Terrorists Just Targeted a Canadian Football Game

The Background 

The terrorist attacks that have plagued Europe over the past few years made their way to Canadian soil this weekend. The attack happened in Edmonton at Commonwealth Stadium, after military appreciation night at the Eskimos CFL football game, leaving five injured, including one police officer. Imitating many of the attacks that have become all too common in other parts of the world, it’s believed 30-year-old Abdulahi Hasan Sharif used his vehicle to break through a pedestrian barricade, hitting the officer. He then proceeded to stab him. After escaping on foot, he returned in a U-Haul cube van and attempted to again hit pedestrians with his vehicle. The four who were injured were hit during the police chase. Toronto Star

What Else You Need to Know

All levels of Canadian government condemned the attack — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “deeply concerned and outraged, while Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said the incident was “horrific.” Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson said he believed it was a “lone wolf incident” and called on his city to “not succumb to hatred. That we not be intimidated by violence … We will not be divided.” Despite the attack, the terrorist threat level remains at “medium.”

What’s Next?

The suspect is currently being questioned by authorities. Police chief Rod Knecht said the investigation is in the early stages, and police haven’t yet determined if the suspect was working alone.