A capital W

The new World Series champions, Alberta makes a big decision regarding the carbon tax and Twitter takes a stand against political ads.

A capital W

The new World Series champions, Alberta makes a big decision regarding the carbon tax and Twitter takes a stand against political ads.

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✨  Good morning! Today is Thursday, October 31, 2019, and we’re still recovering from yesterday’s trauma


• The Background

For the first time in history, the Washington Nationals are World Series champions. The team, which hails from D.C., spent the majority of last night’s Game 7 asleep at the plate, as the Houston Astros (eager for their second World Series win in three years) managed to rack up a two-run lead. But then the Nationals, seemingly realizing they were six outs away from losing the series, started throwing punches (or swinging bats, if you will). The Nationals scored three runs in the seventh inning, one in the eighth and two in the ninth, winning the game 6–2. USA Today

• What Else You Need to Know

The Astros, who were up 3–2 in the series going into Game 6, could have clinched the series at home on Tuesday night, but a Washington win pushed it to Game 7. The Nationals have had quite a Cinderella story this postseason, coming close to being eliminated from the playoffs in May, and turning it around to bring home a championship in October. They also rallied from behind in an unprecedented five elimination games in the playoffs. 

• What’s Next?

We’re guessing a ticker-tape parade in the capital, which is sure to pull out all the stops for their first-time champs. (We know from experience.)


• Chilly in Chile

Things aren’t going so well in Chile. Embattled President Sebastián Piñera announced his decision to pull out of hosting two highly important international summits — including a critical UN climate change conference to discuss implementing the Paris Accord. The decision comes as rampant anti-government protests continue to send the nation spiralling. The COP25 summit was scheduled for Dec. 2-13. This cancellation marks the first instance in which a country has pulled out of hosting with such little notice. The UN is now frantically in search of another venue. (JT, we’re looking at you). BBC News


• Canada: Oil and Water

Amid strong tensions between western Canada and the newly re-elected Liberal government, Alberta says it will maintain a $30-per-ton carbon tax on large industrial facilities, shockingly aligning itself with the government’s plan. But despite Alberta’s willingness to comply, the province’s Conservative government is still keeping up the fight against a federal carbon tax on consumers that is set to take effect in January. Proceeds from the tax on industrial facilities will be used for green technology research and reducing the provincial deficit. Globe and Mail 

• World: Prohibiting Politics

In a major announcement, Twitter says it will no longer allow political advertisements on its platform. In a statement on Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that the reach of political messages “should be earned, not bought.” He went on to outline the danger associated with sharing political ads, including the potential for viral spreading of false information. Above all, Dorsey said political ads can have large ramifications on the world’s democratic infrastructure. (You don’t say.) The move serves as a stark juxtaposition to Facebook, which has recently been blamed for allowing politicians to run false claims in political ads. New York Times


“Heightened uncertainty about future trade policies is directly reducing business investment, and there is a risk that this will spread to households as well.”

– Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, in a statement announcing that the central bank will hold the key interest rate at 1.75%, as concerns loom about a global economic slowdown. Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the third time this year. CBC News


• Bell Buys In

Fortunately for those of us in the Great White North, Bell Media has struck a deal to bring HBO Max’s original series to Canada. The upcoming streaming service isn’t coming north of the border, but Canadian viewers will still be able to watch all the Warner-produced original TV shows for HBO Max by subscribing to Crave’s premium HBO tier for $20 per month. The deal is set to take effect next year, and it will give Canadians access to a spinoff of Gossip GirlGreen Lantern and Dune: The Sisterhood, among a wide range of other movies and TV shows. Sadly though, any program on HBO Max not produced by Warner won’t be available on Crave. BNN Bloomberg 


• Tunes for Toddlers

Spotify is launching a brand new app and it’s very childish — in a good way. Spotify Kids is a safe, protected space for youngsters to explore new music and keep their very own playlists. (Hey Mom and Dad, now you can delete “Baby Shark” from your account!) The initial launch of the app started yesterday in Ireland. It includes a library of 6,000 songs, all of which have been curated and approved by Spotify editors. Parents can select the age range of their children and the app will cater to that specific demographic. Access to the app requires a Spotify Premium Family Subscription, which costs $14.99 per month. The Verge


• Maxed Out

Speaking of HBO Max, it looks like the streaming service will be decked out with some exciting new releases. In addition to being home to the Game of Thrones prequel, House of Dragon, film director Adam McKay is developing a series about Jeffrey Epstein. The new show is based on an upcoming book by investigative reporter Julie K. Brown about the disgraced billionaire financier, who was arrested in July on sex trafficking charges. The series is under a five-year first-look TV deal that McKay signed with HBO to develop content for the channel and streaming service. Variety


• Read

If you loved Stephen King’s The Shining, you’ll be glad to know there’s a new New York Times bestselling sequel called Doctor Sleep that’s said to be equally as terrifying. You’ll also be thrilled to know the book is being made into a movie, which is set to be released next week. 

• Watch

Speaking of scary movies, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re giving you not just one horror film to watch, but 45. From Orphan to The Silence of the Lambs, this list is chock-full of both new flicks and classics that are sure to scare the living crap out of you.

• Listen

The only thing freakier than horror films is scary stories that are actually true. Radio Rental is a podcast launching today, featuring a multitude of creepy, crawly, true horror stories. (You’ll want to listen to this one with the lights on.) 


• Hallo-wait

We thought one thing Canadians did well was put up with bad weather — but it looks like we’re very, very wrong. Several Quebec cities are postponing (we repeat, postponing) Halloween due to a rainy forecast. If you think this is some kind of trick, it is most certainly not. Varennes, McMasterville, Sorel-Tracy, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Beloeil and Magog, among several other municipalities, are officially postponing Halloween until Friday. Last we checked, no one actually has the jurisdiction to reschedule a global celebration, but you do you, Quebec. CTV News 


• Trick-Or-Treat

Whether Quebec likes it or not, today is Halloween. It’s the perfect excuse to stuff your face with candy and stop by Chipotle for a spooky special: $3 “booritos.” 


• Speaking of Quebec’s questionable decisions, the province says starting Jan.1, immigrants will be forced to pass a “values” test to prove they align with Quebec values. 

• On the West Coast, wildfires continue to ravage California, leaving more than 26 million people under red flag warnings. 

• And as if Cali didn’t have enough to deal with, a shooting rampage at a Halloween party in Long Beach left three people dead and nine others injured.

• A former Juul exec claims the company knowingly shipped one million tainted nicotine pods to customers. (Cool, cool, cool.) 

•  The Queen of the North was sadly eliminated from the WTA Finals. Bianca Andreescu retired from her match against Karolina Pliskova with a left knee injury. 


• Canadian Crunch

Is this cereal-ously happening?

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