe v. Wade or Casey v. Planned Parenthood (for now). CNN


“Should it ever come into effect, we’d rethink our entire investment in Georgia.”

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, takes a stand against Georgia’s proposed Heartbeat Bill, which aims to outlaw abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Variety


• Magazine Moves

The iconic Sports Illustrated magazine has a new owner. The publication was sold for US $110 million to Authentic Brands Group, a brand management company specializing in managing sports brands and celebs, including Muhammad Ali and Shaquille O’Neil. ABG purchased the brand from Meredith Corporation, the media conglomerate that currently owns and manages the magazine. Sports Illustrated will continue operating as usual for the next two years, with its editor and publisher staying on and maintaining editorial independence. The goal of the acquisition is to grow SI in esports, while continuing to produce award-winning sports journalism. AP News


• Wayback Playback

Though the iPod (remember those?) may feel like a throwback to some, Apple is unveiling a new version of the once super-popular device. It’s the first update to the product since the sixth-generation iPod Touch launched in July 2015. And by and large, it has remained the same, aside from an improved processor (the same one that’s found in the iPhone 7) along with a new 256GB storage option, so you’ll never run out of space. While the iPod may seem old-fashioned (especially since iPhones double as iPods), its compact size and accessible price point allows the company to attract a different market segment than the customers who typically tend to go for its more premium products. In other Apple news, leaked screenshots reveal a dark twist to Apple’s next software update: iOS 13. There will be a system-wide “dark mode” that essentially makes apps easier to use at night. (Just what our circadian rhythms don’t need.) The Verge


• Hockey: Edmonton Scores

The Edmonton Oilers are welcoming Dave Tippett as their new head coach. The team’s new general manager, former player Ken Holland, said the list started with 15 contenders, but Tippett was always the top candidate. The Saskatchewan native began his coaching career with the L.A. Kings in 1999 before joining the Dallas Stars and Phoenix and Arizona Coyotes. A true hockey veteran with more than 1,100 NHL games behind him, Tippett’s professional experience and accomplishments make him a prime coach for the team. According to an analyst for the NHL Network, Tippett is “a forward thinker” and “a great communicator” and with him in the lead role, he expects “the Edmonton Oilers [to] reach new heights and be as exciting as you’ve ever seen them.” Global News


• Blood Brothers

In a truly modern-day memoir, the Jonas Brothers are dishing out the deets on everything from their beginning, their breakup and their recent revival, in a new memoir: Blood. The trio will write their memoir with author Neil Strauss, and the book is expected to hit store shelves in mid-November. “We’re so grateful and ready to tell the full story of the journey we’ve had as individuals, as artists, and as family,” says Joe Jonas. Apart from the new memoir, the brothers will also release an Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness, which premiers June 4. Plus, their new album (with the same name as the documentary) is set to release June 7. So much JoBros, so little time. Hollywood Reporter 


• A Sticky Situation

If you’re like most Canadians, you’ve probably brought a few undeclared items of clothing across the U.S. border — and you’ve likely gotten away with it. (We don’t judge.) But one 50-year-old man wasn’t quite as lucky. Haissam Azzar just pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle almost 3,990 kg of cheese into Canada from the United States in 2018. (Bet he was cheesed about that.) After getting called into customs for a secondary screening, he was arrested and charged with smuggling. The price for his dairy disaster? A whopping $30,000 fine. (Guess he wasn’t a very gouda liar.) Ottawa Citizen


• Keep the Peace

Today is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, which pays tribute to and celebrates all those who serve or have served in UN peacekeeping missions. Without them, who knows what this world would look like?  So um, thanks a whole bunch, UN Peacekeeping.


Another climber (62-year-old Christopher Kulish) died yesterday on Mount Everest, bringing the total number of deaths on the mountain in 2019 to 11. 

• Another country is trashing Canada — literally. Malaysia is sending back our unwanted plastic waste.

• After 61 years, Warner Bros. Records is no longer. The company just revealed it’ll now be known simply as Warner Records

• Calling all Pokémon fans! Last night, the Pokémon Company announced a new cloud service called Pokémon Home, and a new game called Pokémon Sleep, where your sleep impacts your gameplay (both launching in 2020). 

• The second season of David Letterman’s Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction drops Friday, and with Ellen DeGeneres on tap (who reveals she was sexually assaulted) and Kanye West (who opens up about his battle with bipolar disorder), it’s sure to be must-watch TV. 


• Holy Water

Well this is one way to increase tourism.

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