Don’t be hangry

The next steps in the plant-based food revolution, a new do-it-all kitchen appliance, and 2019's definitive travel bucket list.

Don’t be hangry

The next steps in the plant-based food revolution, a new do-it-all kitchen appliance, and 2019's definitive travel bucket list.

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✨   Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, July 13, 2019, and if this menu doesn’t include lululemonade we’re going to be sorely disappointed.


Between too-sweet, nutritionless granola bars and fat- and salt-soaked chips, it used to be that grab-and-go snacking options were pretty dire. But, no more: The food industry has seen a major growth spurt in brands cooking up tasty, health-conscious snacks recently, making it possible to have your protein-packed power balls and eat them, too. Infused with ingredients like powdered collagenMCT oil, and plant-based everything, finding a treat to sate your hunger and satisfy your strict vegan/gluten-free/keto/whatever diet-du-jour is easier (and yummier) than ever. Washington Post

• What Else You Need to Know

This healthy snack boon comes to us largely thanks to some hungry Canadian entrepreneurs. Check out our round-up below for six homegrown brands that are keeping us well-fed between meals.


Healthy and savoury don’t often go together in the snaking world. Hippie Snacks Cauliflower Crisps in Classic Ranch change that: the baked whole food crisps have 5g of protein per 150 calorie serving. $22 for four bags at

Mid-Day Squares in Fudge YAH fulfil your chocolate craving with 14g of protein from hemp, sacha inchi and pumpkin seeds, $45.50 for a pack of 12 at

What’s better than cold brew? Rumble Supershake in Coffee Bean blends fair-trade organic coffee with flax seed oil, coconut MCT oil, grass-fed butter and organic veggies for what amounts to a nutritious caffeinated milkshake. $54.99 for a case of 12 at

If you can’t shake your sweet tooth, at least you can cut back the sugar. Smart Sweets plant-based gummy candies are free from sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. Sweet Fish, $4 at

Fatso’s High Performance Peanut Butter is enriched with added “superfats” from coconut oil, avocado oil and MCT oil, plus tapioca fibre. It comes in three flavours including Crunchy Salted Caramel. $11 at

Each Snackconscious Snack Bomb in Dark Chocolate Almond Blueberry is omega-, protein-, and iron-rich while also being gluten- and sulphite-free. $12.50 at


• Technicolour Dream

If you like to be the brightest, boldest person at every party, good news: Adidas Originals just released this year’s edition of its coveted adicolor capsule. The rainbow collection is colour-blocked into palettes of orange, blue, red, and yellow with sportswear for men, women and kids. And, if you happen to be in Toronto on July 20, Adidas is throwing a technicolour bash to celebrate this launch alongside its retro-inspired Home of Classics collection at Only One Gallery that’s sure to make for scroll-stopping Instagram fodder: Four local artists ( and @dalbertdraws) are creating their own adicolor curated rooms in their own unique styles. Hypebae

Image Credit: Adidas


• Wiser, Not Older

Anti-aging is a dirty word. Instead, clean beauty brand Beautycounter’s newest collection is all about aging well. Launched this week, Countertime is a complete skincare regimen built around the line’s plant-derived Retinatural Complex, formulated as a “safer alternative” to retinol, an ingredient that’s widely considered the gold standard in wrinkle fighters, but that’s infamous for causing irritation. Bakuchiol, a flower used in Chinese and Ayurvedic skin-care remedies, and Swiss Alpine rose, known for its hardiness against dehydration and environmental stress, are combined to boost skin’s barrier function and to plump and firm skin texture. Customers can pick and choose from the line’s six products — starting at $66 for the cleansing oil, and going up to $120 for the night cream — or go all-in with the complete set for $512. WWD

Image Credit: Beautycounter


[A wider brush will] require less strokes of the brush to coat the entire nail, leaving less room for error resulting in a streaky manicure.

– Tenoverten nail salon-founder Nadine Abramcyk explains why a wider nail polish brush is best when painting your own nails; leave the skinny wands to the professionals. (Guess size does matter.) Well + Good


• Bucket List

It’s time to plan your fall vacay! Travel + Leisure released the 2019 winners of its annual World’s Best Travel Awards this week, and it’s got recommendations for every type of traveller. A quick overview of some of the publication’s No.1 picks: The best hotel in the world is La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa (we’d guess getting your own dedicated butler clinched it). The best city in the world to visit is Hoi An, Vietnam, which scored for awesome food, shopping, and its pedestrian-only city centre. The world’s best island to explore is Sri Lanka; the “pearl of the Indian Ocean” is rife with wildlife, marine parks, and eco-friendly, five-star lodging. The top international destination spaAndronis Concept Wellness Resort, is perched atop a volcanic crater in Santorini, Greece. And, Singapore is home to both the best airline and best airport in the world. (Show-offs.) USA Today


• Tastes Like Chicken

As the plant-based burger market grows more and more saturated, McCain is looking ahead to what it’s deemed the next big thing: plant-based poultry. The Canadian food giant forked over the lion chicken’s share of a US $7 million investment in Nuggs, an NYC-based startup dishing up (you guessed it) plant-based chicken nuggets. Like its beefy counterparts, the simulated poultry is made from a texturized pea protein and is free of eggs, wheat, dairy and soy. The vegan nuggets have double the protein and 20% fewer calories than the real deal, clocking in at 22g of protein and 180 calories a pop. Right now, Nuggs are only available by online order in the U.S., but with McCain’s input, expect to find them in grocery stores and restaurants sooner rather than later. (Meanwhile, Impossible Foods is on the verge of launching its fishless fish.) FoodBev Media

Image Credit: Nuggs


• Extra Crunch

Leave it to the company that revolutionized pressure cookers to do the same with air fryers. Just in time for National French Fry Day (today, duh), Instant Brands released its take on the healthy(ish) deep fryer alternative. Staying true to the brand’s do-it-all ethos, the Vortex Plus is a “seven-in-one” device designed to bake, broil, dehydrate, reheat, roast and rotisserize (or should that be rotisserate?). Currently, the appliance is available exclusively at Walmart stores stateside for US $119; as for availability here at home, the Ottawa-based company says it “expect[s] it to be released in Canada in the near future.” Guess we’ll be getting our celebratory (free!) fries from Mickey D’s today after all. Engadget


• Good Vibes Only

Scoring a personal training session with celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson may be far (far) out of our reach, but we can now get just a hint of her motivational power. GP’s pal just launched a line of athleisure and performance activewear with Barneys New York. Anderson says her sweats, emblazoned with phrases like “Love Can Fix” and “Tabula Rasa,” are designed to serve as reminders that “health is about personal love, kindness, and radical honesty.” Prices range from US $807–$175 for tops, leggings, knits, and bodysuits. Refinery29

Image Credit: Barneys New York


• Prada just set a big sustainability goal, committing to use only recycled nylon by 2021. Stella McCartney’s breaking new ground in the fabric recycling too, with a sweatshirt that’s “the first commercially produced garment to use new technology that purifies and liquifies old cotton to transform it into new material.”

• Here’s a shocker: When it launches in September, Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated makeup line, Haus Laboratories, will be the first major beauty brand to be sold exclusively on Amazon.

• Tea brewed ✓, bath salts dissolved ✓, face mask on ✓. For those who take their beauty sleep v. seriously, new brand Moonlit Skincare just launched in Urban Outfitters stores.

• The wait is over: Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home decor collection for Walmart is finally available in Canadian stores.

• It’s not just baristas who are displeased with Starbucks’s new Tie-Dye Frappuccino. (But hey, at least they’re staying on-brand — unlike another café we know.)

• Amsterdam-based retailer Hema, a.k.a. “the low-cost Dutch version of Walmart,” is opening in Canada this fall. (We’ve got our fingers crossed this won’t be a Target repeat.)


• Make It Happen

We mean, the casting director literally has one job. 

Sorry to tell you this, but Mercury is effing sh*t up yet again.

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