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We know your life is hectic, ours is too.

From demanding work schedules to busy personal commitments (Read: Netflix) it seems there’s little time left for reading the news. Thankfully, we’ve solved that problem.

Enter: The Bullet.

Our morning news blast delivers premium content directly to your inbox, cutting down the time it takes to get caught up on current events. We scour the web for topical headlines and compile them into a must-read and lighthearted digest to start your day.

Being busy is no excuse for burying your head in the sand. The Bullet gives you all the tools you need to stay informed, engaged and, dare we say, uplifted about current events.

This is one bullet you don’t want to dodge.



Joanna Track
• Executive Publisher & Founder

Samantha Speisman
• Editorial Director & Founding Partner

Kat Lourenco
• Director, Business Strategy

Kate Mulholland
• Director, Sales & Business Development

Jen Masseau
• Managing Editor & Design Lead