Such a Kavanaughty Boy

New allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, GM workers vote to strike, and the winners from this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

Such a Kavanaughty Boy

New allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, GM workers vote to strike, and the winners from this year's Toronto International Film Festival.
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, listens as a protester yells during his confirmation hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, in Washington, to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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✨  Good morning! Today is Monday, September 16, 2019, and surprise! It’s Bey Day


• The Background

If you keep up with U.S. politics, you’re very familiar with Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the sexual assault allegations that almost cost him his career. Well, the drama is far from over for Justice Kavanaugh, after new revelations came to light in an opinion article in the New York Times, written by two reporters whose book on the Kavanaugh nomination is set to be released this week. The reporters have unveiled new evidence that justifies accusations that Kavanaugh exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of his, at a party during their freshman year. NBC News

• What Else You Need to Know

Several prominent Democrats have called on Congress to impeach Justice Kavanaugh in light of the new findings, while President Trump continued to defend him as he did last year during the Senate hearing. POTUS even called on his Justice Department to “rescue” Kavanaugh, and tweeted that he “should start suing people for libel.” 

• What’s Next?

A spokeswoman for the Supreme Court said Kavanaugh had no comment on the new allegation or the recent calls for impeachment. Some Democratic presidential candidates decided to weigh in to the matter as well, with some echoing the calls for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.


• Up the Creek

A sightseeing boat on India’s swollen Godavari River capsized yesterday, killing 12 people. So far, 24 people have been rescued, but 25 are still missing. The boat had been heading from Singanapalli to Papikondalu, a popular tourist spot, despite officials in Andra Pradesh state barring tourist boats from operating along the route due to unsafe conditions. CBC News


• Canada: Election Promises

This weekend was packed with major news from the campaign trail. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer kicked things off by promising that he’ll cut taxes for the lowest income bracket from 15% to 13.37%, and that he’ll save all Canadians money if he’s elected. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he’s open to allowing outside telecom entrants into Canada to improve competition, a direct threat to the Big Three (Rogers, Telus and Bell). POTUS was also a hot topic on the campaign trail, mainly between Liberals and Conservatives. While Trudeau touted his party’s capacity to stand up to Trump during last year’s NAFTA talks, Scheer and Singh criticized the prime minister for his mishandling of the situation. Global News 

• World: Gas Attack

Tensions between Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the U.S. continued to escalate over the weekend after the world’s largest oil processing plant, located in Saudi Arabia, was hit Saturday morning by a series of projectiles that sent the Abqaiq plant up in flames. Houthi rebels in Yemen took responsibility, but it’s unlikely based on what we know about their weapons capabilities. (The U.S. blamed Iran.) The attack took out half of Saudi’s oil production, which is nearly 5% of the total global daily output. CNN


“The madder the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, comparing himself to a comic book character as he emphasized his determination to take Britain out of the European Union by Oct. 31. (It’s quite comical.) Global News


• GM Strikes (Again)

Two-hundred leaders of the United Auto Workers union, which represents roughly 49,000 General Motors workers in the U.S., voted unanimously to walk off the job as of midnight last night. The decision comes as negotiations between GM and the UAW broke down on Sunday after the expiration of their most recent four-year contract. Kathleen O’Keefe, the national rep for Unifor, which represents Canadian GM workers, voiced her support for the UAW and reiterated that Canadian contracts will expire in 2020 and 2021. 53 GM facilities, including 33 manufacturers and 20 parts distributors, will be closed as of todayCBC News 


• Basketball: Gold for Gasol

Toronto Raptor Marc Gasol is a champion once more. The centre took home the gold at the FIBA World Cup for his home country of Spain. He’s now the second player in the world to win an NBA title and FIBA gold in the same year. (The first was Lamar Odom.) This is Spain’s second World Cup; the team, which beat out Argentina 95–75 yesterday, will face their opponents once again at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. TSN


• That’s a Wrap

The Toronto International Film Festival rolled up the red carpet yesterday after another season, and the people have spoken: Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit, a satire of Nazi Germany, is taking home the coveted Grolsch People’s Choice Award, which means we could see more of it come the Oscars. Other big winners include Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s The Platform, which picked up the People’s Choice: Midnight Madness award; Feras Fayyad’s The Cave won for best documentary; and Canadians Matthew Rankin and Sophie Deraspe each took home big cash prizes, with Rankin’s The Twentieth Century winning the City of Toronto award and Deraspe’s Antigone winning the Canada Goose award. National Post 


• Dream Come True

We can all relate to the feeling of having a vivid, terrifying nightmare that feels totally real until you wake up, gasp, and let out a huge sigh of relief that it was just a dream. But Jenna Evans — who has a history of sleepwalking — discovered that her nightmare of swallowing her engagement ring as two “bad guys” tried to take it from her was partially real. Mid-dream, Evans swallowed her 2.4 carat diamond engagement ring, and only realized in the morning when it was no longer on her finger. She went to an urgent care clinic where doctors decided she needed to get surgery to remove the ring from her intestines. “I promise not to swallow it again,” she said, after finally getting her ring back. (Gulp.)  NBC News


• Guac Talk

Just in time for National Guacamole Day (which is today!), the average price of our favourite fatty fruit has apparently gone down recently, after a startling surge this summer. 


• New York is joining Michigan as the second state to pursue a ban on the sale of flavoured e-cigarettes, following a sudden surge in vaping-related illnesses and deaths. 

• President Trump has confirmed Hamza bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s son, was killed in a U.S. counterterrorism operation

• Another hurricane is brewing in the Atlantic, but will likely avoid making landfall.

• Violence has flared up in Hong Kong (again), after protestors threw molotov cocktails and police responded with water cannons and tear gas. 

• The first to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal, actress Felicity Huffman is going to jail for 14 days and has been fined US $30K.

• Just days after announcing her divorce, Zooey Deschanel has been spotted holding hands with Property Brother, Jonathan Scott. 

• Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the Cars, died in New York yesterday. He was 75. 


• Taking the Heat

Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way. 

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