Keeping it in the Family

Here's everything you need to know to keep the kids (and yourself) happy this long weekend.

Keeping it in the Family

Here's everything you need to know to keep the kids (and yourself) happy this long weekend.

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✨ Happy Weekend! Today is Saturday, February 16, 2019 and we’re wondering what this (awesome) woman needs to do to impress her own mother??



Whether you live in one of the lucky provinces blessed with an extra day off this weekend or not, there’s no time like the present to take some extra time out and connect with your family. Family Day — celebrated on the third Monday of February in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I. (our sympathies to Quebec, Newfoundland, and the territories), — is the perfect opportunity to take a step back from our busy lives, ditch the FOMO, and spend quality time with your pack.

• Where to Go

In Toronto, snap-happy little ones (and not-so-little ones) are sure to get a kick out of the recently opened Museum of Illusions. The Vancouver Aquarium is hosting free admission for children under 12 on Monday, with special kid-focused programming all weekend long (and thanks to the recent— and rare — snow dump, that includes otters making snowballs). And in Calgary, hit up the Acura Tube Park at Canada Olympic Park to send your kids hurtling down the hills at Western Canada largest tube park with 12 lanes and family-ready four-person tubes. (Unfortunately, you’ll have to leave your flamingo pool float at home.) Or, hit up one of our country’s finest outdoor ice rinks for some ticket-free fun.

• What Else to Do

Prefer to stay in where it’s warm? (We don’t blame you.) There’s plenty you can do together to stop from going stir crazy. Sadly, both L.O.L. Surprise! Monopoly and Scrabble: World of Harry Potter have yet to hit store shelves (soon!), but there are plenty of other fun-filled options out there to play and the classic editions are just as entertaining.

• What to Make

After a day making the best of our winter wonderland (or fighting bonding over board games), treat yourselves with a cozy cup of hot chocolate and a sweet snack. Once the family has defrosted, enlist the youngsters to help with dinner. We’ve all seen the studies that tout the benefits of eating together as a family, so why not take things a step further and cook together this weekend, too? And, it will be all the easier to convince them to help if the food is something they’ll actually want to eat: Try a potato tot breakfast casserole for dinner, remix a classic with healthy(ish) cheesy cauliflower baked pasta, or opt for basically anything that goes well with ketchup.



• Mini Me

If there’s one thing we can learn from celebrity moms, it’s how darn cute it is to dress up in “mommy-and-me” style outfits. The Kardashian klan are frequently spotted #twinning with their offspring, and brands are catering to the look more than ever. Last month, Net-a-Porter introduced a kids’ department to its store, selling luxury looks for the 12-and-under set from some very chic brands. This week, husband-and-wife-designed fashion brand Brock Collection birthed a collaboration with online kids’ shop Maisonette that will please both mom and babe. Inspired by antique floral fabrics from Paris, the collection includes two options for moms — a strapless sheath dress or a cropped top and pencil skirt — and one adorable ruffled frock for girls, all in the same rose-adorned blush satin and priced for a (very) special occasion — or some killer family photos. Harper’s Bazaar

Image Credit: Brock Collection



• All-Inclusive Family Fun

Family vacations are no walk in the park (we prefer to call them relocations), but travelling with a special needs child can present additional challenges. Luckily, Aquatica Orlando — part of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment — just got Autism-certified, offering a slew of features that’ll make everything about the amusement park experience more enjoyable. There’s a quiet room and low-sensory area for children who need a little time away from all the rides and attractions, plus all the staff have gone through special Autism training to better help guests navigate the park and the rides. To help parents make educated decisions, the park also features a sensory guide that “rates all rides and attractions in the park by its level of combined touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight.” PopSugar

Image Credit: Aquatica Orlando


They get down on the child’s level and speak to them eye to eye to make their child feel empowered. I thought that was really cool.

– Actress Anne Hathaway shares a tip she picked up from seeing photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Kate Middleton and Prince William) interacting with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The ”active listening” technique involves kneeling down to make eye contact with your children when speaking with them so they feel respected. Marie Claire



• Porcelain Princess

Long weekends were made for family tea parties — but they’ve never been quite this magical (that is, unless you can get here). Just in time for spring, Pottery Barn’s released a pastel Disney princess tea set ($104). With colour-coordinated cups dedicated to four of the originals — Yellow for Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle, purple for The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel, turquoise for Aladdin‘s Jasmine, and blue for Cinderella‘s, er, Cinderella — the set is sure to spark joy in any wannabe Royal’s life. One note of caution: Best to only serve this set up to older kids since it’s hand-painted, delicate and can only be hand washed (but whether you fill your own cute li’l cup with chamomile, coffee or a cocktail is totally up to you). Apartment Therapy

Image Credit: Pottery Barn


• Budding Obsession 

Now that the winter holidays are firmly in the rear view, it’s time to start writing up those wish lists to Santa for next year. (It’s a vicious, relentless cycle. 😫) There’s a new contender for the most-wanted toy spot: Blume dolls. (And here we were thinking Bratz were still cool.) The collectibles combine all the current toy trends: a surprise element, hidden packaging that will require you to buy at least eight before stumbling on the one they really wanted, and copious accessories to buy (damn marketing geniuses). The cartoonish dolls with ridiculous hairdos (think ice cream, waves, rainbows, crystals and, of course, flowers) come tucked away in flower pots and “bloom” when water is added. Along with the doll, the pot is also packed with accessories like a purse and cute pet, and bunch of stickers to decorate it. The best part? They’re only US $10 a pop. Good Housekeeping

Image Credit: Hasbro


• Scary Stories

You’ll never look at these classic children’s storybook characters the same way again.


That’s it from us!And remember, when all else fails this weekend, don’t be afraid to pull out the big guns.


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