Trudeau Tells the UN That Canada Is a ‘Work in Progress’

The Background

Twenty-four hours after Trump addressed the UN General Assembly, Trudeau showed up to show him up (as usual). Instead of touting how amazing Canada is, Trudeau said that the Great White North is a “work in progress” and that there are a lot of areas where we’re failing — especially when it comes to Indigenous people from coast to coast. He shone a light on the “human rights crisis” that’s plaguing Indigenous women, and explained that the government is working with community leaders to improve the situation in reserves across the country. (Oh, and he removed Lynne Beyak from all Senate committees after she made some really questionable comments about the First Nations…so that’s a good start.) CBC

What Else You Need to Know

Not only did Trudeau focus on Canada’s Indigenous population, but he also took the opportunity to flex his feminist muscles on a worldwide stage. Talking about the gender-based violence many Indigenous women face, he said “We need women and girls to succeed, because that’s how we grow stronger economies and build stronger communities.” (Can we get an Amen?) He followed it up with this exciting tidbit: “That is why our government will be moving forward shortly with legislation to ensure equal pay for work of equal value.” (OK, now we need a Hallelujah.)