Did Trump Just Declare War on Twitter?

The Background 

North Korea’s foreign minister is accusing President Trump of declaring war via Twitter (yes, this is the world we now live in). Speaking in New York City yesterday, Ri Yong Ho said Trump’s tweet, which claimed Pyongyang’s senior leadership “won’t be around much longer,” was tantamount to a war declaration and the regime is within its right to defend itself by shooting down American jets. The Trump administration pushed back on that “absurd” interpretation saying it has not declared war on North Korea and is not looking to overthrow their government. Associated Press
(“@Twitter can suspend an account for a perceived declaration of war against another nation, right? Asking for a country.” – @pepspeed)

What Else You Need to Know

Despite the White House’s best attempts to backpedal, it seems like Trump’s Twitter behaviour has finally gotten the U.S. in some serious doo-doo. Pyongyang is really peeved and Kim Jong Un seems intent on proving he has the bigger… um, the more powerful military. Neither Trump nor Jong Un seem concerned about the effects their comments or actions will have on the world — or how many people would die should these two batsh*t crazy leaders actually start a war.

What’s Next?

Hopefully if Trump says he didn’t declare war enough times, someone in NoKo’s loco government will believe him and we can avoid WWIII — for now.