You'll never guess what Michelle Pfeiffer's doing now

How to be a better shopper, eyeglasses made from fishing nets and the sport you need to try ASAP.

You'll never guess what Michelle Pfeiffer's doing now

How to be a better shopper, eyeglasses made from fishing nets and the sport you need to try ASAP.

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✨  Happy weekend! Happy weekend! Today is Saturday, April 13, 2019 and while we usually back Swiss ideology, this is just ludicrous


With online shopping, it’s easier than ever to get basically anything you want from any corner of the world delivered to your front door (as long as you have the moola to pay for it, obv). But with great power comes great responsibility. To become a more environmentally conscious shopper, start by buying less stuff in general — there’s a reason the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” is listed in that order, and it’s because reducing your consumption (and thus your waste) is the best thing you can do to help the planet, followed by reusing, repairing, or reselling items to prolong their lives. (Secondhand and vintage shopping FTW!). But along with buying less, we also need to buy better. With greenwashing being a real problem, educating yourself on how to spot the ‘good’ from the ‘good marketing’ is essential. Here’s a breakdown of a few of the most popular eco buzzwords, and how knowing what they mean can improve your shopping habits. Fast Company

  • Sustainable: This board term can refer to anything from raw materials that require less water, time and waste to grow (e.g., fabrics made from bamboo) to manufacturing processes that eliminate future environmental damage, and has become a bit of a catchall for the eco-conscious movement.
  • Recycled vs. Recyclable: Watch out for the difference between these two terms. Products that are recycled typically reprocess materials by melting down or shredding glass, plastic, or metal component to be remade into new items. Products that are promoted only as recyclableare likely made with new materials, and it’s up to you to (try) to recycle them.
  • Clean: This word is commonly used to denote food and personal care products that are made of ingredients free from environmentally damaging chemicals. But, there’s no regulation behind the term, so it can be hard to trust what it’s really selling.
  • Zero waste and Carbon-neutral: These terms focus holistically on a company’s business processes. Zero waste systems aim to eliminate any waste in manufacturing and packaging, while carbon-neutralmeans the company balances out any necessary activities with a negative environmental impact with positive initiatives in equal measure.

What Else You Need to Know

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention one of modern day shopping’s biggest issues, which actually has little to do with the products themselves: How they get to you. Sadly, Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping is both a blessing and a curse. Discarded shipping boxes take up more room in the bin than paper shopping bags (and reusable totes are even better). And retailers providing free shipping on returns both encourages over-shopping and doubles the environmental impact of transport when sending items back. The next time you tap that order button, consider holding off to bundle several items into one order and choosing the most flexible option for shipping time to lessen the number of delivery trips taken.



• Look Smart

If you love the look of acrylic eyeglass frames but want to reduce your plastic footprint (we applaud you 👏), you need to know about Dresden. The Aussie brand makes customizable eco-friendly frames from durable recycled materials (think currency, container lids and pasta). Though there’s only one unisex style of frame, both the perscription eyeglasses and sunglasses are offered in several sizes (extra-small to large) and in more than 16 standard colours and hundreds of blended “one-off” shades, that have been made from excess dye-coloured plastic waste, making them truly unique. In addition to its feel-good, save-the-earth mantra, Dresden spectacles will also save your bottom line — frames start at just $49 on the newly launched Canadian webstore, and come with a lifetime warranty. Fashion Network

Image Credit: Dresden


• Personal Effects

For the past decade, Michelle Pfeiffer has been working on a secret project: a fragrance line. What took so long? “When I said I’d only make a totally ‘clean’ fragrance, I was told, ‘You will never get fragrances 100% ecological. Never.‘” Not one to take no for an answer, Pfeiffer teamed up with a perfume maker and Cradle to Cradle, a non-profit “innovation institute.” The result “is fine fragrances that have the stamp of approval from the most rigorous watchdogs in the environmental industry. And they still smell amazing, which is the most important thing.” Named for her two children, Henry Rose offers five unique eau de parfum (US $120), each of which is designed to evoke a particular time and place: Fog smells like “San Francisco in the summertime,” while Dark as Night smells like “you’re out late at night in a place you’re definitely not supposed to be!” (We like the sound smell of that.) Since the scents are sold online only, the brand sells a sample pack with minis of all five, the cost of which is redeemable towards the purchase of a full-sized bottle of your fave. Elle

Image Credit: Henry Rose


When you nap, aim for around 10 to 30 minutes, this will stop you from reaching deep sleep and won’t interfere with your night-time sleep routine.

– Psychologist Michelle Olaithe, on whether or not adults should nap (the answer is an ethusiastic yes if you’re tired), along with the right way to do it. It should never interefere with your nighttime sleep, since sleep’s best when “consolidated at night.” (Sweet dreams!)  Quartz


• Royal Party

There’s a long list of reasons to visit France (cheese, baguettes and chocolate to name a few — sorry, we’re hungry) but there’s one more to add: For the first time ever, the palace of Versailles is opening its doors to the public for its first electronic music night. Called Versailles Electro (so creative, guys), the music-filled event will take over the outdoor Château’s Terraces area, right outside the famed Hall of Mirrors. If this sounds up your alley, there’s still time to snag a flight — the event is scheduled for June 8 and tickets are between $25 and $250 (depending on how much you want to eat, drink and mingle with the VIP set). W


• Fab Five Nine

The next best thing to having Queer Eye‘s Bobby Berk redecorate your house (while you’re off getting a makeover and working through your deepest emotional hangups)? Redecorating it yourself, with Berk’s stamp of approval. The designer has partnered with wallpaper brand Tempaper to create a collection that will instantly transform your space. Serving up major Berk realness — a.k.a bold, black and white abstract geometrics, quirky graphics, and op art styles — the nine wallcovering designs are sold by the sheet and are self-adhesive and removable wallpaper, meaning they’re both rental- and commitmentphobe-friendly. Lonny

Image Credit: Tempaper


• Red Hot

If you haven’t invested in your very own Kitchen-Aid stand mixer yet, the brand just gave you a good reason to make this the year to do it. To mark the 100th anniversary of the company, it’s launched the Queen of Hearts collection, in a bright celebratory “Passion Red.” The six-piece line up includes the iconic stand mixer along with an immersion blender, kettle, toaster, food processor, and hand mixer, arriving in stores in May. And for even bigger impact (you only turn a century old once, after all) it’s also releasing a commercial-style range. Good Housekeeping

Image Credit: Kitchen Aid


• Peak Performance

Looking for a new sport to try? Rock climbing is where it’s at. According to Andrew Sutherland, brand engagement manager at Mountain Equipment Co-op, the sport has never been more popular. “It engages both mind and body — you’re solving puzzles and you’re physical,” explains Sutherland of the appeal, speaking at the grand opening of the new (sustainably built, carbon-neutral) MEC flagship in Toronto, which features an indoor climbing wall to test their wares. And after years in development, the outdoor store has just introduced its first ever pair of MEC label climbing shoes. The MEC Edge Rock Shoe ($89) has a unisex fit and is designed with both newbie and veteran climbers in mind. A supportive midsole helps with balance and the sticky Altum rubber sole gives extra slip-protection on the rock face, whether you’re climbing the walls at an indoor gym or scaling a cliff in the great outdoors. (Rock on.) MEC


• Now, little feet can be just as fashion-forward as big ones. Aldo has finally(!) launched a kids’ collection

• H&M just launched its most sustainable Conscious collection yet — and we’re here for all of it. (“Leather” jacket made from pineapple? Yes, please.)

• After her first Revlon lip kit sold out in just three hours, supermodel Ashley Graham is back with a second, and it’s serving up serious ’90s vibes. 

• Love whisky and Bob Dylan? Better book yourself a trip to Nashville, stat. 

• You can now sport your favourite art on your sleeve — literally. Society6 (and its team of talented artists) has teamed up with temporary tattoo company Tattly. 


• Big Hit

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking drinking?

Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s going to take the rest of the weekend to figure out how to recreate this cheese extravaganza at home.

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