All About Trump’s Weird Press Conference That Was Kinda About Afghanistan

The Background 

Donald Trump held a press conference last night to tell the world that (he is the best president ever) he will be the one to end the war in Afghanistan and defeat terrorism. The 16-year conflict has been a matter of contention between Trump and his top security advisors since May, when commanders and generals originally recommended the U.S. increase its military presence. Despite his initial reservations (and claims that investing more money would just mean throwing good money after bad), POTUS has finally okayed the request. CBS News

What Else You Need to Know

>While Obama gave an end date for the U.S.’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan. Trump’s White House is taking a different approach. Citing America’s involvement in the Korean conflict, a senior U.S. official responded, rhetorically, “How long have we been in Korea?” It’s not the news most military families will want to hear, as many celebrated when Obama announced he was pulling all troops out of the area. The decision comes as Taliban insurgents are gaining strength with support from Russia, and are pressing against Afghan forces in the south and eastern areas of the country.

What’s Next?

With the added American soldiers, the U.S. will be able to better train local troops to replace the ones who have been lost in combat. A stronger Afghani army means that hopefully (one day) there won’t be a need for international intervention.