It’s time to chill

Irresistible ice cream, Lululemon's beauty products have arrived, and a Canadian craft brewer breaks from tradition.

It’s time to chill

Irresistible ice cream, Lululemon's beauty products have arrived, and a Canadian craft brewer breaks from tradition.

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✨   Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, June 22, 2019, and if you’re in Toronto, it’s time to clear your calendar for dinner every night from July 5 to July 21


Now that we’re officially out of “late spring” and into summer for real, we’ve got one thing on our minds: Ice cream. (You never really grow out of that, do you?) But this year, we’re excited that we can be a bit more liberal in our consumption thanks to the proliferation of healthy(ish) options. When American low-cal brand Halo Top entered the Canadian market last year, it spurred a wave of copycats and inspired a variety of alternatives to join the frozen treat scene. Case in point: Canadian brand Cool Way just launched seven new flavours and an ice cream bar (available in Cookies & Cream or Salted Caramel).

• What Else You Need to Know

New this year are two alternatives that stray from the traditional dairy recipe. Vegan option Yellofruit uses bananas as its base, blended with flavours like strawberry, chocolate and mango, and is set to launch nationally on Canada Day weekend. Ontario creamery Udderly Ridiculous swaps out cows’ milk for goats’ in its frozen pints, adding a natural tang to creative combos such as Vanilla Bean Lavender, Wine & Dark Chocolate, and Coffee & Craft Brew.

• What’s Next

We’re now (impatiently) waiting for Halo Top to bring its mini ice cream barsnorth of the border — and for Kind Snacks new frozen bars to be smuggled along with them. (The grass is always greener. 😭)


Halo Top’s seasonal Blueberry Crumble flavour is just 140 calories per serving.
Yellofruit‘s frozen banana desserts are a fruit-forward non-dairy alternative.
Coolway’s Cookies & Cream Bars are just 80 calories a pop.
Goats’ milk is lower in lactose than cows’, making Udderly Ridiculous an option for some intolerance sufferers.


• Back to Basics

It’s baaaack! Sixteen years after it shut its doors — and 26 after it first filed for bankruptcy — homegrown basics brand Au Coton is staging a triumphant return. A Canadian sensation in the ’80s and ’90s, the purveyor of tees and sweats met its demise as it struggled to compete with international conglomerates like Gap and Old Navy. But, with consumer backlash against fast fashion growing and hunger for brands with a local connection, the timing is right for its resurrection. Au Coton is set to open a store on Amhurst St. in Montreal and launch its e-commerce website on Monday. Fashion

Image credit: Au Coton


• Work It Out

While we’ve known for a while that Lululemon was prepping to launch a line of beauty “selfcare” products, we didn’t know when (this past Tuesday) or, apparently, where. It was a safe bet the products would be on shelves at the athleisure mecca’s stores and on its website, but news that the products are also being sold at Sephora came as a shock to us — and frankly, made us see the launch in more legit light. Lululemon must mean serious business if it’s confident enough to shelve its beauty line next to Sephora’s top skincare offerings. What’s more, the cosmetics retailer has bestowed Lulu’s goods with its Clean at Sephora seal, “certifying that they are free of ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.” The clutch of unisex products — which the brand says was developed with input from athletes — is made up of gym bag essentials: a no-show dry shampoo, a spray-on deodorant (in Aloe Lotus or Black Pepper Sandalwood scents), and a facial moisturizer, all in full and travel sizes, as well as moisture-locking lip balm. The Kit

Image credit: Lululemon


Implementing more alkaline habits will not only improve your physical health but your overall emotional health and wellbeing.

Dr. Simone Laubscher, a nutritional expert for supplement company WelleCo and personal nutritionist to Elle Macpherson (nbd), asserts that our bodies work best at 7–7.5 pH. Read her five tips to help get yours there at Coveteur.


• Go Big or Go Home

For its latest launch, Airbnb is abandoning its whole live-like-a-local mantra and catering to a different kind of traveller: the thrill-seeker. While its existing Experiences tab offers tours and activities led by locals showing off their favourite spots, the new Airbnb Adventures platform cranks it to the next level with once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list-worthy itineraries. While still led by local guides, these activities aren’t your everyday experiences. The company consulted with the Adventure Travel Trade Association on safety and best practices for the program’s tours, which include things like tracking lions on foot with Kenyan Samburu warriors, kayaking between Swedish islands while foraging for culinary delicacies, and trekking through the deserts of Jordan on a camping trip worthy of Indiana Jones. (As long as this doesn’t drive up rental prices in the sand dunes, we’re on board.) Travel Daily Media


• Better Together

…And then there were two. After 19 years of touting its one-track-mindedness as a point of pride, Steam Whistle is finally launching another beer. (Cue gasps now.) The Canadian craft brewer is introducing a Pale Ale to join its long-standing Pilsner, popping into stores later this month. According to Steam Whistle, the hoppier-tasting pale ale “will be made according to the exacting standards of the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516” that it follows in its pilsner recipe. (No word on whether it will be changing its company motto to match the expanded product lineup.) Canadian Beer News

Image credit: Steam Whistle


• Now Trending

Whether you’re decorating your first apartment or your fifth, staying on trend and on budget is a careful balancing act. Wayfair is delivering on both counts with its new in-house brand, Hashtag Home. The cheap and cheerful collection is designed to give major punch without eating up your paycheque. The more than 2,000(!!) SKUs include sofas, sideboards, lighting and rugs, many of which come in a range of bold colour options. Overwhelmed by choice? Don’t be — a handy search tool lets you filter by colour, style, and even product dimensions, so finding the right sky blue sculptural accent table for your living room is a breeze. Clever

Image credit: Wayfair


• Let the Beat Drop

A new study proves that yes, forgetting your earbuds is a valid excuse for skipping your workout, thankyouverymuch. Well, not actually, but almost — the recently published research shows that motivational music not only helps people enjoy exercise more, it also makes it them perform better. The 24 participants in the study completed a 10-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout and were split into three groups: one supported by a soundtrack of uptempo music, one listening to a podcast, and the last sprinting it out in silence. Those with the pump-up jams reported greater enjoyment of the activity — but what’s more surprising is they also exhibited elevated heart rates and peak power during the session. Lead researcher Matthew Stork attributes the results to the phenomenon of entrainment: “Humans have an innate tendency to alter the frequency of their biological rhythms toward that of musical rhythms. In this case, the fast-tempo music may have increased people’s heart rate during the exercise.” Science Daily


• The 10 finalists for the 2019 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund have been announced; here are the up-and-coming names to know

• Rumour has it Kim Kardashian is working with Canadian super(role)model Winnie Harlow on a collection for KKW Beauty.

• Trip Advisor just revealed its ranking of the top 10 food experiences in the world and we had to stop reading it because we were drooling on our keyboards.

• A Canadian researcher has developed a ground-breaking, all-natural food preservative that could wipe out the use of artificial preservatives.

• Syle maven Rachel Zoe is collaborating on a decor collection with Pottery Barn Kids, due out in September

• Don’t forget to turn out the lights — a study links sleeping with the lights on with weight gain, specifically in women. 


• Rainbow Goals

One of the Kardashians just added refrigerator influencer to her resume, and we are low-key here for it.

This week’s worth of outfits from Goop will cost you $47,841. American. (Yes, we did the math. You’re welcome.)

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