The Weekend Shot: Just Here for the Food

Last-minute gift suggestions for the foodie in your life, plus all kinds of fashion, beauty, decor, food and wellness tips and ideas to get you through the holidays.

The Weekend Shot: Just Here for the Food

Last-minute gift suggestions for the foodie in your life, plus all kinds of fashion, beauty, decor, food and wellness tips and ideas to get you through the holidays.

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✨ Happy Weekend! Today is Saturday, December 22, 2018 and it looks like we’ve finally found our favourite elf. 


The clock is ticking down fast on your window of time for gift getting, so we hope you’ve got your lists made and checked them twice. If so, congrats — Santa would be proud. For the rest of us, luckily the old adage holds true: The way to your loved ones hearts really is through their stomachs, and we’ve got the gourmet gifts to prove it.

Holiday treats are the saviour of last minute shoppers everywhere. But believe it or not, there’s a trick to giving edible gifts. Rather than show up at your family or friends’ door with naught but a tin of store-bought Christmas cookies or a boring bottle of wine in hand, its worth the effort to seek out a treat that didn’t come off a grocery store shelf. See our complete foodie-focused gift guide for delicious suggestions that feel a bit more personal, no matter who you’re gifting.


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• Seasonal Style

Once you’ve tackled the gifts for everyone on your list comes the second most-important question of the season: what ever are you going to wear? From plaid (a royal favourite) to Fair Isle sweatersto faux fur, the holidays leave lots of room for festive fashion and there’s no reason not to go all out. Bust out the statement earringsyou usually reserve for weddings (they’ll dress up even the most casual outfit) or the sequinned LBDyou save for cocktail parties. Not feeling bare legs in the middle of winter? (We don’t blame you.) The jumpsuitis the winter party-perfect one-piece you’ve been dreaming of. Oh and don’t think we forgot about the guys: Velvet suits are making a style splash this year — here are some tips on how to pull them off.

Serefina Cascade Earring, $68 at Club Monaco


• Sparkle and Shine

No matter how festive your fashion is, it’s not complete without a magical makeup look to match. While a red lip or glitter eyeshadow (and FYI: there’s no age limit) will always be a gorgeous go-to, you can also spruce up your seasonal look in more subtle ways: Try playing around with your choice of polish (or getting extra creative with nail art and metallic effects) or a new holiday hairstyle (even just a festive accessory could do the trick). If colouring outside the lines brings you more merriment, then go for an anti-holiday makeup look, ’cause that’s pretty cool, too. And come New Year’s Eve, one of these eye-catching looks will help you ring in 2019 looking exactly like the shining star that you are.

Essie Millions Mile Hues, $9



Where to find the nearest coffee shop or lunch spot, your WiFi password, instructions for the TV, or a few suggested activities.

 Expert advice on what to include in a welcome note for guests who are staying with you for the holidays. Food & Wine



• Out-of-Town Guests

If sticking around your home turf for the holidays doesn’t tickle your fancy, it’s not too late to plan a quick last-minute getaway with your beauor your besties. While most airlines and hotels have jacked up their prices to take advantage of desperate travellers (damn you, demand), there are a few spots you can still get to on the cheap and some travel hacksthat will help you score a sweet deal on a prime location. If you have your heart set on a proper European vacation, Reykjavik, Dubrovnik and Budapest are all party-worthy destinations that won’t disappoint. Looking to spend Canadian dollars and enjoy a puff (or two) of (legal) pot over the holidays? Montrealis consistently rated one of the best spots in the world to set up shop for the season.



• Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Any experienced host knows the importance of a party’s spread — what you serve can make or break guests’ experience. If it’s your first time hosting a holiday soiree, either opt for a potluck or try to master the basics (we’re talking turkeyroast, Christmas cookies and the perfect appetizer) before your culinary ambition has you dialling for delivery. If you’ve hosted before and want to up the wow factor, skip the cookies in favour of creative (and expertly crafted) desserts and stir up some fabulous Christmas or champagne cocktails. (And if everything turns out burnt or flavourless, pick up the best pre-made holiday drinks and a box of Krispy Kreme’s brand-new gingerbread glazed donuts and you’ll still be a star.)

Image Credit: Food & Wine/John Kernick



• Festive Frills

After you figure out what’s going on your table, you have to figure out how to set it. The second most important piece to a party puzzle is the ambiance, and luckily this season is stacked with options. Simple vases with birch or berry branches are easy to DIY and pack a big festive punch, while seasonal flowers and ornaments (even if you don’t have space for a tree) are a cheap and cheerful way to set the tone. Set up a display for the holiday cards you’ve received from your nearest and dearest and add a few oversized bows to furniture and plants you already own. For a final touch, hang some twinkle lights inside your fireplace. (It’s much safer for Santa. 😉)

Image Credit: Instagram/@houseofsixinteriors



• Stay the Course

While the theme of the season is definitely to indulge (canapés, cookies, and cocktails, oh my!), ditching your year-round healthy habits is going to make you feel pretty crummy come January. Instead of throwing caution to the wind, try making room for shorter bursts of exercise in between events and trading heavy dishes for healthier alternatives. If calories aren’t a cause for concern (more power to you people!), but catching up with your freaky family is making you nervous, head into the holidays with tools you can use. This exercise has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, while these tips will help you manage everything from unacceptable table talk (um, hi politics) to relatives who just don’t know when to mind their own business.(That includes those who want to comment on your dinner choices.)



• Lost in New York (Again)

This is the stuff childhood travel dreams are made of.


We’re taking a little break next week, but the Weekend Shot will be back on Jan. 5, 2019.
From our Bullet family to yours, we wish you all the best this holiday season


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