Spring has sprung — have you?

The most wearable fashion trends of the season, running shoes that pick up the pace and Martha Stewart has a new project.

Spring has sprung — have you?

The most wearable fashion trends of the season, running shoes that pick up the pace and Martha Stewart has a new project.

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✨  Happy Weekend! Today is Saturday, April 27, 2018, and we’ve got butterflies just from watching this.


If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the last two months “konmari-ing” the crap out of your closet while dreaming of basking on a patio, bare-ankled and jacket-free. With April showers nearly out of the way and May flowers starting to bloom, that time is finally here. But first, you’ll need to inject your freshly decluttered wardrobe with some joy-sparking pieces ripe for this season. Here are our picks for the coolest — and most wearable — fashion trends of spring/summer 2019.

  • Trend #1: Print Party
    With the warmer weather comes palm-tree prints, tropical floral motifs, and tie-dye treatments. Attention-getting patterns are all the rage this season, and they look their coolest paired with vivid neon hues and clashing (on purpose, obv) with other prints.
  • Trend #2: Earthtones
    At the risk of sounding cliché: Beige is the new black. The neutral du jour comes in every shade of sand, and is the perfect complement to trending terracotta and won’t-ever-quit millennial pink. Naturally, safari-style jumpsuits and khaki everything are also hot now.
  • Trend #3: Feeling Knotty
    Ditch wool and cashmere sweaters (for now) in favour of cotton crochet. The more your garments resemble knotted fishing nets or granny’s handmade tablecloth, the better.
  • Trend #4: Hang Loose
    Give your legs some room to breathe in wide-legged cropped trousers or culottes. Both crisply tailored and breezy flowing styles are a go, and even jeans are getting a refresh with wide-legged denim. (Leave the bicycle shorts to the Kardashian-Jenners.)

Ready to break out of your winter rut? (Us too). The most efficient way to refresh your wardrobe: Carve out a couple of hours this weekend to hit your nearest mall. You’ll get the instant gratification of being able to see now, buy now, and wear tonight — and you might even get inspired to try out one of these other next-level trends or nab some new it accessories and cool-girl jewellery to update last year’s favourite outfits.



• Sweet as Honey

Canadian jeweller Maison Birks is continuing its mission to support bees, now in its fifth year. Designed to raise awareness for declining wild bee populations, this year’s Bee Chic collection adds colourful enamel signet rings and medallion pendantsto the mix of honeycomb-inspired pieces. But much like the humble worker drone, the real star of the hive is the understated Bee Chic For a Cause Bracelet — made up of a silver hexagonal charm on an adjustable silk cord — where 100% of the proceeds from the bracelet’s $95 price tag will be donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The funds will go towards helping protect the habitats of the 787(!) species of bees and other pollinators native to Canada.

Image Credit: Maison Birks 


• Cool Coverage

If there’s one thing that’s pissed off makeup-wearers in the last few years, it’s the limited number of foundation and concealer shades on store shelves. But thanks to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty (🙌🏼), brands are finally getting the memo. Just this week, Too Faced and Anastasia of Beverly Hills announced inclusive shade lines. On the heels of Too Faced’s Born This Way foundation revamp last summer, the concealer is getting a makeover, too. With 15 new shades (bringing the total to 35) hitting the site on May 1, and quality ingredients like coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid, the expanded line is sure to be a hit. Adding to the makeup mania is brow guru Anastasia of Beverly Hills, which just announced a 50-shade(!) line of foundation. Though the product won’t be on store shelves till August, it’s worth getting excited about: in addition to the extensive shade range, it’s dermatologist-tested, vegan, safe for sensitive skin, alcohol-free, ophthalmologist-tested, and gluten-free. 


Do It Stewart-Style

Martha Stewart has taught the world how to craft and cook, and now the lifestyle expert wants to teach the world how to vacation, too. MSC Cruise Lines announced a partnership with the maven of entertaining, who has curated “new, exclusive culinary and discovery experiences on board and ashore.” According to the cruise company, Stewart travelled to various ports to personally experience and select shore excursion itineraries (think a cooking course in St. Maarten; a boat tour in Roatan, Honduras; a five-stop culinary tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico; a margarita mixology session in Cozumel, Mexico; and riding the swimming horses in Grand Cayman). The Stewart-sanctioned excursions will be available at all destinations served by MSC Seaside and MSC Armoniaships starting June 1, and in November, for sailings on the MSC Divina and MSC Meraviglia. The Stewart-designed menu will be available in the main dining rooms and in the exclusive restaurant in the MSC Yacht Club. People


When we are looking at a green leafy plant, our stress levels can go down, our mood can improve, and our minds can work more effectively. We are even likely to think more creatively.

– All the excuses you need to buy more houseplants, as outlined by environmental and design psychologist Dr. Sally AugustinLonny


• Summery Sippers

Thanks to the craft beer boom, you can get a brew infused with just about any flavour imaginable these days. Case in point: Toronto’s Northern Maverick Brewing Co. has just introduced what it’s calling Canada’s first white truffle pilsner. The brew matches the earthiness of Italian white truffles with bittersweet malt and hops. According to the brewery’s executive chef, Andrew Dahl, the pilsner pairs best with “soft cheeses, simple pastas, scallops and roasted red meats,” which definitely sounds like a dinner party we’d like to be at. Meanwhile, another Toronto brewery Partake Brewing, has just found itself among the top 10 finalists for the SIAL Innovation award celebrating food and beverage product innovation for its Partake Pale Ale-Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer. And, over in Vancouver, Windfall Cidery is serving up alternative refreshment in the form of its new rosé hard cider, dubbed Hail Mary, which blends crisp apples with local berries.


Full Speed Ahead

Are these the fastest running shoes ever? Along with a mouthful of a name, the next generation Nike Zoom Vaporfly NEXT% (no, that’s not a typo) has a thicker midsole, lighter upper, and better traction than its predecessor, the Vaporfly 4%. The name comes from the speed increase that shoes are said to give on average; In testing, says Brett Holts, Nike VP of running footwear, “The majority tested over 4% (more efficient) and some over 5%,” but not enough to claim a full integer gain overall, hence the “next” percent moniker. (A little something for the mathletes there.) The premium kicks were designed with input from Nike’s roster of world-class marathon runners, so it’s only natural the shoes will make their world debut on the feet of Nike athletes at the London Marathon tomorrow. A limited bank of the shoes will be available for sale that day exclusively to Nike Plus members via the Nike Run Club App, before stepping into stores later this summer. Runners World

Image Credit: Nike


• Super Chill

Cooler-maker Igloo has been making it possible to sip back a cold beer on the beach since the 1950s. Now, 70 years after it launched the first plastic coolers, it’s introducing its most innovative product yet. Launching May 1, the Igloo Recool is the first fully biodegradable cooler, designed as a sustainable, earth-friendly alternative to single-use Styrofoam options. The containers are made from a sturdy pulp-based material — a papier-maché-like mix of newspaper, cardboard, and other recyclables — that’s thermally insulating and waterproof, making it ideal for filling with ice and stuffing with beers. The 16-quart cooler can be used about a dozen times before tossing it in the recycling bin or the compost, where the company says it should take about four months to breakdown. (That’s cool, baby.) CNET


• You know DVF, but get ready for TVF: Diane von Furstenberg’s granddaughter just launched her own 23-piece capsule collection

• MAC is just as excited for the summer of Disney as everybody else. The makeup company is launching an Aladdin collection that’s obviously shining, shimmering and splendid.

• Renowned chef Marcus Samuelson is set to open a restaurant in Montreal’s new Four Seasons Hotel on May 8, and Eater got a sneak peek.

• Lululemon is likely part of your workout routine, and now the brand wants to be part of your post-workout routine, too. The company’s launching a cosmetic line called “Self-Care” that includes deodorant, balm, moisturizer, and dry shampoo.


• Cheddar Top

This is the weirdest royal tribute since Meghan Markle’s nephew created wedding weed. (You remember that, right?)

We’ll have a full Mother’s Day gift guide coming your way next week, but in the meantime, maybe DON’T buy her one of these chocolates.

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