The Russian Citizens Are Raising Holy Hell

The Background 

If Vladimir Putin thought he had his hands full with the FBI, but he’s got a much bigger problem to deal with (and it’s in his own backyard). Russian citizens took to the streets yesterday in more than 200 cities as part of a nationwide coordinated antigovernment protest. The rallies were organized by Kremlin critic, Aleksei A. Navalny, who asked demonstrators to gather anywhere they could to protest corruption and “poltical stagnation.” Though Navalny was swiftly arrested (and sentenced to 30 days in jail), his followers turned out in droves to wave the Russian Constitution in the air while shouting “Russia without Putin.” New York Times

Why You Should Care

According to reports, there hasn’t been a protest of this magnitude in Russia since 1991 when citizens demanded the dissolution of the Soviet Union. While it’s doubtful that these will result in anything more than a lot of arrests (more than 1,000 protesters were detained on Monday alone), it’s the way revolutions start. If this continues, and Navalny gets his way, he’ll be allowed to run against Putin in the 2018 general election.