Is Trump’s Big Mouth a National Security Crisis or Harmless Banter?

The Background 

After complaining about Hillary’s not-so-private server and all the various “leaks” in the White House, it looks like POTUS is the one with loose lips. A new report has revealed that Donald Trump shared “highly classified” information with the Russian officials who visited the Oval Office last week. While you might be thinking this is the final straw for Trump’s presidency, it doesn’t look like he broke any laws. (We know.) It’s frowned upon to discuss government secrets with an adversary, but it’s the president’s prerogative to declassify information as he sees fit. The White House of course denied the reports, while several other media outlets confirmed the information. Like most things coming out of Trump’s administration these days, Democrats called it “deeply disturbing” and “problematic.” Global News

Why You Should Care

This is just adding to the mistrust that the American people (and the world) have for Donald Trump and his administration. Less than six months into his four-year term, he’s had more political drama than most presidents in recent history. Whether or not he shared the information, or what exactly that information included, is almost besides the point. The bigger concern is that if he did the White House is once again trying to cover up his mistake instead of just owning up to it and figuring out how to fix it.

The Gist

Reports suggest POTUS revealed “highly classified” information to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak when they visited the White House last week. Democrats are now calling for an independent commission to investigate the reports.