The Weekend Shot: Take a Hike

The winter boots we need now, a new do-it-all cooking appliance and an uni-tasking activity tracker that encourages you to slow down.

The Weekend Shot: Take a Hike

The winter boots we need now, a new do-it-all cooking appliance and an uni-tasking activity tracker that encourages you to slow down.

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✨ Happy Weekend! Today is Saturday, January 12, 2019 and we have a new hair idol, and she’s only one year old.


We love it when fashion trends and practicality collide. Stomp into 2019 with gusto in a pair of restyled hiking boots. Outdoorsy types will be on board with this utilitarian aesthetic and Canadians of every ilk will appreciate their winter-friendly warmth. (In fact, we can thank our Nordic friends for making this look cool.) Online shopping searches for hiking boots have sky rocketed over the past few months and celebrities are into the look, too. But take heed: though their appearance says otherwise, these boots are made for walking, not mountaineering. The coolest footwear of the moment trekked down the runways of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and current buzz brand Off-White. Harper’s Bazaar

• What Else You Need to Know

This trend goes for both men and women. Guys seeking to step up the lookshould pair the footwear with cuffed pants and be sure to keep ’em polished. And, the look isn’t likely to step aside come spring — Copenhagen cool-girl label Ganni sent models down its Spring/Summer 2019 runway in clunky calf-high numbers matched with eyelet shirt dresses and silky leopard-print slips — so if you haven’t already, now’s a good time to invest.

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• Blue Move

Some of us “spring clean” all year ’round (we don’t judge) – if that’s you, then you might want to take a look at your closet. Fashion brand J. Crew launched a new initiative this week in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit that builds affordable housing for low-income families. Savvy shoppers can trade in their old jeans at J. Crew or Madewell stores to get $20 off a new pair and their cast offs will become fodder for J.Crew’s denim recycling program, breaking down the used denim to be repurposed as housing insulation (and bringing new meaning to the idea of living in your favourite jeans). Elle


• Plant-based Diet

If you’re a fan of natural skin care, you’re likely a fan of Weleda Skin Food. The brand’s star use-it-everywhere cream was introduced in 1926 and nearly 100 years later, it’s still a cult-favourite. Finally, Weleda is giving fans more of what they want with the “Skin Food Experience,” an expanded range of three new products based on the Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream ($23). Launched this week, the line includes a lighter, fast-absorbing version called Skin Food Light Nourishing Cream ($23); Skin Food Body Butter, which has a soft, whipped texture ($23); and the oil-based Skin Food Lip Butter ($10). Fashion

Image Credit: Weleda


Add a teaspoon or so of honey for some extra tryptophan, and you have a great bedtime cocktail.

Nutritionist Alix Turoff‘s recommedation for boosting the sleep-inducing powers of your nightly wind-down cup of herbal decaf tea; she likes chamomile or valerian. (Night night.) Domino


• Get Out There

Come January, there are two kinds of Canadians: Those who embrace the invigorating winter chill to explore the outdoors at home (who are you people?), and those who take it as a sign to book a vacay somewhere warm (stat!). Mountain Equipment Co-op is catering to both with the timely launch of its new travel division, MEC Adventures. The adventure travel service offers small group trips to exhilarating locales around the world complete with activities, like hiking and rafting in Sri Lanka, cycling through Vietnam and scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. True to the MEC spirit, itineraries focus on time outside and are planned with responsible tourism practices at top of mind. Bookings open later this month. MEC


• Robotic Chef

Despite mixed – and in some cases, downright damning – reviews, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share news of some of the futuristic cooking gadgets that cropped up at the CES tech conference this week. The standout of the bunch was KitchenAid’s new Cook Processor Connect: a multifunction appliance that merges the chopping abilities of a food processor with an electronic countertop cooking pot. The compact, all-in-one device can boil, fry, steam, stew, knead, chop, mix, stir, purée, and whip — you’ll basically never have to wash another pot or pan again. It’s also WiFi-enabled and programmable with Whirlpool’s Yummly recipe app. KitchenAid is also bringing a smart display tailored for kitchen use to the table countertop; along with the Yummly app, it has a water resistant screen to protect from splashes and Google Assistant integration for voice control. Finally Whirpool’s new smart countertop oven has a pretty cool party trick: its built-in sensor detect what food you’ve put inside and automatically sets the cooking temperature and time to cook it perfectly. (As for GE’s buzzy Kitchen Hub, just stay away.) The Spoon


• Fab Four Walls

If the walls of your college dorm were plastered with Beatles posters (good on ya), we’ve got exciting news for you. Crate & Barrel is making it chic to show off your fandom with an exclusive new art collection. Music and decor come together in 21 statement-making prints with as much stage presence as the fab four themselves — some pieces are as big as 50 inches square. While the pieces cost a pretty penny lane more than your standard concert poster — prices range from about $275 to $900 depending on size — the archival stretched canvas prints are delivered pre-framed and ready to hang on arrival. (We were only waiting for this moment to arise.) Better Homes & Gardens

Image Credit: Crate & Barrel


• Good Vibrations

In the sea of activity trackers buzzing at us to get up and move every half hour (or else)and shaming us for taking any less than 10,000 steps a day, Doppel wants to slow things down. Unlike other wearables that track everything from our steps to our sleep, this minimalist device, introduced this week at CES, was specifically designed to help us keep calm and carry on. The Doppel wristband (US $219) is worn with the sensor on the inside of the wrist. With none of the usual bells and whistles, it emits slight vibrations that either clam and relax or energize the wearer depending on whether the selected vibration rate is slower or faster than their resting heartbeat. The connected app is used to select a goal mood and vibrations adjust to help achieve that state-of-mind. (Nama-stay on our wrist.) Engadget


• Truth in Advertising

Because when it comes to nachos, you can never have too much cheese.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have scrambled eggs and cappuccinos to make — but no, we won’t be following Martha’s weirdo recipe.

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