How Sweet It Is

A wrinkle-fighting fruit, the sparkling water war heats up and Dyson makes replacing lightbulbs obsolete.

How Sweet It Is

A wrinkle-fighting fruit, the sparkling water war heats up and Dyson makes replacing lightbulbs obsolete.

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✨  Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, March 23, 2019 and if your Instagram feed is suddenly taken over by food photos, blame this wonderful woman.


Spring brings a sense of rebirth, and there’s no better way to feel reborn than to revamp your skincare routine. (They don’t call it “baby soft” skin for nothin’.) With the rise of natural beauty, the skincare aisle is looking more and more like the produce section (from the products’ ingredient lists at least), and the latest miracle fruit popping up all over is strawberry, and with good reason: Both the flesh and seeds contain all sorts of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness proven to brighten skin, reduce redness and improve skin texture. Well + Good

• What Else You Need to Know

Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants thanks to high levels of vitamin C (they contain 14% more than oranges), vitamin E (a powerhouse for repairing damaged skin cells) and quercetin (a flavinol also found in red wine, green tea and ginko biloba). According to Austin, Texas-based dermatologist Ted Lain, “Together these protect the skin from ultraviolet damage, reduce inflammation, and stimulate collagen production.” Holistic MD James Heskettadds that strawberry extract also contains alpha lipoic acid, “which slows the aging of collagen elastin.” Translation: It helps make skin firmer, plumper and slows the progression of fine lines and wrinkles. (Umm, we’re starting to wonder why we haven’t just been smushing strawberries on our faces all these years instead of eating them.)


Fresh Sugar Face Polish with strawberry seeds, $76 at Sephora.
Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser with strawberry seed oil, $44 at Detox Market.


• Fantastical Fashion

If you’re anything like Peter Pan (or us, for that matter), you likely never want to grow up — and while we can’t do much about the wrinkles and sore joints (sorry), Coach is helping us all stay forever young through fashion. The brand just announced a special Disney collaboration for spring 2019, and it includes all your favourite characters. (Think Dumbo, Thumper, Bambi, and Alice.) With purses, totes, sweaters, dresses, backpacks and pouches, there’s truly something for everyone. The collection is available now online and in select retail locations. Hypebae

Image credit: Coach


• Smell Good, Do Good

Clean has long been an outlier in the fragrance world, putting subtlety and sustainability above showiness. Its newest launch, Solar Bloom ($134 at Sephora), is part of that Clean Reserve collection which takes that ethos to the next level. Housed in a 100% recyclable bottle (a rarity in the perfume world), the scent blends notes of vetiver — a fast-growing, drought-resistant tropical grass ethically sourced from Haiti — with bergamot, green mandarin, orange Blossom, charcoal and coconut water for an aroma with energizing vibrancy and earthy depth. Along with supporting Haitian farmers and their families, Clean Reserve also helps fund education programs, health care and safe drinking water for the community.

Image credit: Clean


• A Whole New World

Most of us like cooking up some fresh fish — but what about eating with the fish? That’s the premise behind Europe’s first underwater restaurant, which had its soft opening this week in southern Norway. Aptly called Under (which means both “below” and “wonder” in Norwegian), the 40-seat 34-metre dining room is five metres below sea level in the North Sea, and offers diners an unparalleled look at aquatic life. In addition to serving up an 18-course set menu with wine pairings ($578 per person) or juice pairings ($352 per person), Under will also serve as a marine research centre. Interested? You better book fast. There’s already a 7,000-person waiting list. National Post


• Custom Kicks

Italian ski boot-maker Tecnica knows a thing or two about the importance of getting the right footwear fit. So when it decided to take its expertise off the slopes and onto the trails with the introduction of its first hiking boot, the Forge, last year, it didn’t skimp. It developed an innovative custom-fitting technology that forms the boot perfectly to the foot in less than 20 minutes, before you even walk out of the store. Now, it’s bringing that same technology to a new low-cut hiking shoe, called the Plasma ($199) — which Gear Patrol is already calling “the best hiking shoe of the year.” To get the optimal fit — and the comfort and support that comes with that — the shoes are gently heated and then molded to your feet with an inflatable pressurized sleeve (kind of like a boot-shaped blood pressure cuff). They’re also equipped with self-locking laces, optional waterproof Gore-Tex lining (which adds $50 to the price), and Vibram Megagrip mix soles to take on any terrain, and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Gear Patrol

Image credit: Tecnica


Pour over doesn’t get as much oil in the coffee, so you get a lot more flavour from it and you don’t get distracted by the body as much.

– Starbucks coffee master Patricia Stirling shares the benefits of doing pour over brewing at home versus using a French press. (In Toronto this weekend and want to learn about the “four fundamentals” of coffee brewing? Check out the Starbuck’s Bean ‘N Brew pop-up, with free sessions to learn how to brew your best cup at home.)


• Getting Bubbly

When did seltzer get so cool? The healthier, sugar-less pop alternative has been trending ever since the great La Croix takeover of 2015 and now, The Coca Cola Company is looking to get a bit of that sparkle with new flavoured sparkling Smartwater. Available in three creative “yet approachable” flavours — Strawberry-Blood Orange, Fuji Apple-Pear and Raspberry Rose — Smartwater is Coca-Cola’s answer to Pepsi’s Bubly, which launched last year. (We’re not sure how it’s going to top that Super Bowl commercial, though.) Fortune


• High-Tech Home

Dyson just got a heck of a lot smarter. While the company’s been known for its high-quality vacuums for years (and more recently, hair styling tools), its new lineup of products is something to get excited about. It just announced its very first smart lamp called Lightcycle ($800 for a desk lamp; $1200 for a floor lamp). The LED lamp — which is said to last 60(!) years — has been optimized to reduce eye strain with glare control and comes with built-in automatic daylight tracking to make sure that wherever you are (and however old you are), you’re always getting the right amount of light. There’s also a new personal air-purifier, called the Pure Cool Me ($450), built with a sealed HEPA filter that can be used on a desk or bedside table (it’s quiet AF) to catch 99.97% of particle pollutants. MobileSyrup

Image credit: Dyson


• Tom Ford has been named as Diane Von Furstenberg’s successor in the role of CFDA chairperson and really, did you expect any different?

• Fashion accessory or serious tech tool? Why not both? The new spring collection of Apple Watch straps from Nike and Hermes is out now.

• Amazon is getting into the beauty game with the launch of its own in-house skincare brand, Belei.


• Sexy Beast

There’s nothing more awkward than when a clothing ad makes you feel sorry for the model.

That’s it from us! Now who wants to help plan our cross-continental road trip to eat at every ballpark in North America?

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