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Google is under investigation (again), British parliament loses another member and a major airline is forced to cancel all its flights.

Google this

Google is under investigation (again), British parliament loses another member and a major airline is forced to cancel all its flights.
Google Antitrust Case announcement

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✨  Good morning! Today is Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and here’s more proof that there’s strength in numbers


• The Background

Google’s troubles aren’t even close to over. Yesterday, 50 state attorneys general came together on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., to announce that they’ve opened an antitrust investigation into the company. (California and Alabama have opted not to participate.) The bipartisan inquiry will focus specifically on Google’s search and advertising business but could expand as the investigation proceeds. According to representatives, the investigation is in its preliminary stages; Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said they have just started sending requests for information to Google. Financial Times

• What Else You Need to Know

The main point is to determine whether or not Google “has achieved or maintained its dominance through anticompetitive conduct.” Obviously, the tech giant’s denied any wrongdoing, assuring the public that it’s “investing in innovation, providing services that people want, and engaging in robust and fair competition.”

• What’s Next?

While the Google investigation is the largest, eight of the 50 attorneys general have also launched a separate antitrust inquiry into Facebook. Federal officials are also looking at tech companies as a whole to determine whether they’ve become “too powerful” in the internet age. 


• Big Ferry F*ck-Up

Hundreds of Bahamian refugees were kicked off a U.S.-bound ferry Sunday, thanks to confusion over proper procedure and poor decision-making. Given the devastation and chaos in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian, U.S. Customs and Border Protection in ports such as Palm Beach and Everglades have waived visa requirements for Bahamian refugees. However, on Sunday the ferry operators ordered hundreds of refugees off the Florida-bound vessels due to missing visas. It’s been suggested that the ferry operators simply didn’t want to wait in port while the refugees were individually processed. (That’s seriously overboard.) USA Today


• World: Order, Order!

Across the pond, members of the House of Commons are dropping like flies now that Boris Johnson is prime minister. Next to go is infamous House Speaker John Bercow, who announced his resignation yesterday after holding the position for 10 years. His last day is set for Halloween, but said he’d step down earlier if MPs voted in favour of Johnson’s “snap general election.” (Spoiler alert: they didn’t.) CNN

• World: A Big Loss

Vladimir Putin seems to have a strong hold on his country, but it appears his party may not be quite as popular. On Sunday, Russians went to the polls to vote in city council elections and allies of the divisive president took a hard hit in Moscow. Despite the losses, the United Russia party will still form the majority in the city legislature, thanks to its strong hold on districts outside the capital. The party claimed victory yesterday. New York Times


“Israel knows what you’re doing, Israel knows when you’re doing it, and Israel knows where you’re doing it.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accuses Iran of running a secret nuclear weapons site, which the goverment “wiped out” once it was discovered by Israeli agents. Al Jazeera


• Empty Airways

British Airways passengers are in for a rude awakening this morning: they’re not going anywhere. The airline has been forced to cancel nearly all flights over the next day or so (affecting almost 200,000 passengers!) after pilots walked off the job over pay (despite being offered an 11.5% raise over three years). British Airways has promised all affected passengers full refunds (hopefully not in the form of travel vouchers!), as well as the option to rebook. CBC News


• Empty Airways

Your to-do list is now a little easier to manage — Microsoft just unveiled an update for its To Do app. The update includes integrations with Microsoft-based email accounts; an “Assigned to Me” list integrated with shared lists as well as Microsoft Planner (Microsoft Launcher if you’re an Android user); and offers users the ability to use voice command to add tasks via Echo speakers or other Alexa-powered devices. There’s also a cleaner interface with increased and improved personalization options, better security via multi-factor authentication, and finally, dark mode. The update is currently available on Mac, iOS, and Windows, and will be available in the Play Store soon.  (Now if they could just provide someone to complete the to-do list.) MobileSyrup


• Creep-aziod

Robots are supposed to make our lives easier, but one robot in Pennsylvania is doing exactly the opposite. According to reports, a randy robot, known as “Marty,” has been accused of sexually harassing female shoppers. Marty’s part of Giant Food Stores’ test program to help scan for trip or slip hazards, but shoppers claim his “goggly eyes” linger a little too long and that he often whispers “obscene comments.” Marty will remain employed while under investigation. (You know what they say about a guy with a short circuit…) People of Lancaster


• Let’s Talk About It

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Established in 2003, this worldwide event aims to bring awareness to mental health issues and how we can all work together to prevent suicide. Many wear purple to show their support. 


• Todd Palin has filed for divorce from his wife (and former candidate for vice president) Sarah Palin after 31 years of marriage. 

• Amid a scandal related to executive pay, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa will step down on Sept. 16 and will be temporarily replaced by COO, Yasuhiro Yamauchi. 

• More than 875,000 Ram pickup trucks have been added to a worldwide Fiat Chrysler recall. 

• After winning the U.S. Open on the weekend, Canadian Bianca Andreescu has jumped 10 spots to No. 5 in the WTA rankings.

• CBS just unveiled the next cast of Survivor — and some familiar faces are heading back to the wild.


• Spending Spree

Can you really blame them?

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