Texas is Basically Under Water Thanks to Hurricane Harvey

The Background 

On Friday, around 11pm EST, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. While the hurricane lost most of its wind speed as it reached land (quickly taking it from a hurricane to a tropical storm) it still brought heavy rain, lightning and tornadoes, which in turn caused flash flooding. Harvey dropped more than 25 inches of rain on Texas in less than 24 hours, and water continued to fall through the weekend. By Sunday evening, between 800 and 1,200 residents had been rescued from their homes due to record flooding. CNN

What Else You Need to Know

So far, the tropical storm has killed five people — though officials expect that number to rise. Even with assistance from several U.S. states, rescue personnel are overwhelmed by the number of residents that need help or need to be rescued from homes that have been overcome with flood waters. The National Weather Service has called the flooding in Texas “unprecedented” and says that they expect the situation to worsen (actually calling it “dire”) if Harvey doesn’t get a move on.

What’s Next?

Rescue teams have asked citizens with boats to help rescue efforts while they continue to respond to emergency calls coming in from around the area. The slow-moving tropical storm is expected to hover over Texas through Thursday, dropping between 15 and 50 inches of rain (hence the “dire” situation).