The Weekend Shot: All Wrapped Up

Gifts that will wow the beauty lover on your list, two new size-inclusive (!!) collections and smart workout wear that'll improve your yoga pose.

The Weekend Shot: All Wrapped Up

Gifts that will wow the beauty lover on your list, two new size-inclusive (!!) collections and smart workout wear that'll improve your yoga pose.

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✨ Happy Weekend!Today is Saturday, December 1, 2018 and this epic Hollywood love story is giving Harry and Meghan a run for their money.


The holiday shopping season is the best time of year to splurge on beauty products (though there’s never a bad time to us). Not only do they make great gifts for others on your list (since the best presents are things you know the recipient will use, but may deem too frivolous to buy for themselves), but the plethora of gift sets lining store shelves pack in great value to stock up on for yourself, too.

In the first edition of our 2018 Bullet Gift Guide, we’ve checked off beauty gifts that are sure to be universally loved (no need to stress about complexion, skin type or hair texture) and are worth every penny. Our biggest splurge, Dyson’s game-changing hair styler, will save your giftee precious time, money on blowouts and their hair from heat damage; it uses air pressure rather than heat to set the style. While it may not seem like a beauty-oriented buy at first, sleeping on a smooth silk satin pillowcase is said to prevent frizzy hair and fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize acne breakouts (we are in, in, in and in). And you really can’t go wrong stuffing someone’s stocking with a week’s worth of sheet masks, especially when the set we’ve found is just $20 for the lot.

See more of our picks below, and click through for even more gifts to add your list — be it your gift-giving shopping list, or your own wish list. (And remember, gifting yourself is the greatest gift of all.)

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• The New Standard

Now that the fashion world is finally catching on to the fact that most women aren’t represented in the typically available size range, more inclusive brands are coming to market fast and furious — and some big names are getting involved. This week, Goop announced it’s partnered with Universal Standard to produce a five-piece (ok, so it’s not a lot, but it’s a start) capsule collection. Launching next Tuesday, the chic line includes a tuxedo jacket and trousers, a dress, a jumpsuit and a peacoat, spanning a truly inclusive size range from 00 to 40. Meanwhile, funnywoman Amy Schumer is partnering with stylist and costume designer Leesa Evans to create Le Cloud, a collection of beautiful, comfortable and wearable clothing that is accessible to real women” made with fabrics that feel “as light as a cloud” and available in sizes 0 to 20. The brand will debut Dec. 13 in Saks Off 5th stores. Business of Fashion

Image Credit: Goop x Universal Standard


• What a Trip

Normally, travellers prefer to spend as little time in airports as possible, (places to go, people to see — you know how it goes), but one airport is turning itself into a destination in its own right. Singapore’s Changi Airport is already a bigger attraction than most — it consistently rates as the world’s top airport — and from now until mid-February the flight hub will be extra magical. It’s teamed up with Warner Bros. for a massive, airport-wide Harry Potter-themed installation called “A Wizarding World Holiday at Changi Airport.” Visitors to Terminal 3 can explore a life-size reproduction of Hogsmeade Village and wander through Diagon Alley in “search of brooms, books and other magical items”; Terminal 2 is taken over by the Whomping Willow; and Terminal 1 is home to the magical creatures of Newt Scamander’s Menagerie. The interactive exhibit include Hogwarts uniform robes for wizard-worthy photo-ops and an arcade of Quidditch-inspired challenges. Travel + Leisure




I always attach a nozzle to my hair dryer and apply full heat to the hair. When blow-drying hair straight, make sure to point the dryer nozzle down the hair shaft. This will keep the cuticle layer as flat and tight as possible.

The straight-up to frizz-free, super shiny hair, courtesy of hairstylist Chris AppletonAllure




• Thyme to Shine

As if McDonald’s french fries weren’t addictive enough. The fast food chain is upping the craveability of its most beloved side this holiday season by giving it an extra savoury boost. For a limited time, it’s introduced herb and garlic seasoned fries. Tossed with a blend of parsley, oregano, thyme, garlic & sage, the tasty taters are finished off with a drizzle of melted butter for maximum indulgence. If you want to make a complete meal out it (calories, shmalories, right?), also new on the menu is an asiago- and bacon-topped “Seriously Chicken” sandwich, available with a choice of grilled or crispy breaded chicken breast. Smart Canucks


Image Credit: McDonald’s Canada


• Home Grown

Ikea’s trend towards greener, more sustainable living is evolving into encouraging farming in your own living room (sort of). In partnership with British industrial designer Tom Dixon, the Swedish homewares and furniture store will be revealing a slew of new products in May 2019 designed to make urban farming for the average Joe — including right in your tiny bachelor apartment — a reality. Beyond the countertop lettuce-grower, there’s the model for a two-level garden that will let city-dwellers grow their own food and medicinal plants. (Read: weed.) The products are expected to hit the market in 2021, a projected two years after their upcoming debut at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, England. Fast Company


• Get Your Asana in Gear

There will come a day when we ask ourselves if smart tech has gone too far, but today is not that day. Thanks to Pivot Yoga, the company that’s bringing us motion-sensing yoga gear, we’ll be going from the Extended Puppy Pose right into Downward-Facing Dog with total confidence. The new smart clothing line pairs sensors stitched into the clothing with the company’s TuringSense app to give you an in-studio yoga experience at home, with feedback on how to best correct your posture. Pivot is still working out some (major) kinks before the product makes it to market — like how the sensors will stay in place to accurately project your posture to the app without compromising on comfort. Another feature that needs work: The gear’s non-replaceable battery means five hours and you’re out, making it hard to justify the $99 price (not to mention the monthly account fee). But who’s counting? (Not us — we’re working on our Corpse Pose.) The Verge



• Attention-Getter

‘Tis the season of giving, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about this news. Earlier this fall, the United Way enlisted the help of colour authority Pantone to mix up a custom colour for its “#UNIGNORABLE” campaign, which seeks to bring attention to social issues impacting local communities such as domestic violence, hunger, mental health, education inequality, and homelessness. Now, it’s teamed up with Peace Collective to launch a collection of products splashed with the unignorably bright orange-coral shade (which is very Bullet-y if we may say so ourselves). Each piece focuses an important piece of the campaign’s message: Along with the awareness-spreading T-shirt ($30), the collection includes a phone case ($15) representing the fight against social isolation and need for interpersonal connection, and a lunch bag ($26) underscoring the struggle of the one-million Canadians that go hungry every year. Unignorable.Shop



Image Credit: United Way


• Wayback Playback

This has got to be the most overdue fashion news


Thinking of throwing an “ugly sweater party”? Get with the times and have yourself an ugly doughnut party instead.

Illustrations by the lovely and talented Monica Smiley.


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