Is the U.S. Government on the Verge of Shutting Down?

The Background 

Donald Trump’s negotiating skills will be put to the test this week as he tries to avert a government shutdown on his 100th day in office. The self-proclaimed “dealmaker” is pressing Congress to include money for his controversial border wall in a government spending bill. Unfortunately for Trump, the Democrats have balked at his request, leaving him in a presidential predicament as he tries to secure the necessary votes to pass the legislation. Globe and Mail
(Looks like Trump’s back is really up against the wall. Except there’s no wall.)

Why You Should Care

Besides the ridiculousness of actually building the wall (which probably isn’t going to happen), having the U.S. government shut down isn’t good news for anybody. Sure, essential services like the FBI and Department of Homeland Security will keep on truckin’, but other government agencies will come to a screeching halt.

The Gist

POTUS is trying to get Washington to cough up a “downpayment” so the U.S. can start building that infamous border wall, but they just don’t want to. If they can’t agree, the U.S. government could shut down at 12:01am Saturday morning.