Thousands More Flee Fires Across British Columbia

The Background

B.C. firefighters are continuing to battle blazes across the province as heavy winds fuelled the fires over the weekend. Thousands more were forced to flee their homes as flames crept closer and closer to areas east of the Fraser River, east of the southern end of Chimney Lake, and all areas west of Highway 97. A wildfire in the Verdant Creek region of B.C. has also forced the closure of certain parts of Banff and Kootenay National Parks. Global News

What Else You Need to Know

The areas of the parks that have been closed include Whistling Valley trail, Pharaoh Creek trail, trails in the vicinity of Egypt Lake, and trails in the vicinity of Healy Pass. Any camping permits for these areas are considered void until further notice, and Parks Canada officials are working to evacuate campers from all the affected areas. As the fires spread, it’s very possible that more of the parks’ areas will be closed to campers, leaving some very disappointed summer travellers.