Things just went up in (Cuban) smoke

The U.S. imposes new travel restrictions on Cuba, Forbes releases its list of 2019's richest self-made women and the lineup for the iHeart Music Fest.

Things just went up in (Cuban) smoke

The U.S. imposes new travel restrictions on Cuba, Forbes releases its list of 2019's richest self-made women and the lineup for the iHeart Music Fest.

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Good morning! Today is Wednesday, June 5, 2019 and this is one thing we’re thanking millennials for.


• The Background

The Trump administration is taking another swing at Cuba in an attempt to hit the island where it hurts: the tourism industry. Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that U.S. citizens would no longer be allowed to travel to Cuba on cruise ships or on organized tour groups, and also banned American cruise ships from stopping on the island. Mnuchin said the decision is based on the fact that the country continues to “play a destabilizing role in the Western Hemisphere, providing a communist foothold in the region.” CNN

• What Else You Need to Know

Mnuchin also noted that Cuba’s been a friend to American adversaries (think Venezuela and Nicaragua) and continues to instigate instability in the region, undermines the rule of law, and suppresses democratic processes. The main goal is to steer U.S. dollars away from the Cuban regime and to hold “the Cuban regime accountable for its direct destabilizing role in the hemisphere and contribution to the repression of the people of Venezuela.” Obviously Cuba is pretty peeved about the changes (especially since under Trump’s predecessor, things seemed to be moving in the opposite direction). Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla called the restrictions an “attack on international law” and a “flagrant violation of the human rights of all Cubans.”

• What’s Next?

Apparently, more restrictions. White House national security adviser, John Bolton, said in April, the Treasury Department would be implementing additional changes to “restrict non-family travel to Cuba.”


• Devastation Down Under

In an hour-long shooting spree, an Australian man who was out on parole fatally shot four men and injured a woman in the northern city of Darwin. The 45-year-old suspect is an alleged member of a motorcycle gang, and “is an individual who’s well known to police.” Terrorism has been ruled out as the motive, but police have not yet revealed the suspected motive behind the attack. CTV News


• Canada: Funding for Females

At an international conference on gender equality, PM Justin Trudeau announced Canada will increase its international support for women and girls’ health to $1.4 billion annually over the next 10 years, including funds for contraception, legal abortion and sex education. According to the PM, the additional investment “is a game changer that will empower 18 million women and girls in developing countries by 2030.” Of the total yearly spending, $700 million will be dedicated to sexual and reproductive needs. At a time when the female health sector has taken a hard hit by global superpowers, this is much-needed progress by Canada. Without naming names, Trudeau said there are some politicians (they know who they are) trying to “drive a wedge… to create a division where none should exist.” Globe and Mail


“They know that I’m rooting for them.”

– Former Raptor DeMar DeRozan, on being the “sacrificial lamb” that helped Toronto’s NBA team get to where they are today, and how he feels about their epic playoff run. (Speaking of their playoff run, reminder that game three of the NBA FInals is on tonight at 9pm ET!) TSN


• Who Run the World?

The answer: Girls. (Sorry, but no surprise there.) Forbes released its rankings for 2019’s richest self-made women, which includes an extensive list of 80 ceiling crashers. This year’s rankings features more selections than the previous year, a true win for all women. Those ranked range in age from 21 to 92, proving that success is possible at any point in life. From Taylor Swift and Serena Williams to Katrina Lake and Whitney Wolfe, the 80 women range from entrepreneurs who created witty products like Poo-Pourri toilet spray (thank you, ma’am), to musicians and beauty gurus using their fame and social status to grow their passion projects. The top spot, for the second year in a row, went to Diane Hendricks, for her enormously successful roofing company, ABC Supply. You go, girls. Forbes


• Right Swipe

We’re swiping right on Tinder today. Just in time for Pride Month, the company is adding sexual orientation and gender identity to user profiles. Working with an LGBTQ advocacy organization, Tinder is aiming to make its popular dating app more inclusive. Users who want to reveal information about their sexual orientation can now simply edit preferences on their profile, selecting up to three terms to describe their sexual orientation. While preferences can be made either public or private, they will likely be used to inform matches on the app. TechCrunch


• weHeart This Lineup

iHeartMedia has officially revealed its much-anticipated lineup for the annual iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas on September 20 and 21. Ryan Seacrest will host the two-day concert for the ninth time, which will include shows by a slew of a-list artists. Cage The Elephant, Alicia Keys, Camila Cabello, Chance The Rapper, Hasley Heart, Miley Cyrus, Mumford & Sons and H.E.R., are just some of the featured performers, with more to be announced in the near future. Tickets go on sale on June 14 at 1pm ET/10am PT.  Variety


• Slow and Steady Loses the Race

Customs concerns are not uncommon when re-entering a country, especially when you’ve spent a little over your allowance on vacation (and let’s be real, we’ve all been there). But a Vancouver man had a completely unrelatable and unbelievable experience at the border. In January 2018, Li Wan was caught attempting to smuggle 19 undeclared live turtles consisting of 16 species (six of which are endangered) at the Canada-U.S. border. He has now officially been ordered to pay a fine of $18,000. (That’s a lot to shell out.)  CTV News


• It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…delivery drone? Yep, Air Canada just announced a partnership with Drone Delivery Canada, bringing the delivery method one step closer to the masses.

• And while that’s good news for AC, there’s some bad news, too: A Quebec company has made a competing bid for Transat AT Inc.

• Netflix’s lineup for 2020 is shaping up to be something for out of the history books. The streaming giant just announced a Jurassic World animated series, produced by the one and only Steven Spielberg.

• Speaking of history, MTV Studios and Quibi are remaking two of the network’s most popular shows: Punk’d and Singled Out


• Down to Earth

Today is World Environment Day, a worldwide campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of protecting and improving the environment – because at the end of the day, it all comes down to the earth we live in. And just in time for Environment Day, Toronto unveiled its first ever resilience strategy, aimed at addressing the challenges of climate change.


• Average Joes

Just two regular dudes, bonding over a beer.


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