There’s no end in sight

The White House wants to detain migrants indefinitely, Ontario reveals its new sex-ed curriculum, and Forbes reveals the highest paid actors of 2019.

There’s no end in sight

The White House wants to detain migrants indefinitely, Ontario reveals its new sex-ed curriculum, and Forbes reveals the highest paid actors of 2019.

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✨  Good morning! Today is Thursday, August 22, 2019, and here’s further proof you can’t believe anything you read anymore (except for The Bullet, of course). 


• The Background

The Trump administration’s handling of migrants has been controversial (and widely criticized) since the current president took the Oath of office. Well, believe it or not, his approach just got worse. Yesterday, Trump unveiled a new regulation that would allow migrant families who cross the border illegally to be detained indefinitely. The new regulation would directly replace a long-held court agreement that limited the level of care and the length of time in which the government could hold migrant children in custody. New York Times 

• What Else You Need to Know

President Trump has been trying for well over a year to find a way to get rid of the agreement, which is known as the Flores settlement. The new rules would codify minimum standards for detention centre conditions, and would terminate a 20-day limit on detaining families in immigration jails. Trump says the current limit creates a “catch and release” problem, which he claims is fuelling the migrant crisis in the country.

• What’s Next?

Of course, the regulation will require approval from a federal judge before it can take effect, and given the nature of the changes, it will likely be challenged in court. 


• Canada: Curriculum Controversy

The Ontario government has announced a new sex-ed curriculum, which will be mandated across the province. The updated health and physical education curriculum is more or less the same as the previous Liberal government’s 2015 plan, but with two glaring revisions. For one, parents will now have the option of removing their children from sex-ed classes, and topics relating to gender identity and gender expression will be moved to later grades. It’s not yet clear how school boards will adopt the new changes. (She-he-eesh.) Globe and Mail

• Canada: Curriculum Controversy

The student-led gun violence prevention movement, March for Our Lives, has a daring new plan to address the gun control crisis in the U.S. The movement, which was born after the 2018 Parkland school shooting, has presented a wide-ranging six-point plan called The Peace Plan for a Safe America. The platform lists policy solutions for combating gun violence, combining both familiar measures and completely new and innovative approaches, like creating a new position for a National Director of Gun Violence Prevention. The group is calling on the incoming administration and Congress to adopt its proposal. CNN


“They envision a world where Canada flirts with the forces of populism, whipping up fear and spreading misinformation.”

– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes aim at the Conservative Party’s policies ahead of the Oct. 21 federal election, and warns that electing Tory MPs would “leave Canada diminished on the world stage.” CBC News


• Pipeline Passalong

In a $4.35-billion deal, Pembina Pipeline Corp. has signed on to buy Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd., as well as the U.S. portion of the Cochin pipeline system, which runs 2,900 kilometres between Fort Saskatchewan and Chicago. Once the deal is officially closed, Pembina says it will up its monthly dividend by a penny per share to 21 cents. The deal is a major bet on the future of the oilsands at a tumultuous time in the industry, and will make Pembina one of the biggest players in the Canadian oil storage and production landscape. Financial Times


• Virtual Revamp

You know that alarming feeling when you visit your favourite website or app, and it has an entirely new look? Well, here’s your official warning: Google Play Store is getting a makeover. The new virtual store is getting a fresh look, with separate tabs for apps, games, books and another one for movies and TV shows. The new Play Store will feature a “Recommended for you” section, which will include an array of apps specifically selected based on a user’s interests. You can also say goodbye to the colourful green header, and say hello to a brighter, whiter style. Engadget 


• Football: Behind the Eight

The revived XFL, which is scheduled to begin its season in February 2020, has announced the eight teams that will be competing this year, including a franchise in Washington called the DC Defenders. The seven other teams include the Tampa Bay Vipers, New York Guardians, Seattle Dragons, Los Angeles Wildcats, Houston Roughnecks, Dallas Renegades and St. Louis BattleHawks (which is the only city that doesn’t currently have an NFL team). The XFL will draft players in October. USA Today 


• The Rich and Famous

Forbes has released its list of 2019’s highest-paid Hollywood actors, and the numbers are outrageous (but somehow still unsurprising). Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as the Rock, stole the top spot, collecting a casual $89.4 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019. Chris Hemsworth follows closely behind, with $76.4 million, as well as Jackie Chan, Adam Sandler, Bradley Cooper and Will Smith. Forbes


• Read

Searching for a new novel? Look no further. New York Times bestselling author Bryn Greenwood’s The Reckless Oath We Made shares a provocative and enchanting love story.

• Watch

The Obamas’ first production is finally here. The former first couple’s company, Higher Ground Productions, has released its first film, American Factory, on Netflix.

• Listen

Get excited, people: Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated new album, Loveris hitting store shelves and all streaming platforms at 12am ET. 


• Old Crimes

When you think of those at risk of arrest for public indecency, you probably don’t think of those who are eligible for a seniors’ discount — but that’s exactly who got booked in Fairfeld, Connecticut. Yesterday, police revealed that six citizens had been arrested for “public sex” in Grace Richardson conservation area, and that the accused ranged in age from 62 to 85. According to the report, the park had been publicized on the internet as a meeting place for people (read: the elderly) to meet and get it on. (WTF, indeed.) NBC News


• Burgers to Beat MS

Today only, A&W Canada will donate $2 from every Teen Burger sold to the MS Society of Canada. This marks A&W’s 11th annual campaign, which so far has raised more than $13 million.


• In a vote of 5–4, the House of Commons Ethics Committee voted againsthearing from Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion about his findings on the SNC-Lavalin scandal. 

• A country star is taking his talents to the polls. George Canyon is running as a Conservative in Nova Scotia. 

• Mexico just made a major move in its attempt to “redirect its security efforts”: it just legalized recreational cocaine use for two people. (Yes, just two.) 

• The Montreal Impact football (a.k.a. soccer) club has a new head coach. The team relieved Remi Garde of his duties yesterday, instead opting to hire former Houston Dynamo head coach Wilmer Cabrera. 

• From Sean Spicer to Dawson Leery James Van Der Beek, here’s who’s competing on the 28th season of Dancing With the Stars.


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