U.S. Suggests Tougher Sanctions on North Korea

The Background

North Korea’s been on everyone’s black list for years, but things have escalated in recent weeks. Even though China’s been urging the U.S. to calm the eff down, they’ve actually gone and done the exact opposite, introducing a new bill yesterday that would impose the “toughest sanctions ever” on North Korea. If the bill passes through Congress, it would irritate NoKo’s closest allies, including China, a country that’s supposed to be hard at work reining in North Korea’s unpredictable leader. USA Today

Why You Should Care

This conflict could literally spark World War III, as neither country seems to be backing down, while both continue to try and bully the other. North Korea’s scary AF (especially their nuclear program) and since we’re neighbours with the country they promised to reduce “to ashes,” we’re not exactly in the safest spot. Have more questions? Here’s everything you need to know about this tiny demonic country.

The Gist

The U.S. introduced a new bill that would impose the “toughest sanctions ever” on North Korea, which if passed, is guaranteed to make them hella mad.