That’s a Rap

The Raptors are NBA champions, two oil tankers are attacked in the Gulf of Oman and Taylor Swift reveals the details of her new album.

That’s a Rap

The Raptors are NBA champions, two oil tankers are attacked in the Gulf of Oman and Taylor Swift reveals the details of her new album.

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Good morning! Today is Friday, June 14, 2019, and it’s a good thing the Prince of Walesdoesn’t have Twitter.


• The Background

If you didn’t get much sleep last night, it was likely because of this: the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors to win their very first NBA championship. In a nail-biter of a game that had more than 15 lead changes, the Raptors managed to inch ahead of the defending NBA champions late in the fourth quarter — and stayed there. Even though the last few minutes seemed to last forever (with some very questionable officiating), the end result was worth the wait. The Raptors (and the rest of Canada) erupted when the final buzzer went off: Canada’s basketball team had beat the Warriors 114–110 to win the series 4–2. New transport Kawhi Leonard also won (though stayed mum on whether he plans to stay in Toronto), taking home the trophy for Finals MVP. CBC News

• What Else You Need to Know

While it was a very good night for the Raptors and their fans, it was a horrible night for the Golden State Warriors. In addition to losing the series (and missing their shot at becoming NBA champions for the third year in a row) the Warriors lost one of their star players, Klay Thompson, who went down in the third quarter with a left knee injury. Thompson’s injury follows Kevin Durant’s Achilles rupture, which happened early in game five. 

• What’s Next?

For the first time, the championship parade will be on Canadian soil. We hearthat the parade will take place on Monday at 10am ET, and will start at Exhibition Place, travel along Lake Shore Blvd. W. to University Ave., up to Armoury St., and will end at Nathan Phillips Square.



• Fire and Water

Amid ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Iran, two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman (a waterway that borders Iran and Pakistan) were severely damaged in a suspected torpedo attack. (Fortunately all 23 crew members were safely evacuated.) The attack is still being investigated, and it’s not yet completely clear who or what caused the explosion, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is pointing fingers at Iran: “This assessment is based on intelligence, the weapons used, the level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar Iranian attacks on shipping, and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication.” The incident comes just one month after another similar ship attack off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, inciting fears of escalating conflict. Fox News


• U.S.: Subpoena Spree

Given the Democrats’ fervent attempts to bring down President Trump, the word “subpoena” appears in the vast majority of political stories coming out of the U.S. The latest in the subpoena spree: former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates and former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Both ex-Trump officials pleaded guilty and took part in Robert Mueller’s notorious investigation, and were subpoenaed yesterday by the House Intelligence Committee. The decision to subpoena Gates and Flynn denotes a new element in the Democrats’ investigation, as it marks the first set of subpoenas issued to witnesses in the Mueller probe. The subpoenas request the two men provide documents later this month and appear before the panel on July 10. (So many subpoenas, so little time.) CNN

• World: Boris’ Big Win

Boris Johnson, former foreign secretary and London mayor, could very well be Britain’s next prime minister. In a landslide win, he secured the highest number of votes in the first ballot to select the Conservative Party leader and incoming prime minister. Johnson beat out opponents with a whopping 114 votes, a big win over his nearest rival, Jeremy Hunt, who only got 43. The next round of voting will be next week, and the two candidates who prove most popular will go on to a final vote among Conservative Party members later in June. The official winner, and Theresa May’s predecessor, will be announced the week of July 22. BBC News


“I hope she decides to run for Governor of Arkansas — she would be fantastic!”

– President Donald Trump announcing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of June. New York Times


• Clash of the Telecoms

Tensions are running high between Canada’s major telecom companies after Rogers introduced its latest unlimited mobile data plan. Just one day after Rogers’ big announcement, Bell Canada followed suit by matching the unlimited plan with no overage fees for downloading more than 10 gigabytes of data per month. But, there’s a caveat. In both plans, customers will experience slower speeds after 10 gigabytes. Both media giants are offering the plan for $75 per month. Telus is also hopping on the unlimited bandwagon, releasing a beefed-up data plan that will give customers up to 15 GB per month for $75. Offers from Telus and Bell are both promotional, whereas Rogers claims this deal is here to stay. These changes point to a shift in Canda’s cellphone service landscape, where companies are finally offering unlimited plans (which have long been popular in the U.S.). CBC News


• Game Time

Over the last 72 hours, gamers and tech enthusiasts alike have been glued to their screens as updates rolled in from the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. From Nintendo to Microsoft, the biggest players in gaming made their biggest announcements at this year’s expo. Among the most exciting reveals? Microsoft’s new Xbox system (though not available till holiday 2020) which will offer a custom CPU and 8K graphics. Nintendo’s new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate garnered quite a bit of buzz, along with Square-Enix’s new Marvel’s Avengers game and Warner Bros’ Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. You can read more about all the most exciting gaming news announced at E3 here.


• Swift Releases

Yesterday was a big day in pop music. Not only did Charli XCX announce her first album in six years (Charli will be released on Sept. 13, and will feature collaborations with Lizzo, Haim, Troye Sivan, and a multitude of others) but Taylor Swift also announced her upcoming seventh studio album via Instagram. Aptly titled Lover(this Swift era is all about love — just ask Katy Perry), the 18-track album will be released later this summer on Aug. 23. In addition to Swift’s album announcement, she dropped a new single while you were sleeping (“You Need to Calm Down”) and revealed the music video will hit YouTube on Monday. Time


• A Free Lunch

A nine-year-old boy is proving there is such thing as a free lunch. Ryan Kirkpatrick, a third-grader from Napa, California, decided to treat his classmates to lunch with his very own (and sacred) allowance money. After having a conversation with his mom about the kids who couldn’t afford to eat cafeteria lunches (which typically range from 30 cents to $3.25 each), Ryan offered the school his allowance money to pay off the lunch debt of his entire third grade class. And the best part: Ryan initially paid for it anonymously. He said, “I want them to realize people actually think about them. I want them to feel happy someone cares about them.” (We’re not crying, you’re crying.) ABC News


• Do the Math

Those who shop online are surely familiar with the all-too-common struggle of selecting the right size. Typically, you take a wild guess, and it’s usually too big or too small. But one U.K. woman was notably perplexed upon receiving a package containing a bikini she had ordered online. Katrina Harradine, 29, ordered a size 16 swimsuit, and rather than receiving what she ordered, the fashion retailer sent her two size eight bottoms instead. The frustrated consumer took to Twitter to fume her frustrations, writing: “Hey @boohoo_cshelp did y’all run out of size 16 bikini bottoms so send me two size 8s as a math joke?? I actually wish I was kidding!” And the bikini top was far from perfect, too. Harradine tweeted the top was nowhere near a true size 16, perhaps instead for “a 16-month-old baby or a woman with just one breast.” (This is why brick-and-mortar retail is not dead.) Newshub


•  Canada is making moves to combat federally regulated bus, truck and driver fatigue across the country, implementing a new electronic logging device.

• A federal carbon tax will be imposed on Albertans, starting Jan. 1, 2020.

• Rowdy and violent protestors injured 25 Memphis police officers, after reports of one officer shooting and killing a man outside his home.

• A new report says Canadian home prices are nearly double what millennials can afford.

• The iconic “Baby Shark” song is hitting the big stage, with a live tour in more than 100 North American cities.


• Presidential Party

Today is President Donald Trump’s 73rd birthday, but naturally, Twitter users decided to celebrate his predecessor instead. 


• Ancient Stone(rs)

This shocking discovery was found *high* in the mountains of western China. 

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