An arrested development

Sixteen U.S. Marines charged with major crimes, a big fashion brand shuts its doors and Canadian swimmers pick up another medal.

An arrested development

Sixteen U.S. Marines charged with major crimes, a big fashion brand shuts its doors and Canadian swimmers pick up another medal.

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• The Background

In a dramatic bust, 16 U.S. Marines were arrested for their alleged involvement in a number of illegal activities, including human smuggling and drug-related offences. The arrests were carried out at Camp Pendleton in California, in the midst of an 800-person battalion formation. The 16 Marines who were arrested are all low-ranking enlisted males, ranging from private first class to corporal. They were training for deployment overseas. ABC News

• What Else You Need to Know

Sadly, these arrests are not the first. Just earlier this month, two Marines were arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle undocumented immigrants for “financial gain.” The two men are among several other active-duty service members who have been charged in connection with aiding migrants across the border in exchange for money. U.S. officials say yesterday’s arrests are linked to the incident earlier this month

• What’s Next?

Coincidentally, the arrests came only one day after the U.S. military took the unusual step of sending home an elite team of Navy SEALs from Iraq, as a result of reported misconduct related to alcohol consumption.


• The Manhunt Continues…

The Canada-wide quest to find two teenaged boys is intensifying. Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod are charged with murdering a young couple in British Columbia, as well as a newly identified man named Leonard Dyck. Police have uncovered terrifying photos of the two suspects, wearing army outfits and holding Nazi paraphernalia. Bryer’s father, Alan Schmegelsky, said he believes his son is in “serious pain” and anticipates that the nationwide manhunt will lead to his death. Residents in a small northern Manitoba community are on edge, after two confirmed sightings of the duo in the region. The RCMP have stationed an armoured tactical assault vehicle and a helicopter to circle the area. CTV News


• Another Wreckage

A deadly shipwreck off the coast of Libya led to the drowning of at least 150 migrants and disappearance of 100 more. An astounding 686 migrants have died in the Mediterranean so far this year, demonstrating the alarming magnitude of the migration crisis. The treacherous voyage across the Mediterranean to Europe is the route many migrants take with the hope of finding a better life. CNN


• Canada: Supreme Choice

Justice Nicholas Kasirer is one step closer to sitting on the Supreme Court of Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pick was questioned yesterday by a group of MPs and senators, who also asked Attorney General David Lametti and former prime minister Kim Campbell about his nomination. Kasirer said he “loves being a judge” and that it’s the perfect time for him to make the move to the SCC. CBC News

• U.S.: Death Row Resurgence

After a 16-year hiatus, the most extreme capital punishment is making its way back into the U.S. justice system. Attorney General William Barr ordered the Bureau of Prisons to adopt an updated execution protocol, which will mean five inmates on federal death row will soon have execution days set. The Bureau of Prisons will use a lethal drug called pentobarbital in its execution chamber in Indiana. NBC News


“[British] children and grandchildren will be living longer, happier, healthier, wealthier lives.”

– Newly elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promising once again to deliver Brexit by Oct. 31 (and urging EU leaders to get on board), along with making the U.K. “the greatest place on earth.” (Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?) CBC News


• Brand Bust

Sonia Rykiel, the French fashion house that embodied the Parisian rebellion of the 1960s, has gone under. Named for its founder, who passed away two years ago, the label has been modelled by Kendall Jenner and was once made famous by Audrey Hepburn. The struggling business was purchased seven years ago by First Heritage Brands but, despite a multi-million-dollar relaunch, continued to struggle. Head designer Julie de Libran jumped ship in March, and after a failed search for a new buyer, Rykiel will be closing up shop. BBC News


• Swimming: Beautiful Bronze

Canada has added another medal to its trophy cabinet. Yesterday, the women’s swim team picked up a bronze in the freestyle relay at the world aquatics championships. The team (consisting of Kayla Sanchez of Scarborough, Ont., Taylor Ruck of Kelowna, B.C., Emily Overholt of West Vancouver and Penny Oleksiak of Toronto, Ont.) also set Canadian record, finishing in seven minutes and 44.35 seconds. This is the fifth swimming medal Canada’s picked up at the event. Sportsnet


• The Kids Are All Right

Childhood can be tough, especially for kids with special needs. Lindsay Larsen understood that more than some after growing up with a special needs brother and then having her own son, Christian, diagnosed with autism. Lindsay was prepared for a small turnout for Christian’s ninth birthday, but was still surprised when only one of six children accepted the invite. She shared what happened on Facebook, where she also empathized with the kids who might have found it hard to form a friendship with her son. (💔) A friend of a friend reached out to the football coach at the Larsens’ nearby high school, who quickly gathered his team for the party. They entered Christian’s backyard chanting his name, and stayed until the very end to play with the other kids. (That’s true teamwork.) CNN


• Sketchy Sales Tactic

A Toronto woman is suing Gucci and Saks Fifth Avenue over claims that a forced sample sesh caused permanent damage. Tracey Dunn was celebrating her birthday in the Big Apple when a Gucci makeup artist approached her and supposedly forced Dunn into allowing him to apply eyeliner on her without cleaning or sharpening the pencil, and did not stop even after she asked him to. (Why she didn’t just get up and leave is beyond us.) Dunn claims she began experiencing pain immediately, and that she still suffers from blurry vision, pain, soreness and sensitivity. She’s now suing the companies for a total of US $2.25 million, citing loss of income, punitive damages, loss of her eyelashes, ongoing physical pain, and mental pain and discomfort. CTV News


• A Female First

Three years ago today, Hilary Clinton officially became the first woman to represent a major political party in the race to become the next president of the United States.


• President Trump’s policies took another hit yesterday when a federal judge in San Francisco blocked the White House from enforcing a new rule that would ban almost all asylum applications at the southern border. 

• Four teens have been charged in a brutal attack on two gay women on a London bus on May 30. 

• Speaking of London, it’s hella hot. Cities across Europe continued to break temperature records yesterday.

• Just days after TIFF announced its 2019 lineup, the Venice Film Festival is following suit. 


• POTUS Gets Punk’d

Whoever did this is kind of a genius.

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