These gifts are no (dad) joke

Father's Day gift you've still got time to buy, a clean beauty brand does a textural 180, and almond milk with fewer extras.

These gifts are no (dad) joke

Father's Day gift you've still got time to buy, a clean beauty brand does a textural 180, and almond milk with fewer extras.

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✨   Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, June 15, 2019, and now you really can be forever 21 (if you were 21 in 1998, that is). 


Father’s Day tends to fly under the radar compared to Mother’s Day — but that doesn’t mean we love our dads any less. Whether your dad (or your children’s dad) is the type of guy who’s always up on the latest tech gear, cheering for his favourite sports team (whoop, Raps in 6ix, baby!), tinkering in his workshop — or another type entirely — chances are he’ll tell you all he wants to mark the occasion is some good beer, a good meal, and quality time with the family. Give the man what he wants and go the extra mile with one of these gifts you can pick up last minute.


G-III Sports by Carl Banks Toronto Raptors 2019 NBA Finals Champions Canvas Varsity Jacket, $220 at the NBA Store. He won’t mind if this arrives late, we promise.
Bulldog Everyday Skincare Routine Kit, $18 at Walmart. It’s about time he upgraded from bar soap to cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, all- natural skincare products.
New Balance Made in US 990v5 sneakers, $230. They’re nicknamed “dad shoes” for a reason.
Cuisinart 10-piece BBQ Toolset, $60 at Canadian Tire. A grillmaster’s only as good as his tools.
Google Nest Hub, $169 at Indigo. Give him a polite way to micromanage the entire household.
Noble Jerky, $6 at MEC. Because even vegan dads deserve manly snacks.


• Elegantly Waisted

While we’re nowhere near ready for fall to come (summer, where are you? You’re late!), we’re pretty excited for this bit of news: Two darlings of the Canadian fashion world have partnered for a v. cool collaboration next season. Jeweller Jenny Bird and pantsuit trailblazers Smythe have teamed up to create a sharply tailored blazer adorned with a “multi-chain closure.” The eye-catching accessory we didn’t know we needed is basically a tricked-out version of those old-school sweater clips your elementary school librarian used to wear. Along with holding your jacket shut, the detachable piece can also be repurposed as a necklace, and will be available in rhodium or oxidized gold. Mark your calendars now: The limited edition jacket ($895) launches as part of Smythe’s fall collection on Sept. 16.

Image credit: Smythe


• Hot Off the Press

After building her clean cosmetics brand on a foundation of coconut oil-based balms, why has RMS Beauty founder Rose Marie Swift decided to launch a range of pressed powder makeup? “Because everyone else is doing creams now.” (She’s always had a rebellious streak.) But the Vancouver-raised celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire’s newest products aren’t just any old powders. Finely milled mineral pigments are cold-pressed with the addition of buriti oil, which Swift touts for its skin healing properties. Luminizing Powder highlighters and bronzers ($50) are out now (expect the shade “Grand Dame” to be a sellout), and Pressed Blushes ($31) are coming June 18. Want to try ’em all? The Sensual Skin trio ($42), also out next week, gives you one of each in the brand’s bestselling (and universally flattering) shades.

Image credit: RMS Beauty


If you don’t vote, you have a 31% chance of not getting lucky after.

– A survey by OK Cupid reveals that nearly a third of Canadian women “will absolutely not date someone who doesn’t vote.” (Good advice if you’re in the dating game ahead of this fall’s federal election.) Bay Street Bull


• Small Comfort

Parents who travel frequently for work know firsthand how tough being (far) away can be on their kids. To help ease the separation anxiety felt by families of its business travelers, WestJet is creating the Flight Light. The gadget helps little ones count down the hours and minutes until their parent’s return. Just enter your return flight’s number into the companion app, and the smart nightlight will track the flight data live in real time and project the flight path onto the ceiling of your child’s bedroom, so they’ll know exactly when Mom or Dad has landed. (Think of it as a light at the end of the runway.) If that wasn’t cool enough, parents can also keep in contact by sending messages and emojis through the app, which will also be automatically projected to brighten a lonesome child’s mood. TravelWeek


• Minimalist Milk Mylk

Love the taste of almond milk but hate the stabilizers, thickening agents and additives found in many grocery store brands? (Yes, yes, yes.) Simply Beverages has got you. Known for its fuss-free juice lineup, the brand is getting into the dairy alternatives game with its new Simply Almond beverages, arriving in grocery stores nationally over the next few weeks. Available in Original, Unsweetened and Vanilla variations, each contains just 4 or 5 “simple” ingredients: Roasted almonds, filtered water, sea salt and “natural flavours” (defined by the brand as ingredients such as “essential oils or extracts of spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and barks,” like, for example, vanilla extract); the Original and Vanilla varieties are sweetened with the addition of cane sugar.

Image Credit: Coca-Cola Company


• The Big Screen

“Bigger is better” seems to be Samsung’s guiding maxim when it comes to TVs. The company’s decided that the display it had previously dubbed “The Wall” — a 126-inch LED set inspired by its theatrical models — didn’t quite live up to its name, so now, it’s coming out with The Wall Luxury. Samsung boasts that the “modular MicroLED TV screen can be custom-tailored to any size and aspect ratio” up to 292 inches (that’s over 24 feet diagonal) and 8K. (At that size, the pores on news anchors’ faces are going to look like dinner plates.) Since it would literally cover an entire wall in your house mansion, the brand’s mural-like Ambient Mode is a key selling point for this set. (Guess Samsung’s been taking notes from Martha Stewart’s decor blog.) Naturally, Samsung is taking the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” approach in (not) sharing pricing details for the luxury model, which launches globally next month. Engadget


• Don’t Stop

Cue up Reel 2 Real’s 1994 banger “I Like to Move It,” because we’ve got good news and bad news for your love/hate relationship with working out. According to a new report by Quartz News, it’s not more exercise your body needs to live a healthier, longer life; it’s more movement in general. We’ve all heard about studies warning against the harm of a sedentary lifestyle and sitting too much. According to the report, short bursts of high-intensity activity (like, for example, your morning one-hour circuit class) can’t make up for being lazy the other 23 hours of the day. But, maximizing the movement required to complete everyday activities — like housework or errands — can. According to biomechanist Katy Bowman, we should be putting more emphasis on “small, slow, accumulating” movements that are “diverse” and “natural,” versus the big, intense bursts of movement you get in exercise class. (Treadmill desk, anyone?) Quartzy


• Ralph Lauren wants to help save the planet (🙏). The brand just announced a new set of goals designed to reduce its environmental impact, including plans to use 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2025.

• Neutrogena is taking the multi-masking concept to the next level with completely customizable, 3D-printed sheet masks coming this fall and announced this week at CES.

• Start counting down to July 26: The fairy godmother of runway makeup, Pat McGrath, is finally adding foundation to her eponymous cosmetics collection, and it comes in 36 shades.


• Efficient Explorer

Power to her and all, but does it still count as a vacation if you’re globetrotting at record speed?

Uh, we don’t want to alarm you but it looks like the upside down is leaking. (But we’re totally cool with this throwback to 1985.)

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