Trump and Sessions Are On the Outs and Senators Don’t Like It

The Background

It looks like there’s some bad blood running through the White House, and Congress is not happy about it. (Another) eventful week in Washington showed no signs of slowing down yesterday as senators started getting involved in the Trump/Sessions beef. Talking to NBC News, Senator Lindsay Graham (who is a very vocal Trump critic) said there would be “holy hell to pay” if Jeff Sessions is fired. The likelihood that Sessions will face the same fate as Comey seems to be growing every day, as Trump has repeatedly attacked his Attorney General on Twitter this week, and continues to criticize his work. Vox

What Else You Need to Know

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also had some words for the world yesterday, telling the Associated Press that he would serve as long as POTUS wanted him to, and would not be stepping down. All this teenage drama is clearly making government officials nervous, as three senators (one Republican and two Democrats) are currently working on legislation that would prevent Trump from being able to fire any special counsel (Mueller, Mueller) without judicial review.