The Weekend Shot: Have a Seat

A nostalgic decor staple grows up, advice for decluttering you makeup collection and big news from SoulCycle.

The Weekend Shot: Have a Seat

A nostalgic decor staple grows up, advice for decluttering you makeup collection and big news from SoulCycle.

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✨ Happy Weekend!Today is Saturday, January 19, 2019 and going green is officially more than a trend.


Design these days is all about nostalgia, so it should be no surprise that one of our childhood decor faves is back – but with a grown-up spin. The beanbag chairs of today are a far cry from their ’70s and ’80s counterparts, done up in high quality upholstery and sculptural shapes. Perfect for a reading nook, this trend is all about getting your lounge on. (Can you say #selfcare?) Domino

• What Else You Need to Know

For lounging that’s a little easier on your back (face it — we were a lot more nimble in our younger years), some revamped models have been given contoured stitching or adjustable straps to create a more supportive silhouette. For upholstery, new luxe fabric options run the gamut from velvet and leather to stonewashed canvas. Filling has gotten an upgrade too, shifting away from flimsy foam balls or plastic beads to more substantial materials.

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• Must Be Fashion on the Brain

File this under rumours we hope are true: Rihanna is reportedly in talks to launch a luxury fashion line with LVMH. Although the luxury powerhouse owns some 25 fashion houses including Christian Dior, Celine and Fendi, Rihanna’s line would be the first launch for LVMH since 1987, so they’re pulling out all the stops and courting insiders from Celine and Louis Vuitton to assist the superstar. (Not that she needs it, Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line achieved legendary status in the industry for [finally] creating inclusive shades.) Speculation has already begun swirling on Instagram over what Riri’s collection will look like. She was spotted wearing a pair of futuristic shades with “Fenty” emblazoned on the sides. We can see it now: sunglasses, umbrellas…a fashion collection for all seasons. Harper’s Bazaar


•Going Gray

In our 2019 trend report a couple weeks back, we mentioned that L’Oréal Paris has named silver as its “hair colour of the year” for 2019. On Jan. 22, the company will be launching a full roster of products dedicated to help the shade shine across several of its brands. L’Oréal Paris has developed a new formula for its colour hair products that has double the amount of neutralizing pigments (think blue and violet dye molecules) to keep brassy yellow tones at bay. The new silver care technology is now infused into select shades of silvery grey, pearlescent white, ashy blonde and cool brown across its Superior Preference, Age Perfect, and Féria lines, with options in both permanent and temporary formulas. (This is a real gray area for us. #undecided)

Image Credit: L’Oréal Paris


If you can’t see it, odds are you won’t use it.

Makeup artist Jodi Urichuk explains how choosing the right makeup storage can help keep your collection clutter-free. Fashion


• Battle of the Bubbles

Coca-Cola announced it’ll be adding two new flavours to its roster of Diet Coke medleys in 2019. Strawberry guava and blueberry acai will be joining the already existing ginger lime, twisted mango, zesty blood orange, and fiesty cherry. While many believe this is Coke gunning for LaCroix’s market share, the beverage giant insists these new flavours are simply meant to appeal to a new audience. Regardless of messaging, LaCroix better watch its back. Coca Cola reported a 3% increase in sales last year thanks to their flavoured drinks. Fortune


• Calm, Cool & Collection-Worthy

Prepare to welcome a whole new sense of calm into your kitchen this year (and no, we’re not talking about CBD-infused recipes). Iconic kitchen line Le Creuset released its 2019 spring colour palette this week, and they’ve named it, “The New Calm.” The four hues – Meringue, Sea Salt, Fig, and Coastal Blue – were “inspired by current trends toward clarity and intentionality” (something we can definitely get behind both in and out of the kitchen) and are poised for social media domination (read: they’ll look gorgeous set against your white subway tile backsplash with copper cooking utensils resting ever so perfectly beside them. Just sayin’.) Refinery29

Image Credit: Le Creuset


• Sunny Salutations

It’s no secret yoga has evolved from a fitness activity to a full blown lifestyle. Launched last week, Niyama Yoga Wellness is a new Canadian brand of supplements formulated with the yogi in mind. Founder Jillian Mariani had an extensive career working with the who’s-who of vitamin and nutritional health brands. Now she’s channeled that knowledge into her own line of plant-based, vegan-friendly supplements. The formulas incorporate non-gmo ingredients like turmeric, ashwagandha (a.k.a. “Indian Ginseng”), electrolyte minerals, and adaptogenic herbs blended for mood-specific results, each with its own cheeky name like Vinyasa Forever Joint CareDaytime Zen Stress Support (we’ll take two bottles of that one please), and After Practice Replenish & Repair.

Image Credit: Niyama Yoga Wellness

• Soul Sister

Hold on to your handlebars – SoulCycle is releasing its first in-house line of performance and lifestyle apparel. Inspired by both instructors and riders, the Soul by SoulCycle collection is designed to meet real needs (like sports bras with high necklines for additional bounce support) and is poised to compete in North America’s athletic wear market. “We’re one of the remaining brands that has a beloved community … the collection is a way of giving a piece of the brand to those who don’t have SoulCycle in their own city,” said SoulCycle’s VP of Retail Caroline Gogolak. (We’ll be taking these for a spin…) Fashionista

Image Credit: SoulCycle


• Divorce by Design

Is HGTV running out of TV show concepts, or…?

That’s it from us! Now, we’ll let you get on with all the important stuff you have to do this weekend… like, um, dying your armpit hair.

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