How to save the world

What you can do to stop climate change now, a double duty face mask, and a good reason to go outside.

How to save the world

What you can do to stop climate change now, a double duty face mask, and a good reason to go outside.

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✨  Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, April 6, 2019 and yes, this eco-friendly initiative is a total buzzkill, but it’s for the greater good.


🌿 April is Earth Month and here at the Bullet, we’re pretty passionate about the environment. So, we’re kicking off a series of Bulletins on how we can all live a little greener (and if you need a reminder on why you should care, see herehere, and here).

It’s time to accept it: we’re choking our planet to death with plastic. And if you’re not actively doing what you can to reduce your plastic usage, well, you’re part of the problem. (Sorry for the tough love — we’re talking to ourselves, too). But the good news is breaking up isn’t that hard to do (relatively speaking) once you start consciously trying to do it. Better

The Big Picture

Brands are finally waking up to their role in not smothering the Earth with plastic waste, which helps make doing our part as consumers a little easier. U.S. grocery chains Trader Joe’s and ALDI have both vowed to reduce their plastic footprint (ALDI intends to make100% of its packaging “reusable, recyclable or compostable” by 2025, and Trader’s Joe’s is working to eliminate a million pounds of plastic from its stores ASAP), and Toronto’s Unboxed Market, which opened last month, is the city’s first “waste-free” grocery store. Global recycling pioneer TerraCycle somehow managed to get industry giants like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo to all sign on to join Loop, an online shopping platform currently testing in Paris and NYC that delivers consumables from ice cream to deodorant to countertop cleaner in reusable containers that are picked up, sanitized and refilled when empty. Indie brands like By Humankind (also in the U.S.) are in on the subscription refill game too (but, unfortunately, Canadian options are slim — for now).

Doing Your Part

Your first step is to cut back on single-use plastics and since they’re so prevalent, there’s lots of ways to do it: 

Seem daunting? Try it for a weekend to figure out what works best for you.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve reined in your plastic consumption, it’s time to take a look at the other so-called “disposables” you depend on, particularly in the bathroom: Toilet paper, tampons, cotton swabs, and baby wipes are all ripe for scrutiny— yes, even (especially) ones labelled as “flushable” (because, spoiler: they’re not).


Masion & White bamboo cutlery set with travel roll, $8 at
Mind Your Bees 3-piece beeswax food wrap set, $20 at Well.
Baggu reusable bag made from 40% recycled nylon, $12.
S’well 16oz Traveler, $45 at Indigo.


• California Cool

You can now channel Hollywood darling Kate Hudson’s free-spirted style with the launch of her new eco-friendly fashion line, Happy x Nature. Hudson partnered with fashion designer Michele Manz — who’s previously lent her eye to brands like Current/Elliott and 7 For All Mankind, and Alberta Ferretti — to create a collection they call “statement casual, because we want the clothes to feel like everyday wear, but still catch other people’s eyes.” Combining vintage-styled denim with flowy, feminine blouses, flirty dresses and breezy jumpsuits, the collection perfectly captures Hudson’s nouveau boho vibe in more than just looks — Along with using fabrics made from recycled water bottles, the brand uses plastic-free shipping materials and all packaging is 100% bio-degradable. Marie Claire

Image Credit: Happy x Nature


• Beauty Sleep

Beauty brand Fresh has always looked to nature when formulating its skincare products. Its newest launch, launching on on April 9, is basically like spreading a bouquet of roses on your face. The Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask is actually two masks housed in one jar: the first is a cooling gel enriched with rosewater, rosa damascena flower extract and hyaluronic acid to soothe, smooth, and plump; Once absorbed, you slather the silky “water-cream” overtop, sealing in hydration with “time-release liquid patches” and evening primrose root extract. The mask is left on overnight while you sleep, when elevated body temperatures can lead to increased moisture loss from your skin. Influenster

Image Credit: Fresh


Start by shopping at farmers’ markets versus grocery stores. It’s a great place to meet the actual producers themselves, and really get to know where your food comes from, down to what the animals are fed.

– Chef Ivana Raca of Ufficio restaurant in Toronto, on how to support sustainable farming practices from your own kitchen. Ufficio is one of 20 restaurants participating in Toronto’s Giro d’Italia festival celebrating regional Italian cuisine, which runs until April 14.


• Just the Essentials

You know that feeling when you walk into your favourite, well-designed store and just want to move right in? Well, fans of minimalist-styled Japanese retailer Muji can now do the second best thing to that. This week, Muji opened a new hotel in Tokyo’s Ginza district. (The hotel is actually Muji’s third location — hotels in Beijing and Shanghai opened last year — but it’s the first in its home country). Muji Hotel Ginza‘s 79 rooms are spread over five floors located on top of the retailer’s biggest-ever store, which also boasts an in-house bakery and the Muji Diner restaurant. Each room is furnished with Muji-designed and -branded products — including the mattresses, towels and desk lamps — and clad in warm oak panelling and woven tatami mats to complete the zen aesthetic. Wallpaper

Image Credit: Muji


• Home Green Home

IKEA is continuing its transformation from cheap and cheerful to seriously sustainable. The ubiquitous furniture store’s newest bed and bath collection, Tänkvärd, uses natural fibres and fabrics with no lacquered veneer in sight. Furniture is made from lightweight, durable rattan; bedding uses shibori-dyed linen and “better cotton”; and baskets and rugs are hand-woven from jute and seagrass. Like all things found in nature, the collection is limited-edition, so it will only be available in stores for the next couple months. What’s more, IKEA is also experimenting with reducing the quantity of their products through a furniture rental program, that will begin testing in 30 countries — including Canada! — next year. Clever

Image Credit: IKEA Canada


• Get Out

Forget meditation and yoga (though those are important, too), there’s a simple stress reliever that’s been lurking, well, right outside your door. According to a new study, going out into nature for just 20 minutes per day can alleviate rising stress levels. Researchers studied the effects of sending 36 urban dwellers outside for a “nature experience” for 10 minutes, three times per week over the course of eight weeks. And it wasn’t just whether the participants felt less stressed afterwards — they actually experienced lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). So the next time you want to throw your laptop out a window, close it and step outside. Your mind will thank you. Jezebel


• Now, little feet can be just as fashion-forward as big ones. Aldo has finally(!) launched a kids’ collection

• Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta has launched his first collection under Patrick Ta Beauty: a three-product line that will give you good glow.  

• Louis Vuitton’s branching out into the scent scene. The luxury goods company just launched three new unisex summer fragrances in partnership with L.A. artist Alex Israel. 

• Goop’s got some competition: Kourtney Kardashian has just launched a clean beauty, wellness and lifestyle site, dubbed Poosh.

• Praise be. Soon, the days of head-splitting, 48-hour hangovers could be behind us, thanks to this new synthetic alcohol


• Luxury Travel

Only the finest for Fido, please. 

That’s it from us! Now who wants to help plan our cross-continental road trip to eat at every ballpark in North America?

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