This is a hole lot better

There's good news in the fight against climate change, Indeed launches a new job site for the tech industry and Netflix makes some big deals.

This is a hole lot better

There's good news in the fight against climate change, Indeed launches a new job site for the tech industry and Netflix makes some big deals.

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✨  Good morning! Today is Tuesday, September 17, 2019, and this is breaking our Taco Tuesday-loving hearts.


• The Background

We come bearing potentially good news (for once) in the fight against climate change. The European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) says the ozone hole over Antarctica could be the smallest its been in three decades. Scientists say the hole is currently well under half the size it’s usually seen in mid-September. The ozone layer in the atmosphere is what protects Earth (and us) from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So, the smaller the hole, the less likely we are to be negatively impacted. BBC News

• What Else You Need to Know

The shrinking hole could be due to the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty adopted in 1987, designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of certain harmful substances contributing to ozone depletion. The hole, which was first discovered by British scientists in 1985, proved that human activity was having a colossal and terrifying impact on the stratospheric shield.

• What’s Next?

Still, scientists say it’s too soon to adequately determine what caused it. But on the bright side, it’s likely not a bad thing. 


• Playing House

The Canadian real estate market is alive and well. Home prices across the country saw the biggest one-month gain in two years, while sales advanced for a sixth straight month. The Canadian Real Estate Association says the number of units sold rose 1.4% in August from the previous month, and a whopping 17% above levels in February. The three biggest markets — Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal — recorded increase in both prices and sales. BNN Bloomberg


From now until Oct. 21, we’ll be bringing you all the updates from the campaign trail (including who’s making promises and who’s breaking ’em). 

• Elizabeth May announced the Green Party’s election platform, including policies to combat climate change, promote consumer protection and tax fairness, and amend the current assisted dying laws. 

• Andrew Scheer unveiled another Conservative tax credit: Parents would be able to claim up to $1,000 per child for expenses related to fitness or sports activities.

• The October debates will include five leaders: People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier confirmed that he’s been invited to participate in both the Oct. 7 English debate and the Oct. 10 French language debate. 


• U.S.: Calling the Tax Man

New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance has joined the never-ending quest to obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns, issuing a subpoena to the president’s accounting firm demanding his personal and corporate tax returns dating back to 2011. The subpoena is tied to the criminal investigation the DA’s office opened in August, looking into the role Trump and his family business played in several hush-money payments. (Stormy Daniels ring a bell?) CNN


• Techies for Hire

With competition running pretty high for jobs in the tech industry, is launching a new platform aimed at helping tech workers find the best career opportunities for their skillset. Seen by Indeed is building on its predecessor, Indeed Prime, by taking a broader view of an employee’s skills and experiences to match candidates at every level to various openings. Seen is also opening up the job market to help employers fill traditionally tough-to-fill roles by connecting them to employees whose experience goes beyond their employment history; it will also give users access to personalized career guidance and resume reviews. (Sounds pretty tech-savvy to us.) VentureBeat 


“I intend to extend sovereignty on all the settlements and the (settlement) blocs, including sites that have security importance or are important to Israel’s heritage.”

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claiming to annex all settlements in the West Bank, in a move to garner nationalist support before today’s election. The Star


• Better, Faster, Stronger

Since we’ve pretty much all become totally dependent on Wi-Fi, this is good news for everyone: Wi-Fi Alliance industry group announced its Wi-Fi Certified 6 program launched in Canada yesterday. The all-new, super speedy wireless service is 40% faster than Wi-Fi 5. But there’s a caveat — Wi-Fi 6 is only compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, which is the world’s first smartphone to get the latest Wi-Fi certification. Don’t dismay, though — we will likely start seeing a broad range of compatible devices hitting the market in the coming year. iPhone in Canada


• Hockey: Smooth Skating

The NHL Players’ Association is passing on re-opening the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The move comes one month after the NHL decided not to terminate the group’s labour deal, avoiding a potential lockout and moving forward with their original 10-year agreement signed in 2013. The concurrent decision is a positive sign that negotiations on the CBA’s extension are going well, though players have voiced concerns on issues such as escrow, health benefits, revenue, and Olympic participation since signing the deal in 2013. Sportsnet


• Fabulous Foursomes

Fans of two of the most famous TV foursomes, the squads on Seinfeld and Golden Girls, are definitely going to want to hang on to their Netflix subscription. Yes, Netflix may have lost audience favourites The Office and Friends, but starting in 2021, it’ll be the exclusive global streaming platform for Seinfeld once Sony’s contract with Hulu wraps. Plus, Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper have also secured a Netflix deal for a show Lynch described as “a Golden Girls for today,” featuring four single women in their sixties “looking for their next act.” (The other two women have yet to be cast.)


• Chummy with the Chicks

This is one warning we never thought we’d be reporting on: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released an advisory reminding people not to partake in a snuggle sesh with backyard poultry. The reason for the statement? A salmonella outbreak has spread across 49 states, affecting 1,003 people, and the CDC believes it’s been caused by contact with backyard poultry, such as cute li’l chicks and ducklings. So by all means, be kind to your winged friends, but think about where that beak’s been before you put it near your mouth. 😬 KSL TV


• A Game Changer

If you haven’t already noticed, football season is back, and today marks 99 years since they got the ball rolling (pun intended). The National Football League (NFL) officially launched in Canton, Ohio on September 17, 1920.


• A building exploded in Maine at a centre for disabilities, leaving one firefighter dead. The likely cause is a propane or natural gas leak.

• Snapchat has launched a public library of political ads for the upcoming 2020 presidential election, allowing users to see the name and address of who paid for the ads, along with other details.

• The Emmy Awards kicked off this past weekend with the Creative Arts ceremony. Big winners include Game of ThronesChernobyl and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

• Good news: Rod Stewart shared that he has successfully been treated for prostate cancer, which he’s been secretly fighting for three years. 


• Fighting for Words

This is what happens when you insult curling

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