Trade War Heats Up Between Canada and the U.S.

The Background 

Trump’s taken aim at our agriculture sector over the past few days, alleging trade practices north of the border are harming U.S. interests. Earlier this week, the American government announced harsh tariffs of up to 24% on softwood lumber imports and then threatened to do the same with dairy products. At this point, it seems possible that POTUS will be imposing tariffs on any goods we’re exporting to the U.S.A. Toronto Star

Why You Should Care

Justin Trudeau raised a red flag yesterday over the possibility of a “thickening” border between Canada and the U.S., saying a trade dispute would have unwelcome consequences for both countries. And he wasn’t alone. Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said that the tariffs would inevitably result in job losses across the country, but promised to do “whatever governments can reasonably do to help the workers, the industries and the communities that will be affected.”

The Gist

Tensions are rising between Trump and Trudeau as the two leaders battle it out over trade.