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Referral Program FAQ

What is The Bullet referral program?
The referral program allows you to earn rewards when your friends subscribe to The Bullet. Our next round launches in the fall — we'll be posting details on our site and in the newsletter shortly!

How does it work?
You'll create an account to get  your unique referral link. When 5 or more of your friends sign up through your link, we'll send your rewards (from gift cards, to our own Bullet swag).

What are the rewards?
We like to change up the rewards as we go! We'll let you know the specific rewards and how many referrals needed for each one each time we launch a new round of the program. In the past we've given out digital gift cards to some of our favourite retailers (Amazon, Indigo, Starbucks), and Bullet branded swag, like our go-to notebooks and stainless steel water bottles.

What if I'm having technical difficulties?
The solution to your problem will vary depending on the device and browser you're using. Your best bet is to email us using our contact form with the problem you're having, and we'll help you troubleshoot.

I know my friends will love The Bullet. Can I sign them up on their behalf?
Unfortunately this is against Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation. Your friends have to sign up on their own device by clicking your unique referral link (which send to them by email, social media, text, however you like!). We monitor this closely using our referral tracking software and remove both the referrer and any friends they've subscribed.

How will you know these are my friends and not a fake email address?
Trust us, we know. Fake addresses are flagged in our system, and we remove both the referrer and any friends they've subscribed if this happens.

How will I know I've reached 5 referrals? How will you know which reward I've selected?
When you reach 5 referrals (or any of our milestones after that), you'll get an email from us confirming your next reward. A real person tracks these, so sometimes this takes a few days to hear from us.

When will I get my rewards?
We send out rewards at the end of each month, so please allow a few weeks for delivery.

How will I receive my rewards?
We send gift cards to you by email, and swag is sent by traditional snail mail.

I have a question that's not on this list.
Email us using our contact form.