The Taliban Is Trying to Take Afghanistan Down With Them

The Background

As the Taliban lose power in Afghanistan, they’re determined to bring the whole country down with them. Yesterday, the terrorist group targeted an Afghan army base killing at least 43 soldiers and injuring another nine. Two suicide bombers were behind the attack, driving humvees packed with explosives into the area, completely destroying the base in the southern province of Kandahar. Simultanously, gunmen attacked police headquarters in the eastern province of Ghanzi, killing two more. BBC

What Else You Need to Know

The latest attacks were just two of four this week, as the Taliban continue to increase their terrorism efforts in the area. All four targeted the government’s security forces, killing at least 100 soldiers and military personnel. The first attack happened Tuesday when Taliban suicide bombers and gunman raided a police training facility in Gardez, killing 41 and injuring another 150. Thirty more died in a coordinated attack in the Ghanzi province — terrorists detonated car bombs before gunmen moved in.

What’s Next?

The U.S. is planning to increase its military presence there, so hopefully they can get the situation (a.k.a. these crazies) under control.