Trudeau Just Totally Shut the Broadband Tax Down

The Background 

On Thursday, a parliamentary committee recommended that Canadians be charged a 5% tax on their broadband services to help the struggling media industry. Though the committee members had their hearts in the right place (they said the country needed to help a “media sector struggling to adapt to technological changes and evolving consumer habits,” PM Trudeau gave the proposal a “hell no”. (Well no hell, but we imagine that’s what he was thinking.) CBC

Why You Should Care

While we totally appreciate the idea of helping out our fellow citizens (we are Canadian, after all), this levy takes the idea of assistance a little too far. CEOs at these big media companies are still raking in hefty salaries, and their failure to evolve is nobody’s fault but their own. (See our thoughts on that here.) There’s really no reason why Canadians should foot the bill for their poor business sense. The good news is that Trudeau wasn’t remotely wishy washy on his decision saying, “allow me to be clear: We’re not raising taxes on the middle class, we’re lowering them.”

What’s Next?

The report included 20 recommendations, so while the 5% levy is off the table, there are still another 19 suggestions for the House to discuss.