Is This the Real Reason Trump Canned Comey?

The Background 

On Tuesday, the world collectively freaked the eff out when Donald Trump abruptly fired James Comey, former director of the FBI, influencer of the election (it’s true, sorry Jimbo), and investigator of Russian ties to President Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump swore up and down that it was because Comey “wasn’t doing a good job,” but new reports suggest it may have had a little more to do with the Russia investigation than Trump let on. Sources say that just last week Comey was pushing for more resources to continue looking into Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election. He had apparently also started looking into a few of Trump’s associates. If that’s actually the case, this cut might have a lot more to do with keeping the presidency than Comey’s performance. CBC

Why You Should Care

If you remember Watergate, you’ll remember when former President Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor who was looking into the burglary that would eventually lead to Nixon’s demise. Now, almost 45 years later, the U.S. is in a very similar situation, and while we’d all like to believe POTUS has nothing to hide, all signs are pointing to a bag full of secrets. If Trump did in fact fire Comey to interfere with the investigation, it means that the FBI is getting close—and it’s only a matter of time before we add another “I” word to the investigation interference conversation: impeachment.

The Gist

Trump said he cut Comey because he wasn’t doing a good job, but it sounds like there might be a lot more (Russian-related info) to the story. Now, it all comes down to who takes his place.