Scientists Are Worried Trump is Going to Bury a Major Environmental Report

The Background 

As if the threat of nuclear war wasn’t enough to make you lose a little shut-eye, the National Climate Assessment is here and things aren’t looking good. Not only are humans already experiencing the effects of global warming, but the scientists behind the report are worried that the White House is going to bury the information in an effort to preserve their agenda. CNN

Why You Should Care

Climate change has always been a big issue for Canadians and the Canadian government, so there’s no doubt it’ll play a big role in our NAFTA re-negotiations. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t share our perspective, and while his own government’s assessment may have given us some leverage when it comes to prioritizing fighting global warming, it won’t matter if POTUS buries the information. Trudeau has made it very clear that he wants climate change to be an integral part of the new NAFTA, including reducing emissions and shifting to a low-carbon economy.

What’s Next?

A final version of the assessment is awaiting approval from the Trump administration. The hope is it will get pushed through before NAFTA negotiations begin on August 16.