We know your life is hectic, ours is too.

From demanding work schedules to busy personal commitments (Read: Netflix) it seems there’s little time left for reading the news. Thankfully, we’ve solved that problem.

Enter: The Bullet.

Our morning news blast delivers premium content directly to your inbox, cutting down the time it takes to get caught up on current events. We scour the web for topical headlines and compile them into a must-read and lighthearted digest to start your day.

Being busy is no excuse for burying your head in the sand. The Bullet gives you all the tools you need to stay informed, engaged and, dare we say, uplifted about current events.

This is one bullet you don’t want to dodge.


Behind The Bullet

Joanna Track – Founder, Editor in Chief

Joanna is a serial entrepreneur (and developing digital businesses is Joanna’s “sweet spot”). In addition to The Bullet, she runs Good Eggs & Co, a consultancy dedicated to helping brands build their businesses, with a focus on digital strategies. She’s best known for her prior entrepreneurial pursuits, Sweetspot.ca and eLUXE, which were two of Canada’s leading edge online destinations for women.

After over a decade as a self-proclaimed startup junkie, Joanna had her share of highs and lows. But one thing never waned: her passion for building a brand and a culture. When she launched Good Eggs in 2013, the goal was to take that passion and pay it forward to other entrepreneurs by supporting them in their business endeavours.

But at times it felt like going from team captain to water girl – very supportive, yet not quite part of the action So she decided to assemble a new team of “good eggs” and get back in the game!

Hence, The Bullet was born. It (re)marries her passion for building a business with her dedication to content, publishing, branding, and team building.

When she’s not building businesses, Joanna is an avid reader, slapstick movie junkie, math geek, and mom to Teddy (and dog, Boomer).

Samantha SpeismanSamantha Speisman – Editorial Director + Founding Partner

Samantha is a digital strategist with more than 10 years of experience creating, writing and editing killer cross-platform content. ​Over the past 10 years, she’s worked for some of the biggest media companies in Canada, including Rogers Media and Shaw Media.

Samantha and Joanna first came together at sweetspot.ca, and they haven’t looked back since. In addition to overseeing the content strategy for The Bullet (and writing a good chunk of the daily newsletter), Samantha is a contributor to some of Canada’s most popular publications.

When she’s not working (it’s rare but it happens), you can find her enjoying an extra-large glass of red wine with her girlfriends.

Get in touch: ss@thebullet.ca