The Weekend Shot: Now Trending

In the hours (and hours) we spent scouring the internet for the coolest news throughout 2018, we spotted a few clues for what's to come in 2019.

The Weekend Shot: Now Trending

In the hours (and hours) we spent scouring the internet for the coolest news throughout 2018, we spotted a few clues for what's to come in 2019.

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✨ Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, January 5, 2019 and we’re already getting (stylishly) organized 


While trend forecasts aren’t quite as fine a science as weather forecasts, it’s fun to try to predict what’s going to be popular for the year ahead. And in the hours (and hours) we spent scouring the internet for the coolest new fashion, beauty, travel, food, home and wellness news throughout 2018, we spotted a few clues for what’s to come.

Predictably, a few key trends are guiding multiple aspects of our lifestyles, namely:

  • A rising interest in sustainability: This past year, sustainability stepped up its status from “buzzword” to “essential guiding life mantra,” becoming a key part of many a brands’ mission statements.
  • The omnipresence of tech: The digital takeover is more real than ever, with urban dwellers fully embracing the smart home concept, and the internet of things expanding into everywhere from our kitchens to our bathroom vanities. (We really should just rename smartphones to “personal remote controls.”)
  • Never-ending nostalgia: Millennials are a nostalgic bunch (see: all the TV and film reboots currently in the works), perhaps, as explained by Man Repeller, because it gives “a heightened awareness of where we came from” that’s needed “to figure out where we are headed.”

On that note, we’ve rounded up the top lifestyle trend predictions — both big and small — for the year ahead, to help figure out just where it is our closets, hearts, and homes are headed. (You’re welcome.)


Earrings: Urban OutfittersCult Gaia & Fashion Nova

• Diversified Investment

This is one of those things that shouldn’t have ever needed to become a “trend,” but here we are. More and more brands are finally on board with launching broader size ranges and better fits for all bodies, and the “Fenty effect” Rihanna started with her makeup brand has now reached the fashion world thanks to her Savage lingerie launch. Fashion runways are also more inclusive than ever in terms of models’ race, size and ages.

• All Ears

Tortoise hoop earrings are the jewellery item of the year. ‘Nuff said. Hello Giggles

• Pleats, Please

Pleated skirts are nothing new, but two things are new 1) pleated trousers (in that whole “everything old is new again” kind of way) and 2) sculptural pleated dresses. Not even jeans are safe from the fold.

• Slow Fashion

As millennials have grown up, so have their attitudes towards fast fashion. Shoppers are seeking more eco-friendliness and sustainability from clothing brands in all aspects of their business, from fabric choices to manufacturing practices to delivery methodsLive Kindly


It’s time to shine. NARS Triple X Lip Gloss

• Skincare Tools

It’s no longer enough to vet every last ingredient in that bottle of face serum. While what you put on your face is still (very) important, how you apply it is getting more attention than ever. From manual tools like jade rollers and gua sha stones to high tech handheld devices, expect this category to continue to boom. Fashionista

• Super Naturals

Skincare companies are working to marry our pursuit of eternal youth with our desire for less synthetic ingredients. Their solution: “retin-alts,” gentler, plant-based alternatives to retinol, the vitamin A derivative that’s widely regarded as the gold-standard in anti-aging. One such ingredient to look out for is bakuchiol, which comes from the seeds and leaves of the babchi plant and has roots in Ayurvedic medicine. Well + Good

• Face Flip Flop

2018 was all about glowing, radiant skin and velvety matte lips — so naturally, 2019’s preferred look will be the exact opposite. Kiss your highlighter and lip liner goodbye and say hello to matte skin and copious amounts of lipgloss. Complement the look with any shade of eyeshadow, as long as it’s not nude — In this roundup of 25 beauty trends for this spring, at least eight of them are some variation of brightly coloured eye shadow.

• Silver Mettle

Bleached and toned silver hair has been trending as an avant garde choice for a couple years now, but 2019 is set to be the year that naturally grey hair is empowered for its beauty, too. L’Oreal has named the shade its hair colour of the year for 2019, and will be introducing a full roster of products to help it shine (more on that in a few weeks, we promise).


Mountain in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Image credit: Daniel Case/Creative Commons

• Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Awareness of overtourism is likely the driving forced behind this year’s picks for the top travel destinations. Among the off-the-beaten-track picks are JordanSri LankaNamibiaOmanKyrgyzstanSingaporeEgyptZimbabweGermany (specifically Berlin), and Matera, Italy. Closer to home, Belize is this year’s top tropical choice in the Caribbean, Cabo San Lucas is Mexico’s hottest resort city, and Arizona is the biggest draw stateside. Here in Canada, ManitobaToronto, and Nova Scotia’s Crystal Cresent Beach are the places to go.

• DNA Tourism

Thank and 23andMe for this growing trend. In 2019, genealogy buffs will be planning trips to visit their ancestral homelands. NBC News

• Weekend Warriors

According to, 53% of travellers intend to take more weekend trips this year. This is good news for local economies and smaller towns outside urban centres. (Cases in point: Torontonian’s embrace of Prince Edward County, just a couple hours northeast of the city, or the renewed appeal of the Laurentians for Montrealers.) Global News

• Out of this World

Some of the richest dudes in the world (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Virgin’s Richard Branson, for two) are trying really hard to make space tourism happen — and, shockingly, they’re succeeding. For those of us whose vacation funds can’t quite cover the cost of an intergalactic ticket, designated dark sky areas are on the rise. The light-pollution-free zones are a growing attraction for gazing up at the night sky and contemplate what tiny, insignificant specs we are in this universe.


Mushroom fricassee. Image credit: Greg DuPree/Food & Wine

• Plant-based Seafood

Thanks to innovators like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, vegetarian knockoffs of ground beef and chicken strips are so convincing, even meat-eaters will eat them. The next hurdle in the plant-based protein takeover: seafood. Vegan tunashrimp and smoked salmon are on the way, and in the slightly more distant future, lab-grown alternatives are in development, too. Forbes

• Mushroom Mania

Mushroom burgers? Check. Mushroom coffee? Check. Fresh, dried, wild and cultivated? Check, check, check, and check. According to Pinterest, chefs and dietitians alike, edible fungus is the next big superfood. (It’s even making its way into cocktails.)

• The New “Mylks”

Ever since almond milk began to fall out of favour, the battle for dominance of a new non-dairy milk option has been on like Donkey Kong (sorry, we let a bit of that nostalgia slip out). Oat milk and pea milk are 2019’s top contenders.

• Frozen Desserts

Turns out ice “cream” can (and in 2019, will) be made from lots of things other than cream — like avocado, coconut water and hummus to name a few. Along with these “healthy” takes, those without a fear of sugar will want to indulge in Asian-style frozen treats, like Korean milk soft serveThai rolled ice cream and Taiwanese frozen milk tea.


Beige made modern. Image credit: Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

• Getting Warmer

Beige is back, baby. Grey’s long reign as the neutral of choice is finally over, and designers are reaching for warm palettes of putty, taupe, brown and nude or fleshy tones instead.

• Don’t Be Shy

Bold colours are also trending big time — neon coral got Pantone’s vote, but deep reddark green and matte black (particularly for kitchens and bathrooms) are on many designers’ radars — but the maximalist trend doesn’t stop at paint. Passamenterie (a fancy name for fringed or tasseled trims), patterned fabrics and mural walls are big, too.

• Coming Around

If there’s one decor trend everyone can agree on, it’s curvy furniture. From scalloped, art deco-style headboards to rounded sofas and chairs to circular coffee tables, these fluid, sensual silhouettes are turning us on.

• Fibre Intake

Woven rattan furniture is having a revival, and rightfully so — it’s the perfect complement to all those houseplants that have taken over your home in the past year. Add in wicker baskets, jute pillows, and a sisal rug to plant the look firmly in 2019.


High times are here. Image credit: Robert Nelson/Unsplash


Now that cannabis and its extracts are officially legal (yay!) expect to find cannabidiol — renowned for its supposed therapeutic properties — in everything from makeup and massage oil to seltzer and chocolate bars.

• Self-Care Goes Quiet

If 2018 was the year we embraced #SelfCareSunday, 2019 will be the year we truly internalize that sentiment by taking it offline and really doing it for ourselves. It’s time to forget about sheet mask selfies and competitive meditation, and figure out how best to rest and recharge — without the stress of posting about it publicly. (This is one trend we are all over.) Well + Good

• Sleep Science

By a similar token, allow us to introduce the next wave in wellness wearables and devices: sleep trackers. Trendsetter Prince Harry was spotted wearing an Oura ringearlier this fall, and Apple just released its new Beddit sleep-tracking device.

• Escaping the Gym

Thanks to major improvements in fitness tech, more of us are stepping out of the gym and working out literally anywhere else. Connected equipment like Peloton’s smart bike and Mirror’s smart, well, mirror have made home workouts way less lonely, and the rise in mobile apps — particularly audio-only training apps that let you listen to workout instruction free of visual distraction — are the way of the future.


• The Death of Glitter

“Uncool sh*t” might be a more apt title for this bullet point. Add it to the list of things millennials are killing: After first embracing it as a symbol of eternal millennial youth(remember that thing about nostalgia?), everyone got woke and smartened up. Glitter is the latest scourge to find itself on the environmental no-fly list, thanks to the collective realization that it’s basically millions of tiny pieces of shiny plastic pollution.

• Offline Influencers

For a while there, it was starting to seem like the only places to find style inspiration were Pinterest and Instagram. Yet somehow, the biggest style influencer of 2018 was someone with no social media presence of her own (although, not by choice if you ask her): Meghan Markle. This gives us hope that at a time when faking it until you make it has become a legitimate business strategy for wannabe social media stars, not everything’s popularity can be counted by numbers of likes.

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