Are you ready for it?

Happy Canada Day long weekend! To celebrate, we've rounded up this week's top feel-good news stories.

Are you ready for it?

Happy Canada Day long weekend! To celebrate, we've rounded up this week's top feel-good news stories.
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Good morning! Today is Friday, June 28, 2019, and this takes recycling to a whole new (welcome) level.


Not that you need a reminder (because if you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down to today since the end of May 2-4), but it’s finally here: Welcome to the Canada Day long weekend, friends. 

On Monday, Canada will officially be 152 years old young and what better way to celebrate than with an extra day off?! In honour of our great nation, we’re sending you into the first official long weekend of the summer with good vibes — today’s Bullet is packed to the brim with feel-good news stories.

And since we plan on celebrating Canada’s big day alongside the rest of you, we’ll be sleeping in on Monday. 

See you Tuesday!



• The Giver

In a true act of human kindness, an anonymous Nova Scotia resident hid a treasure for a lucky stranger to find. The man or woman (and straight-up angel) secretly taped a Ziploc bag with a $100 bill and a heartfelt, handwritten note to the inside of a local gazebo. The note encouraged the finder to spend the money on something that will bring them enjoyment and happiness: “Always know that there is good in the world and joy to be found.” The message of positivity, and the generous gift along with it, delighted and inspired the town’s residents. Doug Miller, a town employee and first responder, was the lucky finder. He says he’s still not sure how he’ll spend the money, but that he hopes to pay the good deed forward to someone else. CTV News


• Cheers to This

In a subtle (yet incredibly effective) resistance to the far-right movement, residents of a German town purchased every last drop of beer in Ostritz, ahead of a neo-Nazi music festival (yes, apparently such a thing exists). The Shield and Sword Festival (even the name sounds scary) is banned from selling alcohol, so locals suspected festival attendees would search for alcohol at supermarkets instead. So, they did the only reasonable thing there was to do: purchase more than 200 crates of beer to keep it away from the bad guys. According to one local resident, “The plan was devised a week in advance. We wanted to dry the Nazis out.” (We’ll drink to that.) The Hill 


• Bag Ban

Lately, it seems as if climate change has stolen the spotlight in the media, appearing in several headlines a day (and for good reason). It’s been made clear that the time for change is now, and while the Canadian government has proposed plans to go green, the U.S. has been dragging its heels. So it’s a great relief to hear that Maine and Vermont both passed legislation to ban single-use plastic bags, joining California, New York and Hawaii (which have already done so). To give businesses enough time to properly prepare and adapt, the bill will come into full effect on Earth Day in 2020. Good News Network 


“This will improve the learning environment for students, it does right by the planet, and it also helps schools save money that they can reinvest in students.”

– Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, announcing this week that the federal government will be using a portion of the proceeds of the federal carbon tax ($60 million-ish) to fund green projects at schools in four provinces (New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan). CTV News


• Cutting Ties

Two big businesses are taking a stand against America’s cruel immigration policy. This week, Bank of America announced that it would no longer be doing business with companies that run detention centres “at both the state and federal levels.” (Apparently, it had previously provided a US $380-million loan and $75-million line of credit to Caliburn, a company that runs a “facility” called Homestead.) Then, after a pretty severe employee backlash to the news that Wayfair had sold $200,000-worth of bedroom furniture to migrant detention centres at the southern border (which resulted in a massive walkout on Wednesday), Wayfair announced that it would be donating $100,000 to the Red Cross to support “in their effort to help those in dire need of basic necessities at the border.” 


• Off the Grid

Despite the White House’s unwavering support for coal and polluting power sources, the U.S. just hit a major environmental milestone. For the first time, renewable energy sources (including utility-scale hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass) surpassed coal in powering the country. In April 2019, renewable sources accounted for 23% of America’s power generation, while coal was only responsible for 20% (and that shift is only expected to increase). The change is good news for environmentalists, who have been touting the importance of renewable energy sources for years. Financial Post


• Soccer: Kick Like a Girl

Women are finally getting their fair time on the field. World-renowned Spanish football club, Real Madrid (a.k.a. soccer club) announced this week that it’s establishing a women’s component to the organization, after long being scrutinized for not having a women’s team for female players. The move makes sense, as the club recently signed on to purchase Deportivo Tacon, a Madrid-based women’s team. Tacon will continue to play under its original name for the 2019–2020 season, but will officially merge with Real Madrid on July 1 of next year. BBC News


• Prime Time

This year, Amazon Prime Day is going to be much more than a mega online sale. For the first time, the retailer is going to celebrate with a star-studded concert, headlined by female artists, including Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA and Becky G., and hosted by the Emmy award-winning actress, Jane Lynch. The concert will be free for Amazon Prime members who can watch it live (July 10, 9pm ET) or stream it on-demand for a limited time after the concert. USA Today 


Just because we’re in long-weekend mode, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is…

• Things at the G20 got off to a rough start, with countries disagreeing on how much importance to place on climate change. (The U.S. was obviously on its own.) 

• Last night’s second Democratic debate was almost exactly the same as the first one. You can read what happened here

• Speaking of Democrats, they passed a $4.6-billion border aid bill yesterday, which will now go to President Trump for approval. 

• Air Transat has agreed to Air Canada’s takeover offer: $13 per share, which gives the company a $520 million valuation.  


• Fight For Your Rights

On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall riots began in New York City, marking the start of the Gay Rights Movement.


• Walk This Way

Proof Scots really are great

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