Cheers to the freakin’ weekend

A new amusement park in Orlando, an all-Quebecois fashion collaboration, and a controversial diet app.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend

A new amusement park in Orlando, an all-Quebecois fashion collaboration, and a controversial diet app.

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✨  Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, August 17, 2019, and someone just came up with a more annoying travel buzzword than “staycation.” (You should probably try this instead, anyway.)


When you need to get quenched quickly, consider reaching for something other than plain water. A new study shows that replenishing electrolytes — a.k.a. the electrically charged minerals that we sweat out during exercise (or, you know, August) — can help reduce muscle cramps for runners, and they’ve also been said to assist in preventing heat stroke and other ailments caused by dehydration. (Bonus: They also make for a speedy hangover cure.)

While it’s not new, the electrolyte beverage category has come a long way since the advent of Gatorade. New formulas drastically slash the levels of sugar and artificial colouring, and are flavoured with natural and sometimes organic ingredients. By focusing on the electrolytes (commonly found in the ingredients as sodium, calcium, potassium, and/or magnesium) and cutting down the carbs (from sugar), the new wave of hydration beverages reduces the calories, too, making them a better choice for everyday thirst-quenching that their sports-marketed counterparts (because yes, you can drink too much of them.) Shape

• What Else You Need to Know

Ready to get your electrolytes on? There are tonnes of different options to get hydrated. Here are just a few:

  • For an all-natural solution, pure coconut water is high in electrolytes.
  • Electrolyte-boosted waters — like SmartWater and Propel keep things flavourless.
  • Looking for more flavour? For iced tea fans, new in Canada this summer is Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Tea, which is made with artesian spring water and organic black tea and lightly sweetened with honey and natural flavours like mint, pomegranate or peach. If you’d prefer something fruity, ROAR Organic Electrolyte Infusions enhance a coconut water and cane sugar base with unique flavour combos like watermelon-cucumber, pineapple-mint and mango-clementine.
  • Look out for powders and tablets that can be infused in plain or sparkling water as an on-the-go option. The electrolyte profile for Nuun Sport hydration tablets just got a makeover to include chloride for faster and more balanced fluid absorption; they come 13 fruity flavours, four of which have added caffeine for an extra energy boost. Hydralyte — which is available in ready-to-drink bottles, effervescent tablets and powdered packets — claims to have “75% less sugar and four times the electrolytes than leading sports drinks.”



• Dark Arts

Simons is going “gothic exotic.” The Canadian department store’s in-house Icône brand is pairing up with Montreal fashion designer Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert to create a limited-edition collection in his signature aesthetic. Launching on Monday, the unisex capsule combines elements of motocross style with botanical and mineral motifs in a way that translates into a collection perfect to wear while listening to The Cure and whipping down a desert highway in a convertible. Elle Quebec

Image Credit: Simons


• To Dye For

The candy-coloured hair trend is showing no sign of disappearing. Moroccanoil is joining the fray with new Colour Depositing Masks. Loaded with the brand’s signature argan oil, these at-home temporary tints are applied in the shower as you would a deep conditioning mask — which makes sense since the formula also packs apricot kernel oil, soy protein, and an amino acid blend to protect and nourish your hair while it soaks in the pigment. The clutch of seven shades includes vibrant and more natural options to enhance your colour, such as silvery Platinum, golden Champagne, Hibiscus pink, and bright Aquamarine blue. Find them at Sephora as of this week, and in salons come September, at $37 for a 200 mL tube, or $9 for a one-shot mini packet. Happi

Image Credit: Moroccanoil


For paler skins, it’s better to use a tan with a red base. This counteracts an orange, manufactured look you sometimes get with a spray tan… For olive and darker skin tones, use something with a green base to counteract an orange tinge.

– Advice from James Harknett, tanning expert and Global Creative Consultant for Fake Bake, on matching your fake tan shade to your complexion. Coveteur


• Coming Attractions

Orlando is getting even more attractive. (Ha.) Just announced is Universal’s Epic Universe, the first major amusement park opening in the U.S. in nearly 20 years. Universal Parks & Resorts’ chairman and CEO Tom Williams touts it as “the most immersive and innovative theme park we have ever created.” Planned attractions include hotels, shops, an entertainment centre, and restaurants, but aside from that, the company’s been secretive with details. But based on a patent filing this week, visitors will be treated to a “Boom Coaster,” a “Sphere Ride,” “Interactive Gaming Systems,” and “Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Rapid Deployment Systems.” (Whatever that means, we’re in.) BizJournals

Image Credit: Universal Parks & Resorts


• Food Gone Wild

In other amusement park news, the Canadian National Exhibition is back on in Toronto for its 140th year, with festivities kicking off on Aug. 18. As in recent years, midway rides are playing second fiddle to The Ex’s real attraction: the food. So, what’s on the menu at the trendsetting, deep-fried glutton-fest this year? Pickles, for one, including pickle lemonade, pickle pizza, and something called a Snickle Dog which is a baffling combination of a hot dog with pickles wrapped in a tortilla and deep-fried, and then drizzled with melted Snickers chocolate bar. (Who comes up with this sh*t?) Beyond burgers are trending with versions topped with nachos and guacamole, as are Asian twists on poutine loaded with Korean bulgogi beef and Vietnamese pho flavours. For dessert, expect to see lots of Instagram posts of cotton candy tacos, ice cream “spaghetti” extruded with the help of liquid nitrogen, and Tim Hortons’ red licorice-laced donuts. (Our stomachs hurt already.) Narcity


• Smooth Moves

If you’re one of the many millennials (a.k.a. full-grown adults) who don’t remember the last time you dug the clothes iron out the back of your linen closet but are still keeping it around “just in case,” (🙋‍♀️guilty), you might consider replacing it with this newfangled tool: Rowenta’s IXEO all-in-one iron and steamer ($399) launched south of the border earlier this year, and finally hit Canadian store shelves this Thursday. The first-of-its-kind tool looks much like a standard upright steamer with a hose and removable water tank, but is also equipped with a backboard that flips down to act as an ironing board and a flat, wedge-shaped head for ironing out more stubborn creases or touching up pleats. Bonus: its “smart protect technology” makes it safe for all fabrics without fiddling with any temperature controls, and heats it up in just 45 seconds.

Image Credit: Rowenta

• New Neutral

“Green is nature’s favorite colour; it’s nature’s neutral,” says says Erika Woelfel, VP of colour at Behr. The paint brand’s 2020 colour of the year is the epitome of that thought. Dubbed “Back to Nature,” the subdued yellowy green is “a life-force color,” says Woelfel. “It feels very vital when you think about how it lives in nature and how it works with other colors.” Expect to see the hue gracing everything from bedroom walls to kitchen cabinetry. Domino

Image Credit: Behr


• Diet Lessons

The company formerly known as Weight Watchers (now just WW) has just launched a brand new dieting app… for kids and teens. (Yep, they’re going there.) Kurbo by WW is pitched as “a scientifically-proven behaviour change program designed to help kids and teens ages 8-17 reach a healthier weight.” Developed in partnership with Stanford University’s Pediatric Weight Control Program, the service aims to “address the prevalent public health problem of childhood obesity.” The app labels foods with traffic light colour coding to teach users which healthy foods have a green light, and which to limit portion sizes of or avoid completely. A paid subscription also offers one-on-one video sessions with Kurbo coaches. While the cause is noble, the news immediately generated backlash from nutritionists concerned it could promote disordered eating in vulnerable youngsters. Refinery29


• Budding Brand Loyalists

Ask any parent how many pairs of shoes their kids have outgrown in the past year, and the number will probably shock the childless among us. (According to science, between the ages of 4 and 6 years, kids’ feet go up a shoe size every two to six months.) Thankfully, Nike sympathizes with the stress that puts on parental pocketbooks. The brand has just launched a new subscription program for its kids’ footwear called Adventure Club. The service ships a new pair of kicks right to members’ doors once every one to three months depending on their subscription level, with tiers priced at US $20, $30 or $50 per month. With choices like Nike Air Max or Converse sneakers, shoes are guaranteed to be US $50 or more in value so along with saving on trips to the mall, parents are likely to save money, too. (Needless to say, we have our toes crossed that Nike brings the program to Canada ASAP.) CBC News


• H&M has paired with its first South African designer for a colourful, pattern-rich collection with Mantsho.

• When you’re going to outer space, first class is the only option. Virgin Galactic has revealed the first look at its “space tourist lounge,” and it is out of this world. (We had to.)

• Yeah, you’re going to want to bring a really good cooler for your next shopping trip south of the border.

• If anyone can make ketchup cool, it’s… Ed Sheeran, apparently?

• Leave it to Cardi B to make a sports bra and bike shorts look like the height of fashion. Her new campaign for Reebok’s “Meet You There” collection gives us one more excuse to wear our gym clothes all day long.


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Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to order a Venti for delivery and brush up Fido’s résumé.

Illustrations by the lovely and talented Monica Smiley.

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