Let’s get out of here

A guide to travelling in style, a cult skincare brand launches its first face mask, and scientist-approved tips for a healthier home.

Let’s get out of here

A guide to travelling in style, a cult skincare brand launches its first face mask, and scientist-approved tips for a healthier home.
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✨  Happy Weekend! Today is Saturday, May 25, 2019 and Rihanna is pouring it up in Paris.


‘Tis the season for weekend getaways and extended summer vacations β€” and inevitable overpacking. Ever since celebrities paparazzi made “airport style” a thing and Instagram made “looking like a tourist” patently unacceptable (or maybe it’s actually 2019’s hottest trend? We’re not clear, tbh), packing for a trip has felt way more complicated. Add in airport security demanding we get half undressed before letting us through the gates and on-board A/C feeling like it should be spelled ICY, and we start to wonder if we need three outfit changes before we’ve made it on the plane (and we haven’t even covered what to pack for when you get to your destination β€” and how to organize it all). Thankfully, fashion brands are hip to all this and designing goods to help. (πŸ™) Refinery29

β€’ What Else You Need to Know

The formula for the perfect travel outfit: chic but comfortable pants (there’s a reason palazzo pants have long been associated with the jet set); slip-on shoes; a secure, streamlined backpack (bonus points go to this one that blocks thieves and transforms into a crossbody bag); and a scarf big enoughto wrap around your whole torso. For guys, a pair of tailored athleisure trousers are comfier than jeans. And don’t forget your headphones (preferably noise-cancelling), portable charger, water bottle, and these otherin-flight essentials.

β€” SHOP IT β€”


β€’ Instant Gratification

H&M’s coveted collabs with high fashion designers are an annual tradition, but this year’s edition comes with a new twist. Italian couturier Giambattista Valli gave fans a sneak peek of what he’ll be offering by dressing his “muses” β€” Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, H.E.R., and others β€” for the Cinema Against AIDS amfAR gala in Cannes, but what’s even more exciting is that you can shop those frothy frocks and bedazzled accessories right now. While the main collection drops Nov. 7, an even-more-limited-edition “pre-collection” of looks modelled by the celebs is available today in select stores and on hm.com. The collaboration is also the first time that Valli is designing menswear, with characteristic flair: “You know, girls pick up things from men’s wardrobes. The Valli boys get prints, some shapes, some materials, and some embellishments from girls β€” they took it from her wardrobe.” Vogue

Image credit: H&M


β€’ About Face

While The Ordinary has disrupted and democratized just about every aspect of the skincare industry, from a (newish) daily cleanser to clinical-strength serums, there’s one product category it had stayed away from β€” until now. The Canadian-born brand just announced its first-ever face mask, dubbed the Salicylic Acid 2% Masque. Formulated for breakout-prone skin, the black goo combines a clay- and charcoal-base with (duh) active salicylic acid, a naturally derived beta-hydroxy acid renowned for its exfoliating properties. Along with killing off acne and other blemishes (we’re talking to you, blackheads πŸ˜’) the mask also “target[s] lackluster tone and textural irregularities.” Like all products from The Ordinary, the price only adds to the appeal: It’s just $12 a tube. The mask will be available to buy on the brand’s own website next Wednesday (May 29), and at Sephora on July 9. Fashionista


β€’ Former Glory

One of New York’s most beloved (and innovative) travel landmarks just re-opened its doors after going dark for 16 years. JFK’s TWA Flight Center Hotel (which was once the Eero Saarinen-designed airplane terminal) is now open to the public, offering both day packages (everyone needs a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of JFK) and overnight stays for those in town a little longer. The new hotel makes good use of the midcentury terminal: there are 505 guest rooms, 50,000 square feet of conference and meeting space, eight restaurants, and a 10,000-square-foot public observation deck. For air travel aficionados, guests can watch the thousands of planes come and go from the comfort of their luxury guest room. And for those who want an escape, fret not: designers incorporated a Fabbrica glass curtain wall (made of seven panes and measuring more than four inches) that creates a solid sound barrier. Design Milk

Image Credit: TWA Hotel


“If you find your hair feels heavy and isn’t responding to styling products, heat, anything β€” then it’s time to reach for a clarifying shampoo.”

– Wisdom from Maui Moisture hair stylist and educator, Janet Jackson (not THAT Janet Jackson) on how to liven up dull, limp locks. She recommends a deep cleanse with the brand’s Detoxifying + Volcanic Ash shampoo every three to six months.


β€’ Bar Crawl

Now that Canadians are officially out of hibernation, the folks behind the ranking of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants are graciously offering their expertise to help us get our drink on. The 2019 Canada’s 50 Best Bars list pits the country’s watering holes against one another, scoring them on deliciousness of cocktail, wine and beer menus, atmosphere and experience alike. Topping the list is Bar Raval, which almost certainly earned bonus points for its undulating mahogany bar and all-day tapas. (The Toronto spot was last year’s No.1 pick, too.) Coming in second is The Keefer Bar in Vancouver’s Chinatown, which serves up a prescription of cocktails inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and happy hour dim sum. Despite its lack of proper street signage β€” or printed cocktail menu β€” Toronto’s Civil Liberties rounds out the top three, thanks to the wall-full of bottled botanicals, bitters and tinctures kept on hand for endless custom cocktail possibilities and bartenders that actually know what to do with them. See the full list of bars here (and yes, bars in other cities did make the cut, too). Daily Hive


β€’ Get Outside 

Just in time for summer, Society6 is launching a new outdoor line. It’s perfect for picnicking, partying, BBQing and lounging in cottage country, your backyard or a public park. In addition to the existing super cool beach towels and can coolers (a.k.a. koozies), Society6 has added six new products to its growing outdoor collection, all of which come in hundreds of groovy, unique designs and shades. Thinking of upping your backyard style game? Choose from a picnic blanket, sling chair, folding stool, floor cushion, welcome mat or sun shade. And the best part? Prices range from US $49 to US $199, so sprucing up your outdoor space won’t break the bank. House Beautiful

Image Credit: Society6


β€’ A Healthy Home

According to a new study carried out by Harvard University professors (so you know it’s legit) the environment you live in directly influences your health. The paper explores the relationship between your home and your health, laying out 36 actions that have been scientifically proven to contribute to a safer, cleaner home. In this day and age, clean living is the new norm, but you’d by surprised by how many small things you can do that will make a big difference in how you feel. According to Harvard, you should always take off your shoes at the door (who knew?!), let natural light inside, ditch distractions (yes, that means your phone) in the bedroom, keep cool at night, be careful what you cook with and detoxify personal care products and cleaners. Mindbodygreen


β€’ For those of us who’d rather “rent the mall” than Rent the Runway, Urban Outfitters is testing out a clothing rental program that we (and our wallets) are praying comes to Canada soon.

β€’ Universal Standard just became the most inclusive fashion brand on the planet: Every piece offered by the online shop will now be available in sizes 00 to 40. (To perfectly align with our weight fluctuations.)

β€’ Justin Bieber’s latest resume credit: Deodorant designer. The pop star is working with Schmidt Naturals to create his own plant-based underarm scent, to be launched this fall.

β€’ Attention renovators β€” linoleum is officially cool again, and it’s surprisingly eco-friendly.


β€’ Clean Beauty

This is so ridiculous, yet so necessary.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go to wash our face…like, at least five times.

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